About Us

This site was born to provide exact and necessary information on various power tools. When you need particular information and do not scale it on the internet due to insufficient or inappropriate information supply, we know how it feels. To address those unsatisfactory experience we have come up with the idea of making this site.

Power Tool Hunter will try its level best to provide you with the latest and up to date information on each and every product it reviews. Obsolete procedure is of no use in the present world of technology. To keep your pace with the fast-growing world of power tools, we are strongly committed.

Our site contains so many articles/content on different power tools. For your information, we would like to disclose that we are a participant in amazon affiliate marketing. When you purchase from amazon using our links, we may get some affiliate commission. But, that will not make any extra cost to you.


Alex Brown is the Editor of PowerToolHunter.com and has more than 15 years of experience operating and researching on power tools. He has a passion for DIY projects, home repair, and woodworking.

How Do We Review?

We do review a number of products that belong to the power tool category. We have some expert members who use so many power tools in their day to day life. Some of them are professional power tool users and some of them are homeowner users. Furthermore, sometimes we publish articles/contents about the products we did not personally use. As a result, we have to take extra caution and need prolonged research before publishing that particular piece of information.

Our research methods are as follows:

  • Particular tools experts make necessary arrangement and do several experiments on the said tool.
  • After completing the experiments they come to the conclusion
  • Getting all the inward and outward attitudes of the particular tools we make a complete version of the report
  • On the basis of that report, our expert authors write the contents
  • Our editorial team make a cross-check and give the experts the overall briefing
  • If the experts find it the exact piece of information that they experienced, then our webmaster takes the necessary steps to publish it

N.B. When we do review any product that we personally do not own, we follow some stern steps.

Steps are:

  • We try to contact the people who are actually using it for a definite period
  • Our online experts and content writers make extensive research on several platforms to gather much information
  • We try to reach out to the mother brand of the product and try to collect as much information as we can on that particular product
  • Our survey team tries to reach out to the people who use the product in their day to day life. Through our survey, we collect a range of information on that particular product
  • After getting all the information from various teams, our experts authors make the content focussing to cover ins and outs of the product

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We always love to keep ourselves and our clients up to date. It would be amazing if we get any pieces of advice, suggestions, or feedback from you to improve our services. In order to keep us moving forward, your opinion may play a vital role. Please feel free to let us know your thoughts about our services.

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