10 Best Pressure Washer Turbo Nozzles

Have you ever thought about why a bullet spins after it leaves the barrel of a gun? Well, the spinning helps the bullet to gain kinetic energy and to make a precise hit to the target. In the same way, a turbo nozzle spins to gain kinetic energy and to make precision cleaning! To get the optimum output from your cleaner, you need to have the best pressure washer turbo nozzle.

The jobs like cleaning the metal tank, caked-on mud, concrete, the gum on the driveways or sidewalks, boats, patios, etc. need the power of a rotary nozzle. If you want to clean those using regular nozzles, you will have to invest hours but we doubt whether you will be satisfied.

To clean several surfaces like a pro, you should consider buying a rotary nozzle. In this article, we have reviewed some amazing nozzles. Read the reviews to pick the perfect nozzle for your needs.

Top-Rated Rotary Turbo Tips

Last update on 2024-02-29 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

Last update on 2024-02-29 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

Last update on 2024-02-29 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

Why Should You Buy A Turbo Nozzle?

A turbo nozzle will make your pressure washer 60% more powerful and faster in spraying. In recent days, the popularity of the turbo nozzle is increasing rapidly. It works equivalent to two regular nozzles at the same time. As a result, when you have to clean tough dirt and grime in the quickest possible time, you look for the turbo nozzle.

When you use a regular garden hose with our pressure washer, it cleans some specific areas perfectly. For scrubbing the deadliest dust and rust from the surfaces we use surface cleaners. What if we fail to reach some corners and remove the robust dirt? A turbo nozzle comes to play here. It can clean the strong dirt with ease.

The reaching capability of a turbo nozzle is greater than that of a regular nozzle or surface cleaner. Moreover, the turbo nozzle speeds up the water flow by rotating it massively. So, it increases the pressure capability of your washer. It does not raise the pressure of the pump instead it increases the pressure flow.

In comparison to the pressure hose or surface cleaner, the turbo nozzle is cost-effective. You can buy 2-3 nozzles just at the price of a garden hose. Moreover, the price of a standard surface cleaner is at least 3-4 times that of a turbo nozzle. So, if your job can be accomplished with a turbo nozzle, why shouldn’t you save your hard-earned money?

Best Pressure Washer Turbo Nozzle Reviews

The pressure washer turbo nozzle produces a strong impact on your cleaning jobs. But, you need to use the appropriate nozzle to get the best out of it. We have taken an opportunity here to help you select the right one.

To do so, we have researched more than 30 different rotary nozzles and come up with the top 7. In this article, we will be discussing their advantages along with their shortcomings. All you need is to compare them to pick the right nozzle for your washer. Do not forget to match your pressure washer power with the turbo nozzle’s capacity.

Briggs & Stratton 6195 Quick-Connect – (3000 PSI)

best pressure washer turbo nozzle

To offer you an effortless cleaning of concrete, brick, and vinyl, Briggs & Stratton has come up with this 6195 Quick-Connect nozzle. This turbo nozzle is an ideal water booster and works great with up to 3000 PSI pressure washers.

This unit will produce 40% faster cleaning than a regular nozzle. The most noteworthy feature of this nozzle is its universality. So, as the title suggests, it works with almost every brand of the pressure washer. All you need is to ensure that your power washer is not rated over 3200 PSI.

It comes with maintaining the OEM standards that Briggs & Stratton offers. So, like other Briggs & Stratton tools and equipment, this unit has the guarantee of being original and tested.

If you have sidewalks or driveways that have several patches turning green due to algae, you need this masterpiece. Because the job would be done by a standard nozzle in one hour, this unit will do that in less than 10 minutes! We recommend that if your pressure washer is 3200 PSI and below, go for this turbo nozzle. This unit will surpass your expectations.

Product Features

  • Product Dimensions: 8 x 6.3 x 1.8 inches
  • Weight: 10.4 ounces
  • Rated Pressure: 3000 PSI
  • Traffic: 2.4 GPM


  • Durable and original Briggs & Stratton product
  • Power boosting capability
  • Universality, as it works with almost every washer
  • Cleaning efficiency in brick, vinyl, and concrete
  • Works much better than any regular 15/25 degree nozzle


  • Works better with pressure washer rated 2300 PSI and beyond
  • Sometimes it leaves swirls in the pavement cleaning

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Simpson Cleaning 80143 Universal Turbo Nozzle – (3400 PSI)

Simpson Cleaning 80143 Universal Turbo Nozzle

If you own a Simpson Power Washer, you know how good it feels to clean anything. Simpson bears its name in the cleaning industry. Like their reputed pressure washers, this universal turbo nozzle will amaze you with its performance.

The nozzle is universal and fits almost 95 % of the gas pressure washers. But, if you have a Simpson pressure washer, it is something like a must-buy for you. The rated pressure of the unit is 3400 PSI and can handle up to 3500 PSI. They have other nozzles that can handle 3600 PSI and beyond.

So, far it is the best fit for a gas pressure washer. But, remember to match the PSI rating of your power washer. Thus, you will get the optimum performance.

The design and construction are simply top-notch. You don’t have to worry about durability. Not only for this nozzle, but Simpson also maintains their brand value and product quality for every single product they produce.

Its orifice size is 3.0 and any wand that has 1/4-inch quick connect option fits perfectly. As it is the Simson OEM part, you are getting assurance that your hard-earned money is being invested in the right product.

Product Features

  • Product Dimensions: 1.57 x 1.57 x 4.33 inches
  • Weight: 5.6 ounces
  • Rated Pressure: 3400 PSI
  • Traffic: 4.0 GPM


  • Original Simpson Part
  • Outstanding cleaning performance
  • Durable and robust construction
  • Universal nozzle
  • Lightweight and easy to handle


  • No noteworthy cons!

Bopopo Spray Tip 360° – (4000 PSI)

bopop spray tip 4000 psi

This turbo spray tip from Bopopo is so far the most powerful nozzle which is convenient and user-friendly. The unit is a true allrounder in boosting your pressure cleaners. The rated pressure of the unit is 4000 PSI but can handle up to 4500 PSI. If your power washer belongs to the pressure range of 1000-4000 PSI, you will get the optimum output from this nozzle.

The interior of the nozzle is made of a durable ceramic core while the exterior is of rubber and soft brass. To offer you the utmost reliability, the vortex of this nozzle is made of aluminum alloy. Furthermore, the brass alloy and stainless steel portion of the nozzle provide extra life to the nozzle tip.

The most striking feature of this nozzle is its 7 spray nozzle tips kit. The kit allows you to wash different level surfaces by changing the nozzle tip. The tips are 0, 15, 25,40 degree, rinse1,soap1, and soap2. Thus, you are getting enough power with enough freedom to choose the nozzle tips depending on your cleaning needs.

The unit can be used as the ultimate dirt fighter for almost every surface. It works great for concrete, pavements, sidewalks, driveways, metal/plastic water tanks, brick, blocks, vinyl, cars, car rims, outdoor gardens, and many more you name it. If you are operating the power giant 4000 PSI pressure washer, it is a must-have nozzle for you.

Product Features

  • Product Dimensions: 4.9 x 3.9 x 1.9 inches
  • Weight: 14.4 ounces
  • Rated Pressure: 4000 PSI
  • Traffic: 4.0 GPM


  • Very high pressure and precision in cleaning
  • Outstanding water flow rate (4.0 GPM)
  • Durable and high-quality material
  • Very reasonable price
  • 7 pcs nozzle tips kit
  • 730 Day Warranty!


  • Comparatively heavier(14.4 ounces) than other turbo nozzles
  • Needs extra care during spraying as it is supremely powerful

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Sun Joe SPX-TSN-34S Universal Turbo Spray Nozzle

Sun Joe SPX-TSN-34S Universal Turbo Spray Nozzle

Sun Joe is a very common and popular name for producing electric pressure washers. They are the top seller of pressure washers all over the USA. As a user, you might have used one of their pressure washers and know the quality of their product.

Anyway, this unit is not only for Sun Joe products, rather it fits almost every electric washer. But, the PSI is limited here. You can’t use this unit for an electric washer that has high pressure. It can tackle up to 3000 PSI. Basically, it performs great with every Sun Joe washer.

If you own an SPX series washer like SPX3000 or SPX4000, this nozzle is a must-have tool for you. It is produced in a way that it can handle the SPX series perfectly. As you know, the SPX series of Sun Joe has the highest-rated PSI among their power washers.

This versatile nozzle can tackle almost every surface be it concrete, brick, or vinyl. Its powerful rotating speed removes the gunk o grime with ease. The construction material of the nozzle is industrial standard. This might be a good buy for you if you own a Sun Joe pressure washer.

Product Features

  • Product Dimensions: 3.5 x 1.25 x 1.25 inches
  • Weight: 3.2ounces
  • Rated Pressure: Up to 3000 PSI
  • Traffic: 3.0 GPM
  • Nozzle Orifice: 3.0


  • Lightweight but durable
  • Universal compatibility
  • Easy to use and maneuver
  • Sun Joe OEM


  • PSI & GPM rating could have been greater
  • Sometimes, the nozzle fails to generate the expected pressure

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Erie Tools Rotating Turbo Nozzle – (4000 PSI)

erie tools rotating turbo nozzle

Erie Tools has come up with one of the most powerful turbo nozzles. This rotating turbo nozzle can chisel concrete from any cement truck within a second! So, here you can get an idea about the power of the nozzle. For the same reason, you have to be a bit extra careful during operating the unit.

The most striking feature of this nozzle is its cheapest price. Well, you need the service and the price is not that much important, right? But, what about the option when you get your desired performance at the cheapest price? Sounds amazing, isn’t it?  The price of the unit is very low compared to its superior performance. You are going to love it for sure!

The unit is rated as 4000 PSI pressure but can work with anything from 2000 PSI to  4000 PSI. So, you are good to use this nozzle if your power washer belongs to this range. To offer you the optimum pressure that you are looking for, the unit has an orifice size of 3.0. So, the orifice size will ensure that you will get increased water flow from your pressure washer.

This nozzle has a 3 gallons per minute(GPM) rated water flow capacity. But, to get the optimum spinning from this nozzle, your pressure washer GPM rate should have 2.7 and below. The unit is equipped with 1/4-inch steel and a brass-plated quick-connect plug. The plug is to ensure a durable and uninterrupted operation.

Product Features

  • Product Dimensions: 7.5 x 6 x 2.5 inches
  • Weight: 8.8 ounces
  • Rated Pressure: 4000 PSI
  • Traffic: 3.0 GPM
  • Nozzle Orifice: 3.0


  • Durable and powerful nozzle
  • Smart 0 degree spray pattern
  • Very efficient irrespective of surfaces
  • Its commercial-grade performance
  • Cheapest price


  • Water leaks and needs plumbers tape to prevent the leaking
  • An unconscious operation may produce fatal injury
  • The soft brass-metal body

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Pressure Washer Tips Turbo Nozzle – (3000 PSI)

pressure washer tips turbo nozzle

One of the finest 3000 PSI nozzles is the Pressure Washer Tips turbo nozzle. If you have long flat surfaces like driveways, sidewalks, or patios, you should go for this one. It has enough power to boost your cleaning machine that will reduce your cleaning time by at least half.

This rotary nozzle is of universal grade and can be used with almost every pressure washer.  It is ideal for a wide range of cleaning tasks like removing stubborn dirt and grime, removing rust from highways or concrete ground, cleaning boats and wooden exterior, cleaning the mud, or clay from any construction or surfaces. So, the unit fits well irrespective of your cleaning patterns and requirements.

The unit is made of durable brass and stainless steel. So, there is no wonder that the nozzle will last longer than its close competitor who has comparatively weak material. The unit has a solid and precise ceramic orifice with a matching seat. Furthermore, it has a high-strength forged brass housing so that you can get a long-life accessory.

The price of this nozzle is very low compared to its application and power. Moreover, the remarkable factor that attracts us most is after sell service of the unit. The unit costs roughly 15 bucks, but the after-sell service belies that. If your pressure washer is rated anything within the range of 3000 PSI, we recommend you to buy this nozzle.

Product Features

  • Product Dimensions: 4.3 x 2.1 x 2 inches
  • Weight: 6.4 ounces
  • Rated Pressure: Max 3600 PSI
  • Traffic: 3.0 GPM


  • Outstanding performance in cleaning brick, concrete, and vinyl surfaces
  • Very powerful that offers extra scrubbing ability
  • High quality and durable brass and stainless steel material
  • Works great with almost every washer and on every surface
  • 1-year warranty!


  • Like other nozzles, it also leaks water. Just use thread tape or plumbers tape to hold the pressure.
  • Produces a larger circle spray that reduces the pressure.

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Erie Tools Spray Nozzle – (3000 PSI)

Rotary Turbo Tips

This is another smart pressure washer nozzle from Erie Tools. If you think 4000 PSI nozzle is too much for you and you need to have 3000 PSI and below, then this unit would be the perfect pick for you. This nozzle is also cheap like the one rated 4000 PSI.

The unit is capable of handling the water flow rate up to 2.5 GPM. So, you need to ensure that your power washer does not produce more water flow than 2.5 GPM. This nozzle works better in cleaning decking, fencing, walls, driveways, and sidewalks. The unit can remove stubborn dirt and grime from the concrete surface without the help of soap/detergent!

The nozzle works great with a variety of washers, but you need to match the flow rate with your pressure washer. Anything below 2.5 GPM is not a problem but beyond 2.5 GPM may create problems. During spraying with this turbo nozzle, you have to be cautious so that it does not spray back at you!

The unit can be used to remove caked-on mud and old paint from your front and back yards. It cleans in almost half of the time taken by a regular 15 or 25-degree nozzle. It is very helpful to wash the large area like a long concrete driveway. The unit covers reasonably longer distances compared to other 3000 PSI nozzles.

Product Features

  • Product Dimensions: 4.3 x 2 x 2 inches
  • Weight: 8.5 ounces
  • Rated Pressure: 3000 PSI
  • Traffic: 2.5 GPM


  • Good quality but reasonable price
  • Works better than its competitors
  • Efficient and powerful
  • Performs great irrespective of surfaces


  • Ideal for the homeowner and small business but not for heavy-duty
  • Leaks water, so you need to use plumbers tape

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Tool Daily Rotary Turbo Nozzle – (2500 PSI)

tool daily turbo tip for cold water

To save your time and make you happy in your cleaning jobs, Tool Daily has brought up a 2500 PSI-rated rotary turbo nozzle. So far, this is the best addition of a turbo nozzle that is rated 2500 PSI and below. The unit is one 0f the best options for small to medium-level homeowners.

This unit from Tool Daily is well known quite for a time due to its durability. It lasts almost 2x times compared to other rotary turbo nozzles. The unit is made of aluminum and rubber. The inside portion is aluminum and the outside rubber. As a result, unlike other nozzles, it won’t break if you drop it to the ground unintentionally.

The only drawback of the unit is that it can’t handle beyond 2500 PSI pressure. Some nozzles, the ones we discussed earlier, can handle beyond their rated pressure. But, you have to ensure that your pressure washer is rated 2500 PSI and below if you want to use this unit.

The striking feature of the unit that attracts most of the users is its capability of working for a long time. Furthermore, to offer you faster applications, it can be attached with any quick-connect wand. The most noteworthy advantage of buying this nozzle is its universality. It works with almost every pressure washer that has rated PSI 2500 and below.

Product Features

  • Product Dimensions: 2.1 x 1.6 x 1.6 inches
  • Weight: 6.4 ounces
  • Rated Pressure: 2500 PSI
  • Traffic: 2.0 GPM


  • Durable material
  • Can tackle long-hour work
  • Very cheap price (below 15 bucks)
  • Works 40% faster than any standard nozzle
  • Fits with almost every brand power washer
  • Works better with cold water


  • Can’t tackle tough jobs and not for commercial use
  • Leaks water and needs thread seal tape

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Yamatic Spray Turbo Nozzle 360° – (2200PSI)

Yamatic pressure washer rotary turbo nozzle

Yamatic rotary turbo spray nozzle produces a lot of pressure and water flow to boost the power of your cleaner. The rated pressure of this nozzle is 2200 PSI and works fine with every washer that has this pressure range. The unit will give you the experience of fast and powerful cleaning.

To offer you corrosion-free and long-lasting material, the unit is made of premium stainless steel. The quick-connect plug of this nozzle is of hot-dip galvanized metal. The spray jet of the nozzle is constructed from the ceramic core. The overall construction of the nozzle increases the life of the unit and provides a corrosion-free life span.

The unit works fine with both the electric pressure washer and gas pressure washer. It has an oversized bearing that generates extra power. Thus the bearing helps to create a powerful jet of water to clean faster at ease. Another important feature of the unit is that it offers much more control than any pencil or fan-type tip.

The most important and outstanding feature of this nozzle is its flawless connection. The outcome of the tight connection of this nozzle is zero leaking! This is amazing since 90% of the pressure washer nozzles leak water but this one doesn’t. If you own a power washer that has rated pressure 2200 PSI and below, we recommend you to go for this unit.

Product Features

  • Product Dimensions: 4.7 x 1.6 x 1.6  inches
  • Weight: 4.0 ounces
  • Rated Pressure: 2200 PSI
  • Traffic: 3.0 GPM


  • Durable premium material
  • Lightweight yet very powerful
  • Cheap but great performers
  • No leakings/loosenings
  • 1-year limited warranty!


  • Not for heavy-duty or commercial cleanings

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Best Pressure Washer Turbo Nozzle Buying Guide

To be frank, buying a turbo nozzle doesn’t necessarily need that many guidelines. Still, a planned and researched work/decision has its own merits. Well, get some insights into the factors that determine a better nozzle.

Rated PSI of the Turbo Nozzle

Every nozzle has a ceiling-rated PSI. You shouldn’t buy a nozzle that has a rated PSI lower than your power washer’s PSI. It would be great if your power washer belongs to the range of PSI that the nozzle is capable of handling.

Product Materials

The quality of the material of a nozzle determines its life span. Moreover, to protect the nozzle from high-pressure water flow and damage from unwanted dropping, the materials have the primary role to play. So, you need to make sure that the nozzle is made of solid and long-lasting materials.

The Traffic of the Turbo Nozzle

The number of gallons of water the nozzle can spray per minute is called the traffic. The traffic is expressed in GPM (Gallons per minute). So, you need to match the traffic of your pressure washer with the traffic of the nozzle. Thus, you will get the optimum output.

The Universality of the Nozzle

It would be better if you pick a universal nozzle. By buying a universal nozzle you are getting the scope to use it with almost every brand of power washers. Don’t worry, most of the nozzles on our list are universal.

Pressure Washer Turbo Nozzle FAQs

Q.1 What is a turbo nozzle for a pressure washer?

Answer: A turbo nozzle is a special type of nozzle that creates a powerful jet of water for a pressure washer. It helps the pressure washer to clean faster than the washer does with a regular/standard nozzle.

Q.2 How does a turbo nozzle work?

Answer: The name “turbo” tells the preface of the story! Turbo stands for spinning. The nozzle spins the water that comes out of the pressure gun. As a result, the water gains a lot of kinetic energy. The kinetic energy does the job of cleaning faster.

Q.3 How do I choose a pressure washer nozzle?

Answer: To choose a pressure washer nozzle, you have to look for a few factors that made the nozzle the best one. The factors are rated PSI, the material of the nozzle, water flow rate/traffic of the nozzle, price, and warranty of the nozzle. You should match your power washer-rated PSI with the nozzle.

Q.4 Are all pressure washer tips the same?

Answer: The threading of all the pressure washer tips is universal but not the tip itself. So, you have to pick the right tip for your cleaning job to get the optimum output. The matching tip works great and offers a longer life span.

Q.5 How do you fix a pressure washer turbo nozzle?

Answer: Unfortunately, though a turbo nozzle provides a faster cleaning facility, it also creates problems when not in working conditions. A pressure washer nozzle may produce a few problems and needs the appropriate treatment to be fixed. Click to learn the common turbo nozzle problems along with their fixing processes.


Final Verdict

Investing money in buying the best pressure washer turbo nozzle creates a huge difference in cleaning efficiency. These nozzles are small and can even fit into tool bags for plumbers. The market is teeming with several turbo nozzles. Some are great and the rest are not worthy of spending money. To get your cleaning jobs done in 50% less time, the turbo nozzle is the easiest solution. We have researched, tested, and taken the smartest nozzles among them on our list. All you need is to match the nozzle’s specifications with your pressure washer pump. And then, you are good to clean right from the word “go”!

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