15 Best Pressure Washer Pumps (Reviews & Guide 2023)

Disappointed with your pressure washer pump? Then the time has come to pick the best pressure washer pump. In almost 90% of the cases, the replacement pumps outrank the built-in ones. So, replacing the faulty pump can be a great boost for your cleaning tasks.

Being the powerhouse of a pressure washer, the pump works as the mitochondria! It accelerates the water flow so that the stream can remove grime, sludge, dirt from the surfaces conveniently.

So, a decent pump is key to enhance the performance of the pressure washer. Here we have reviewed some best power washer pumps followed by an exclusive buying guide.

Best Pressure Washer Pump

Before we jump into the review segment, let’s discuss the first things first.

Do You Need to Replace Your Pressure Washer Pump? 

No matter how expensive your power washer pump is, it won’t provide consistent service after a certain period. So, it is essential to know when & why you need to replace it. Some common phenomena are given below:

Not Fulfilling Expectations  

It will be an infrequent occasion when you are satisfied with the default pump. But if it satisfies you, then congratulations!

What if it’s doesn’t? That is when you need to replace the metal junk with an effective one.

Apart from these reasons, there might be some other occasions when you feel it’s high time to replace the default pump.

Replacement Pumps are Way Better

Most of the time, the pressure washer doesn’t come with a decent pump. Although a pump is the core part of the whole machine for generating power, some companies sometimes overlook its importance.

Hence, a lot of replacement pumps offering tons of awesome features to fulfill your demand.

Older Model Pumps

If you own a power washer that has gone through some severe depreciation, you should change it without consideration.

Because every day, technology is reaching a new height. With the older models, you won’t get those facilities that are available today.

However, knowing when you should go for a new replacement pump is also an essential part of owning a pressure washer.

Repairing not Worthy of the Money

When you own a wobble power washer, pump repairing is not a solution for fixing the problem.

Because these kinds of pumps don’t possess enough built-quality. Furthermore, you can replace a pump at the same price as repairing it.

Beyond Repair

When the pump is damaged or not up to the expected condition, it’s better to repair it. But most of the pumps are so delicate that repairing becomes critical.

In such circumstances, you need to replace it with a newer one instead of repairing the faulty pump. Moreover, power washer pump parts are challenging to find. So, changing it is the best idea in almost 90% of the cases.

Best Pressure Washer Pump Reviews

RMW22G24-EZ-SX Pressure Washer Pump – 2400 PSI

RMW22G24-EZ-SX, Pressure Washer Pump, 2400 PSIA top high-pressure pump manufacturer makes this pump. So, the product ensures top-quality performance. It is replaceable with a wide variety of brands, including Sears, Porter-Cable, John Deere, etc.

This vertical plunger pump is capable of pumping a maximum of 2.2 gallons of water at 2400 PSI.

The pump is made of die-cast aluminum alloy. This is why the build quality is excellent for this pump. This pump weighs only 6-lbs. It also has a double gasket sealing system.

The two-bearing system assists the shaft and piston to work appropriately where the shaft diameter is 7/8-inch. Besides, the 3-piston volumetric pump ensures sustainable pressure. It spins at a speed of 3400 RPM.


  • The pump has pre-filled oil
  • Convenient to use
  • It has EZ technology
  • Thermal relief valve ensures the safety
  • Makes less noise


  • 180º rotation sometimes creates a bit problem
  • The warranty period is not satisfactory

Why is this best?

This product from Annovi Reverberi is best for residential use. It has a pressure controller and also a chemical injector. You will find every essential tool with it that a ‘best pressure washer pump’ should have.

BXD3025G Power Washer Pump – 2500 PSI

2500 PSI Pressure Washer Pump (BXD3025G)The comet BDX series is the ultimate pressure washer pump series for household cleaning. Yet, with efficiency, you will get professional level excellence from it.

It is an axial plunger pump that has an adjustable unloader. The machine can produce 2500 PSI, and it is capable of pumping 2.8-gallon water per minute. Besides, it fits with almost every horizontal engine.

The built-in easy start system makes it convenient for operating. Also, the plungers are made of stainless steel. So, it would be rust-free no matter how long you use it. The product ensures a long lifespan because of the top-quality materials.


  • Makes less noise
  • Comes at a reasonable price
  • Durable design
  • Easy operating system
  • There’s a built-in key


  • The pump is heavyweight
  • Not that easy to install

Why is this best?

Because of the ball-bearing design, it runs quietly. You won’t confront any issues while using it for regular cleaning. It offers a one-year warranty as well.

Himore Honda Excell Pressure Pump (2400-2600 PSI)

Himore Honda Excell Pressure Pump, 2400-2600 PSIThe compact design of the pump makes it easily adjustable with HONDA motors. It uses advanced technology to make a perfect connection with the power washer. Full installation takes roughly 12 minutes or less!

This horizontal pump has a diameter of 7/8-inch. So, for the engines which have a 7/8-inch shaft, the pump is the best suit for those. The machine generates 2400-2600 PSI. It can pump at 2.3-2.4 gallons per minute.

It only weighs 6.62 lbs, which is, no doubt, a lightweight design. The reliable performance of the pump makes it more desirable within the budget. Besides, the product offers a thermal relief valve and engine shaft key.

Suitable for: XR2500 XR2600 XC2600 EXHA2425 XR2625


  • Solid construction set up
  • Operates flawlessly
  • Consistent pressure producing ability
  • Fits with all HONDA motors
  • The fabrication of the pump prevents leaks


  • Makes a bit of noise
  • Poor customer service

Why is this best?

Once you buy this device, your cleaning process will be more comfortable because the pump’s operation is hassle-free. You are good to go right after the quick installation of the pump.

SRMW22G26 Pump Rebuild Kit – 2600 PSI

SRMW22G26 Pump Rebuild Kit 2.2 GPMAnnovi Reverberi is one of the renowned manufacturers. The company uses the best technology to build pumps. This model is no exception. Moreover, it is probably the best of the bests pump among the other 2600 PSI models.

This triplex plunger pump is equipped with EZ technology. Thus, it is easy to start and operate. It has a chemical injection system along with a mounting flange. The unit can pump 2.2 GPM water. This pump is for gas-powered engines.

The shaft diameter is 7/8-inch, which can be connected with vertical gas engines. Additionally, the piston can reach 3400 RPM within no time. The build-in pressure control valve supports the whole system to run smoothly.


  • Affordable price
  • Fantastic design
  • The product is pretty lightweight
  • Convenient operation
  • EZ option for effortless starting


  • Rotatable 180 degree
  • This model is not for horizontal engines

Why is this best?

Stunning and futuristic designs, along with steady performance together make this model the most desirable pump.

Vertical Shaft Pressure Washer Pump – 2700 PSI

Vertical Shaft Pressure Washer Pump, 2700 PSIYour default power washer pump won’t last for a decade; it’s not hard to apprehend. And once it happens with you, choosing this pump from HOMELITE won’t be a bad idea. Now replacing within your budget is not a dream.

This product is capable of producing 2700 PSI. It is incredibly lightweight. Replacing the pump is much more comfortable with this vertical pump. Because of the OEM technology, it comes with pre-filled oil.

The unit provides external chemicals, a garden hose, unloader valve with it. It requires three screws for attaching with the shaft. Pretty safe, although there is no thermal valve.


  • The product can boost pressure.
  • Affordable price range
  • No issues with the bolt’s size
  • Makes less noise
  • No need for oiling in general usage


  • It doesn’t have a thermal release valve
  • Bad customer service experience

Why is this best?

Well, it can assist you for many years, thanks to the sturdy construction of the pump. You can save some extra bucks for deciding to purchase it.

Himore Universal Pump Kit – 2800 PSI 

Himore 308653052 Universal Pump Kit, 2800 PSI With the universal HIMORE pump, you can easily upgrade your default one. Replacement is not a hassle anymore. This lightweight pump is suitable for vertical engines.

The pump is meant for producing 2800 PSI. It can pump 2.3 GPM and fit perfectly for numerous power washer models. This water pump has a brass connection. For the decent materials, it ensures lengthened longevity.

The pump weighs only 6 lbs, which is exceptionally lightweight. Most importantly, the standard 7/8-inch shaft fits various power washer models.

The distance between mounting bolts and the center is four inches. This pump has OEM technology as well. Furthermore, it comes with pre-filled oil.


  • The connections are solid
  • No issues with installation
  • Lasts longer because of the reliable materials
  • Steady performance
  • Endurance level is commendable


  • The pump doesn’t include bolts for mounting
  • Not suitable for horizontal engines

Why is this best?

The product’s stainless-steel pistons enhance seal life. Along with numerous models, it fits perfectly with Honda engines also. Probably it is the best pressure washer pump for Honda engines.

YAMATIC Pressure Washer Pump (2500-2900 PSI)

YAMATIC Pressure Washer Pump (2500-2900 PSI)Well, it is a premium power washer pump from the company YAMATIC. The pump is designed for vertical engine models. It produces high pressure with consistency once the pump gets connected.

In the power washer industry, this replacement pump is a beast. It assists in producing 2500 to 2900 PSI pressure. An easy installation system allows you to set the whole thing within ten minutes. It is the best fit for 5.5-6.5 horsepower engines.

The washer pump works quite well at 2.3 GPM. You don’t need to let go of the pressure before starting the engine.

Moreover, the center shaft and mounting bolts are about 4-inches apart. You can expect a 3-year long service with a reliable design.


  • Super simple installation
  • It produces high pressure
  • Best for residential use
  • The product is budget-friendly
  • Reliable performance


  • The hose attaching area is narrow
  • Valves are not that good

Why is this best?

This model of pressure washer pump is best for its vertical 7/8-inch shaft. You will get 150 hours of running time from it. It is meant for a quick start and the best cleaning service.

AR RMV25G30D Pressure Washer Pump – 3000 PSI

AR RMV25G30D Pressure Washer Pump, 3000 PSIThis lightweight Annovi Reverberi RMV25G30D-PKG is a standard package for a power washer replacement pump. This horizontal machine is specially designed for gas-powered engines.

The product includes thermal relief. That is why the pump can stand in any optimum environment. The material of the plungers is stainless steel. It has an overall decent build quality.

The pump ensures a pressure of 3000 Pounds per Square Inch. 3-piston volumetric pump setup provides 2.5 GPM with the spins at 3400 RPM.

It has a detergent tube as well. Its EZ technology makes the commencing procedure easy and convenient. The EZ valve is installed inside the pump to release pump pressure.


  • The replacement pump is well-built
  • Very safe while cleaning the house
  • Decently fit for most of the vertical engines
  • The shaft is universal
  • Sound customer care support


  • Somewhat hard to install
  • Sometimes the motor gets stopped

Why is this best?

To be frank,  this pump is one of the best options in the market. The anti-corrosion finish gives it an attractive look. When you want quick and easy cleaning, the Annovi Reverberi RMV25G30D-PKG should be your go-to pump.

OEM HIMORE Pressure Washer Pump – 3000 PSI

OEM HIMORE 309515003 Pressure Washer Pump, 3000 PSIThe replacement OEM HIMORE pressure washer pump is comparatively new in the market, but it has already made a good impression with some decent features at this price point.

The lightweight design and built quality are the key selling points of the product. Despite such a small dimension, the pump can manage to produce 3000 PSI pressure. Also, the head of the machine is made of brass. It also has a thermal release valve.

The most praiseworthy feature is the pump suits most of the power washer models. The chemical injector makes the overall operation smoother. This device can pump a maximum of 2.5 GPM.


  • The thermal release valve is quite efficient
  • Compatible with various models
  • Rugged build-quality
  • High-quality performance
  • The device produces consistent power


  • Within this price range, features are limited
  • The warranty period is not satisfactory

Why is this best?

As a replacement power washer pump, this product provides decent service. You can use it for residential places, cars, and your garage as well.

SIMPSON 90029, Best Axial Cam Pump – 3100 PSI

Simpson 90029 Horizontal Axial Cam PumpThe direct drive 90029 pressure pump from SIMPSON has a threaded M22 outlet connection. The unit offers better performance than other models in the 3100 PSI lineup. It can survive extreme conditions without compromising performance.

The unit is a horizontal axial cam pump that is built with OEM technology. And similarly, with other OEM technology pumps, it is filled with oil. It has a thermal relief safety system. You will find dual radial bearings with the pump for better function.

The mounting shaft key is 3/16, and the GPM is 2.5. The pump is also equipped with PowerBoost technology, here the good news is, this new tech is pretty close to get a patent. This feature helps to decrease vibration and make the pump even more efficient.


  • There is pre-loaded oil for better operation
  • Budget-friendly
  • The double seal feature prevent leakage
  • Easy to install
  • Simple to use


  • The piston sometimes brings water while running
  • Customer service is not so prompt

Why is this best?

You can use this unit for everyday household cleaning. But in such cases, it may sound noisy than the other pumps. But the quality of the material is really commendable.

Atima Vertical Pressure Washer Pump 3200 PSI

Atima Vertical Pressure Washer Pump 3200 PSILet us assure you; this is probably the best replacement pump in the market. In most cases, it works better than the default one. So, after moving to Atima vertical pump, there is less chance to be dissatisfied.

The product is the lightest among the 3200 PSI power washer pump models, as it weighs only 6.8lbs. It has a low-pressure detergent injection system. The safety valve ensures maximum protection from any unexpected incidents.

The pump offers longevity and 2.5 GPM. The advanced design makes it more compatible with the various branded power washers. Every component that comes with the pump is excellent. It also has a thermal release feature.


  • Easy replacement procedure
  • Simple starting option
  • Can survive the extreme condition
  • Highly consistent with the power
  • Material is top-quality Aluminium


  • Sometimes it sprays a weak stream of water
  • A bit expensive

Why is this best?

The company has added 120ml of oil inside. Thus, the pump is safer. You don’t need to refill the oil for general cleaning purposes.

AAA, Best Commercial Pressure Washer Pump – 3500 PSI

AAA Pressure Washer Pump (90037), 3500 PSI

As this AAA 90037 triplex plunger pump is the fourth one from the SIMPSON product lineup we are featuring, you can easily assume this commodity’s quality.

This direct drive horizontal pump can generate a maximum of 3500 PSI pressure. The product is highly efficient and can flow 2.5-gallon water per minute. It has a dual ball bearing, which ensures friction resistance.

The thermal relief security restricts the pump from overheating. Besides, the pump reduces the stress on the engine. The machine delivers max-level performance.

In the case of professional usage, the pump can provide maximum support for an extended period. Therefore, the company offers a 5-year of warranty!


  • Thermal relief technology
  • The crankcase is made from standard material
  • Super easy to start
  • PowerBoost technology
  • The company uses brass to make the pump head


  • Not for residential use
  • Replacing the pump requires a little more effort than others

Why is this best?

The pump is designed for delivering top-quality performance. Additionally, the oil seal technology abolishes the desire for a dipstick. The device is enough for producing power to get rid of obstinate spots.

AAA Triplex Plunger Pump Kit – 3800 PSI

AAA Triplex Plunger Pump Kit 90038, 3800 PSI

AAA Pumps 90038 is a product from SIMPSON, a renowned brand. When it comes to replacing the pump, the company has numerous models to fit the machine ideally.

The unit uses PowerBoost technology and can produce 3800 PSI. Besides, the weight of the product is only 14-lbs, which is relatively lightweight. The shaft is 1-inch, which is best for horizontal engines. The crankcase is made of die-cast Aluminium.

Thus, it is nicely sealed and restricts contamination. There is less chance of lube failure. The stainless-steel piston ensures the long life of the product. Moreover, the unloader system is adjustable according to the demand of the user.


  • It can run for a long time
  • The Aluminium crankcase is well-built
  • Easy to start
  • Thermal relief protects the machine
  • Convenient replacement procedure


  • A bit noisy
  • Not for residential use

Why is this best?

The power washer with a triplex pump is an excellent fit for professional use. Also, the pump goes with most of the gas-powered pressure washers. SAE gas engine flange is quite efficient as well.

Annovi Reverberi RSV4G40 Pump Review – 4000 PSI

AR North America RSV4G40 Rebuild Kit, 4000 PSIThe company has invested its sixty years of expertise in this RSV series. The pump can produce extreme power in optimum conditions.

The pump has a powerful motor that can add a maximum of 4000 PSI to the power washer. Additionally, the rotating speed is 3400 per minute.

Besides, its build quality is the best for industrial use. It can pass around four gallons of water in a minute. So, you can assume it possesses 4 GPM of capacity.

This product is designed for direct-drive gas washer engines. As it’s a triplex plunger pump, it is a high-tech pump. The shaft size is one inch. RSV4G40 also has an EZ start valve.


  • Produces enormous power
  • Top-quality material
  • Consistent performance
  • Equipped with effective non-segregated unloader valve
  • It has an F inlet thread.


  • Too powerful for simple household use
  • The product is somewhat expensive

Why is this best? 

The RSV4G40-PKG Triplex Plunger Pump is featured with a compact unloader valve. The estimated life of the product is around 500 hours. Furthermore, the design of the unit can make you overwhelmed.

Best AAA Industrial Triplex Plunger Pump – 4200 PSI

AAA Industrial Triplex Plunger Pump 4200 PSIWhen you set your pump for replacement or seek the best pressure washer pump, the AAA industrial triplex plunger pump should be the right choice. Any sort of smudge is no longer an issue with this pump.

The pump is designed for most gas-powered pressure washers. Advanced technology like the oil seal eliminates the demand for the dipstick. It has thermal relied protection.

Thus, the product can endure excessive pressure but doesn’t overheat. The pump has sight glass as well.

The PowerBoost Technology can quickly produce elevated pressure of 4200 PSI at 4 GPM. It is equipped with a dual radial ball bearing that is oversized. These ensure better wear.


  • Easy-start feature
  • The plungers are made of ceramic
  • Lightweight model
  • Well built-quality
  • It comes with a 5-year of warranty!


  • A bit noisy than usual
  • The pump is way more robust for residential use

Why is this best?

Within the price range, this product is capable of providing extended service. The pump mitigates the engine load and provides consistent power. It can survive the most stubborn cleaning condition.

Best Pressure Washer Pump – Buying Guide

A sample of pressure pump

A power washer is a magic tool that comes to aid you at that moment when you are facing a hard time removing stubborn stains from any surface.

And the best power washer pump will ensure high performance. The force of the water is the key here to give a perfect wash. The fact is, a power washer makes the cleaning job ten times manageable.

Still, remember that a pressure washer is nothing but a metal junk piece without a steady, robust pump. So, determining the best pump is a kind of a crucial part of the process of professional or household cleanings.

Types of the Pumps 

You can choose any pump among the three types. The classification is based on the working procedure of the pumps. These types are best for different cleaning processes. The types include:

  • Triplex Pumps
  • Axial Pumps
  • Wobble Pumps

However, two other types exist in a broader concept. But we feel discussing those in this post won’t be appropriate. Among these types, you must be wondering which kind would be perfect.

Henceforth everything is here that you need to know.

Triplex Pumps

When you are a professional cleaner or seeking top-notch output from the pump, then pick a triplex. There is no alternative to triplex when it comes to performance. These pumps can produce high pressure sustainably for a more extended period.

The efficiency level of it is almost ninety percent. For those pressure washers that can produce 3000 PSI or more, triplex pumps are the best suit.

The triplex pump uses the technique of car engines. Thus, it can throw the water with maximum velocity.

Moreover, the pump can handle extreme tolerance in high pressure. Because of these features, this pump is a must-have item for heavy-duty power washers.

Axial Pumps 

When you require a less powerful pump than triplex yet efficient for the cleaning, then Axial is the right pick for you. Its design is much different and is also capable of handling enough GPM. The pump doesn’t work as a car engine.

It can also manage high pressure and water flow. One drawback of the pump is, it becomes quite warm while using. Besides that, it can provide you an extended lifespan only if you maintain it properly.

Wobble Pumps

If you demand a low-pressure pump for your regular simple cleaning, then these pumps can satisfy you. Its efficiency level is around seventy-five percent. The design itself degrade the consistency level.

Among the other types, it has the shortest lifespan, a maximum of one to two years. If you aren’t lucky enough, remember, these pumps are tough to repair. So, if in any case, you have to fix it, it is always better to replace it with a new pump.

Wobble pumps are entry-level stuff. So, having high expectations from it won’t be a smart idea. But then again, if the work doesn’t require extensive cleaning, you can grab one.

Overall Performance

As all pumps are not the same, you can’t expect equal performance from all of them. Check the PSI and GPM of the washer. You have to select a suitable pump for your cleaning.

Suppose you are a professional cleaner. In such a scenario, you can’t take wobble pumps as you need robust performance. So, pick that pump that can serve your purpose without any performance issues.

The Durability of the Pump

When it is electrical, it can raise technical concerns no matter whatever tool you take. So, check the built quality whether it is good enough to sustain. Cheap quality pumps don’t possess premium looking appearance usually.

But as it’s a matter of power, consistency, reliability, and endurance, a better-quality pump can satisfy each of them.

Make sure the company is offering a sufficient warranty period. The best power washer pump often provides a minimum 2-year warranty.

Configuration of the Pump

While purchasing the pump, you should know its configuration. Read the guideline if needed. Because it reveals much essential information that may help you to decide whether to take it or not.

Brand Value of the Pump

The brand of the pump is also a big thing. Because the brand itself conveys a good vibe, so you will get to know that the product will also provide standard service.

In the end, it is up to you to make the ultimate decision. Grab the best one, and your washer is good to go.

How to Replace a Pressure Washer Pump? 

Replacing a pressure washer pump

When you own a power washer pump, changing it is a common thing. But if you hire a professional, then it may cost some good bucks. When you can do it on your own, why would you even spend a penny?

The entire process requires some simple tools and a little know-how info. Don’t worry. You don’t have to be a master in any of them. Just be a little more watchful and try to grab everything that we are going to instruct here.

Replacing a pump requires some must-have tools like an Allen wrench. So, make those available within your reach.

Now follow the steps underneath.

Step #1 – Disconnect

Start with checking what type of pump you are going to replace. After that, the hoses which are connected with the pressure washer should be disconnected. Once the hoses are detached, place the pump on even ground.

Separate every plug, whether it a gas-powered pump or an electric one.

Step #2 – Spray Oil

Now, consider removing the nozzle. Spray oil on the pump flange. On those points where the flange meets with the engine, the oil should be on them as well. Here, we need to locate the pump.

By loosening the mounting bolt, the pump can be removed. The pump is usually connected to the lower side of the machine.

Step #3 – Lessening the Screw

 Three screws connect the pump to the washer. But horizontal pumps have four screws. Use the Allen wrench and align it with the bolts for rotating. After a while, the screws will loosen up, and the pump will ready to replace.

Step #4 – Remove the Pump

 Here we are on the step where we need to be careful. Because while removing the pump, losing control is a common incident. Use a little force and detach the pump from the crankshaft.

Step #5 – Make the New Pump Ready

Before transferring the new pump, make sure it matched perfectly with the washer model and configuration. Place the pump in position. Slide it inside on the shaft and watch the nut points are on the spot to hold it.

Step #6 – Place the Pump 

By utilizing little force and torque, tighten the nuts. Do not use excessive pressure. After reinstalling the Allen head screws, check whether the pump is set correctly.

If it shakes with the movement, then tighten the nuts a bit more. The mounting holes need to be clean for holding the pump securely.

Step #7 – Reconnect the Hose

Reconnect the nozzle and hose with the pump. Reinstall the chemical injection tube. But before reinstalling those evaluate and make sure every part is clean. Otherwise, you may face a clogged nozzle or injection tube.

Step #8 – Give it a Functional Test Run

Don’t you want to check everything is working fine?

Plug the cord and push the start button. Make sure the pressure is consistent. If the new pump is working fine, then congratulations! You have successfully replaced the pump on your own.

Tips for Smoother Replacement 

  • Use good quality penetrating oil.
  • Always rotate the wrench anti-clockwise for loosening the bolts.
  • Consider reading the manual that comes with the pump for installing.
  • Make sure you are installing a suitable model for the washer.
  • After detaching the old one, clean the crankshaft and the nut holes so that these don’t create problems while mounting the new one.
  • If you need anything, then call someone from your family or neighborhood to help you out. However, you won’t need it.
  • Still, in case of any difficulty, you can call the professional to assist you.

A pressure washer is an expensive stuff. You don’t want it to be damaged because of the leaky pump. Instead, change it before the situation gets out of control. You can repair the pump as well, but you know, it depends.

FAQs About Power Washer Pumps

No matter how strenuously we try to convey every possible information about the power washer pump, there will still be a ton of questions floating on your head. See if you find any quarry similar to yours.

Q1. How much it costs to replace a pump?

Sometimes replacing the pump is cheaper and more comfortable than repairing it. It alters from time to time and depends on what type of pump you are using for cleaning.

You can conveniently change the pump for less than a hundred bucks. And obviously, you will get a high-quality replacement pump.

Q2. Is replacing a pump tough? 

Many people think that replacing a pump must be a complicated job. But trust us, it’s not like that as it sounds. Go through the section above that contains a detailed process of replacing a power washer pump.

Q3. Can I replace the pump with any model?

No. Unfortunately, you can’t. First, check whether you have a Triplex, Axial, or Wobble pump. Triplex models are somewhat expensive than other models.

So, change accordingly with the specific type of pump. The triplex pumps are meant for heavy cleaning jobs. Likely, these types of devices last longer as well.

Q4. How long can a power washer pump survive? 

A replacement pump’s expected lifespan is around 80 to 100-hour operation. Wait, don’t get panicked; we have counted the lifespan according to the usage. It’s not like the countdown will start right after buying it.

But the higher quality pump can survive up to 500 hours as well. However, those pumps will cost you more than the average quality models.

Q5. How much oil should I use in it? 

When the pump has OEM technology, it comes with prefilled oil. Once the oil runs out, you can refill it for regaining competence.

You don’t need to fill the reservoir of the pump. Pour the oil near about 75% of the size of the reservoir.

Q6. How to clean the pump?

There is a simple way to do it. First, switch off the power washer.

Now take out the pump and place it on solid ground. Then secure every nuts and bolt of the pump because there is a high chance of losing while washing it.

Attach the garden hose with the pressure washer. And let the engine run and start cleaning the pump with the flow of water. Three minutes of continuous water flow can wash the pump thoroughly.

If you are done with the process, then put the pump on its bay and reconnects everything.

Need a more detailed guide? Click on the link to learn how to clean a pump like a pro!

Q7. What is the difference between Axial and Triplex pumps? 

Triplex pumps are way faster and robust compared to axial pumps. A triplex pump can generate more pressure and provide seamless performance.

On the other hand, axial pumps are direct drives. This means the pump spins at an equal speed as the engine. They have a lesser lifespan than triplex pumps.

Final Verdict!

In this post, we have discussed the pumps which are best for either residential or commercial use. We hope that any of these pressure washer pumps from the list will fulfill your demand out of a countless number of options.

So, take your time and choose according to your need and budget.

Let us know what you are thinking by commenting below or through e-mail. We are eager to hear you out, anytime! Happy cleaning!

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