10 Best Universal String Trimmer Heads

Finding the best universal string trimmer head is time-consuming and tricky. Several brands manufacture the trimmer heads which produce confusion. The right trimmer head can save you a lot of money and relieve your frustration.

One of the important attachments for any weed eater is its head. You need to have one or a few spare heads to ensure uninterrupted lawn care.  An effective and durable trimmer head rejuvenates the performance of your old trimmer.

The head that offers the hassle-free operation, easier loading/refilling facility, lasts longer and consumes less line is considered as the perfect weed whacker head. In this article, we have enlisted the top 10 trimmer heads based on our research, tests, consumer reports, and experts’ opinions.

best universal string trimmer head

Top 3 Best Trimmer Heads Comparison Chart!



Key Features

Latest Price

Husqvarna T25


  • Shaft: Universal

  • Fittings: Universal

  • Durable and Sturdy

  • Less Consumption

Weed Warrior EZ


  • Shaft: Universal

  • Fittings: Universal

  • Rugged Material

  • Cheapest!

Husqvarna T35


  • Shaft: Curved

  • Fittings: Universal

  • Rebuildable

  • Value for Money

Best Universal Trimmer Head Reviews – 2021

Husqvarna T25 Trimmer Head for Curved and Straight Shafts

Husqvarna T25 Tap universal trimmer headAs you know, Husqvarna bears its name in gardening tools production. If you own a Husky, then this trimmer head is a must-have attachment for you. The unit works amazingly with all the Husqvarna trimmers along with almost 99% of other brands.

To save the trimmer line and your pocket, the unit consumes reasonably less line. As a result, it not only saves money but also saves your time. You don’t have to waste your time for line refilling once you start using Husqvarna T25.

This universal trimmer head is easy to use and extremely well built. Though it doesn’t offer a flawless operation, the Bump head is fairly easy to use.

One of the striking features of this T25 head is that it comes with 3 threaded adapters. But, you have the freedom to use your adapter if you have one. Because the unit fits with almost every adapter.

This weed wacker head is durable and will change your attitude towards trimming. On average, for a homeowner, one head is enough for at least two seasons. So far, the only drawback is that it is a little skimpy on the line loaded on the reel.

What We Liked

  • Durable and great build quality
  • Offers quick and easy replacement facility
  • Consumes minimal trimmer line
  • Very reasonable price
  • Extends the life of the trimmer

What We Didn’t Like

  • The string that comes with the head is thin and needs to be replaced immediately!

Husqvarna T35 Straight Shaft Weedeater Head

Husqvarna T35 straight shaft string trimmer headIf you are looking for a universal trimmer for your straight shaft trimmer, Husqvarna T35 is the “go-to” trimmer head. The unit fits with all the Husky straight shaft weed eater. Moreover, it works great with almost every other brand.

T35 is a professional grade and advance level trimmer head. It is intended for heavy and faster cuts. The most striking feature of the unit is its reloading capability. You don’t need to place your weed whacker upside down to reload. It has an easy to reload spool that comes off easily with the cap!

To provide advanced safety features, it tackles tangling and line welding smartly. To do so, the spool has a split design. Furthermore, this trimmer head has arrows that provide the correct direction for winding of the trimmer line. Thus, it saves guesswork and time.

The unit has everything to make your average/great trimmer the perfect one. It comes with adapters but also works fine with almost every adapter. If you have plenty of trimming, hedging, or anything you name it, you should go for this one. For business/commercial purposes, this is a must-have trimmer head.

It is the most popular trimmer head for contractors around the world. At the same time, it can be used to tackle medium to heavy-level home tasks.

What We Liked

  • Durable and robust design
  • Works better than the original head!
  • Uses thicker cord that lasts longer
  • Very easy to use and reload
  • The bump head is rebuildable

What We Didn’t Like

  • The plastic portion could have been better
  • You have to replace the trimmer line that comes with this head

MaxPower PivoTrim Universal Replacement Head

MaxPower PivoTrim universal replacement headMaxpower Pivotrim has brought revolutionary changes in replacing traditional trimmer spool. To make your trimming job painless, the unit comes with a lot of amazing features. It takes less than 5 seconds to replace the worn-out line.

If you are struggling with the OEM trimmer head, you should replace that with Pivotrim. The unit works better than almost 95% bump feed heads. As the unit is universal, it fits well with almost all brands of the string trimmer. So, you can use this head with your weed eater irrespective of its brand.

One of the great features of this head is its versatility. It works equally better for both the straight and curved shaft trimmer. All you need to know is how to replace your trimmer head. Don’t worry, more than 95% of weed eater users can replace the trimmer head on their own, you can do it too. The unit works great for both the battery-powered weed wacker and the gas-driven string trimmer.

Another striking feature that makes the unit stand-out is its 6-pivoting trimmer lines. These lines prevent the trimmer head from unwanted breakage. Moreover, to shorten the preparation time, the head comes with premium pre-cut lines. The quality of these lines is way better than those of Husqvarna and other brands.

The only drawback of the unit is that it accepts 0.08-inch and 0.095-inch diameter lines only. So, once you pick the unit, you need to buy the said thick lines.

What We Liked

  • Works better than the OEM heads
  • Extremely simple and easy to use
  • Almost 90% of the head is made out of solid metal
  • Very easy to install and refill
  • Cost-effective and time-saver

What We Didn’t Like

  • Doesn’t accept heavier gauge string
  • The instructions manual is a bit clumsy

Echo Speed-Feed 400 Universal Trimmer Head

Echo Speed-Feed 400 universal trimmer headLike Husky, Echo bears its name in gardening tools production. Echo Speed-Feed head boasts its presence for the features and quality it has. The unit is universal in every sense. It works equally great for both the straight and curved shaft trimmer irrespective of the power source (gas/electric).

Due to the effectiveness of the unit, many users replace the original Stihl/Dewalt trimmer heads with this one. The unit offers super easy installation and refilling of the lines. The well-built feature of the head relieves the hassle of poorly designed traditional heads.

Once installed, the unit produces better cuts. The head is meant for concise and consistent trimming. Installing the trimmer head takes less than two minutes. After that, winding the trimmer line takes less than a minute. So far, it takes less than five minutes to start trimming!

If you have a decent amount of weed eating to do, we recommend you to buy this one. The loading and reloading capability of the unit are a time-saver. If required, the head can offer you a longer length. To do so, the entire head works as a “push button”. The button easily activates the feed string.

We don’t understand why the original echo heads fail to outperform this replacement unit. Maybe this is how the world of business works. Anyway, this replacement head worth its price.

What We Liked

  • Very innovative design
  • Produces better and even cuts
  • Outperforms original heads
  • Can make an older trimmer works like new
  • Easy to install and load/reload

What We Didn’t Like

  • The owner manual could have been more organized
  • It doesn’t fit all models of Stihl. Don’t forget to enter your model before you buy one

Weed Warrior EZ Lock Head Universal

WW EZ Lock Head UniversalIf the durability and quality of the head are the prime concerns to you, then buy WW EZ universal head. It lasts for almost 4-5 years with most of the brands. It is a commercial-grade trimmer head. Yet, you can use it for your home task for medium to heavy cutting.

This is a fixed-line trimmer head. Moreover, the unit has high-quality materials along with rugged construction. As a result, it lasts longer compared to similar products. The unit produces great results in trimming, edging, and a variety of weed-eating tasks.

It saves time and eliminates the hassle of loading the line. Once you install the head, it will remove the pain and frustration of spool changing. It has come up with an effective approach for line loading/reloading. With this head, you don’t have to open the head to reload the line!

The unit comes with 3 different additional adapters. It also works with almost every adapter. If you wish, you can use your old adapter. It fits with a variety of line diameters from 0.08-inch to 0.105-inch. As a result, you have the freedom to use the right trimmer line depending on the specific jobs. It is compatible with both gas and battery-powered weed eaters.

What We Liked

  • Lightweight, fixed-line, and rugged construction
  • Improves cutting performance
  • Works better than several OEM heads
  • Consumes reasonable less line
  • Easy to install, load, and replace
  • Lasts longer than most weedeater heads

What We Didn’t Like

  • Takes effort to cut the line to perfect length
  • During heavy uses, the string tends to close/clog

Oregon Gator SpeedLoad for Gas Trimmers

Oregon gator speedloadIf you feel irritated or frustrated during line loading/unloading, Oregon Gator is the right solution for you. It has taken the trimming job to the next level. Now, with this universal head, the load and unload job can be done in less than 20 seconds!

The unit works only with the gas string trimmer. It fits almost every gas weed whackers irrespective of their brands and engine cycles. The trimmer head comes with a special disc. The disc is for arranging the trimmer line. The trimmer line gets coiled on this disc. You just need to replace the disc for reloading!

As the trimmer line is pre-coiled, you don’t have to cut or wind it. The most troublesome job in line reloading is making a precise cut. This is the point that makes weed wacker users frustrated. The unit devoids of any loose nuts or bolts. So, no more unnecessary FOD on your ground.

This is a professional grade universal trimmer head. If you own a trimming business, this is a must-have attachment for your gas trimmer. This unit works amazingly great for both the curved and straight shaft trimmer. It will save you a lot of time during the cuts. Just open the head, replace the disc, and close the head!

The unit comes with 3 different adapters to offer versatility. It works better with the 0.095-inch dia trimmer line. You will get one disc free with the replacement head. It also offers plastic spacers for trimmers with the splined shaft.

What We Liked

  • Professional grade and tackles heavy-duty
  • The strength of the line is great
  • Works best among the 0.095-inch line heads
  • Outperforms the OEM of any brand
  • It can change your attitude towards trimming
  • Takes less than 20 seconds to reload
  • Devoids of the hassle of line winding

What We Didn’t Like

  • Consumes more line than other universal heads
  • You need to have additional discs for faster change

Oregon 55-265 Straight Shaft Universal Trimmer Head 

Oregon 55-265 speed feed trimmer headOregon 55-265 speed feed trimmer head is the ultimate solution for straight shaft trimmer. It is a semi-automatic head with rugged construction. It is intended for medium and heavy-duty weed-eating tasks. Like other universal heads, it works with almost every brand. The only setback of the head is it works only with the straight shaft.

As the head is semi-automatic, it reduces the loading/reloading time. It takes less than 30 seconds to load/reload the line. You don’t have to do any disassemble job with this unit. Just slide the trimmer line through the head. Feed half of the line inside the head. The rest half should cover each side of the head.

Generally, during weed/grass cutting, the debris tends to clog the head. It happens as the debris sometimes gathers inside the head. This is a very common issue for most brands. Fortunately, this unit has a well-planned and engineered inner wall. The inner wall obstructs the debris to gather. Thus, it reduces the chance of clogging the head by debris.

The unit comes with a large and durable eyelet. The primary job of the eyelet is to protect the line from unwanted obstacles. Thus, the eyelet increases the lifespan of the line. Moreover, the unit has a line tensioning system. The system reduces the scope of unnecessary vibration. As a result, it offers very minimal vibration.

What We Liked

  • Quality materials and design
  • Offers super-quick load/reload facility
  • Offers painless operation and requires minimal effort
  • Lasts for 3-4 years on average!
  • Medium to the heavy-duty performer

What We Didn’t Like

  • Assembly instruction is very poor
  • Doesn’t work with any curved shaft trimmer

Weed Warrior 14867B with Blade Head

Weed Warrior 14867B with blade headWhere the traditional trimmer line fails to cut, Weed Warrior blade head comes to play. The trimmer line has limitations. It cannot cut all the thick grass. When you force your trimmer, it consumes more lines to produce the result. What if you get the option to finish the job faster with less investment?

Weed Warrior trimmer head has 3 aggressively designed blades. The blades have amazing power to cut any sort of grass/weeds. The blades are made out of quality nylon. They can tackle even the thickest grass that the longest line may fail to cut. To become more effective, the blades have a well-built serrated shape!

The official title of the unit is “Push n Load head”. It is easy to load the blades. The unit takes less than 2o seconds to load the blades. There is a push pin with the head. Just push the pin to install/uninstall the blades. Push the button to take out the old blades. Now, insert the new blades and push again until it produces a “snap” sound. You are done with the reloading!

It is no wonder that the blades last longer than the line. If your job is heavy or you need to cut thick grass, go for this unit. It will certainly save a lot of money. The unit is ideal for thick grass and can tackle light brush. To provide an easy installation facility, it comes with 6 additional blades and an adapter kit.

What We Liked

  • Powerful and durable blades
  • Fits with almost 99.99% gas trimmers
  • Cuts heavy weeds with ease
  • Blade replacement facility is easier and awesome
  • The head is easy to install and user-friendly

What We Didn’t Like

  • The blades may break down if you hit rocks
  • Doesn’t perform well with the electric trimmer

Pivotrim Rino Tuff Hybrid Weed Eater Head

Pivotrim rino tuff hybrid trimmer headPivotrim has come up with several solutions for weed eater users. Many people want to get a cheap trimmer head. Generally, the cheap trimmer heads do not offer that many features. Moreover, they are made out of poor materials and do not last long. Contrary to the norm, some people want more performance for less money!

We have good news for those aspirants. Pivotrim is one of the brands that can make them happy. It has come up with a hybrid universal head. The head offers dozens of features for a very low price. The most striking feature is that the head has both the blades and trimmer line. Furthermore, it has both metallic and plastic blades.

You can use either of them depending on the tasks. Even the head is capable of holding both the blades and lines at the same time. So, it will save you time during jobs. Use the blades for thick grass and light brush. Use the line for light to medium level grass cutting.

When the trimmer runs through a fence or concrete, it produces vibration. The vibration isn’t good for the head, engine, and users. To absorb the vibration, the head is a swivel type. Apart from that, the swivel head ensures minimal damage to the strings. Thus, the unit saves your money by saving strings.

The unit comes with converter rings. The rings help you change the string fast and easily. All you need is to just screw in. Well, you are good to go trimming!

What We Liked

  • An excellent performer
  • Hybrid, can tackle light to the heaviest jobs
  • Works great with almost every gas trimmer
  • Consumes less line as you can use blades for harder jobs
  • Very durable yet at low cost
  • Easy to install and use

What We Didn’t Like

  • Doesn’t work with cobalt trimmer
  • You need to use O-rings for electric trimmers
  • Plastic blades are weak

Grass Gator 3630 Universal String Trimmer Head

Grass Gator 3630 universal string trimmer headIf you love the Grass Gator brand and have a gas trimmer, you may consider buying GG3630. Before picking this head, make sure that your trimmer has an engine of 27cc and beyond.

The unit works great with the straight shaft trimmer. It can’t handle the curved shaft or trimmers with fixed-line heads. So, don’t overlook this vital issue before you buy one.

Generally, a fixed-line head trimmer fits with the trimmer by a special kit. The kit doesn’t work with this unit. You cannot even modify the unit to rectify the issue. So, do not waste your time.

The unit comes with a pre-loaded grass gator line. The diameter of the given line is 0.105-inch. But, the unit works great from 0.080-inch to 0.105-inch line. So, you can use any line that belongs to this range.

The GG3630 can hold 14 feet line inside its case. So, once you install the head, you don’t have to worry about reloading it shortly. The unit can be used with weed eaters, lawnmowers, and edgers. So, the versatility of the head will help you accomplish a wide range of cutting tasks.

What We Liked

  • Produces superior performance to OEM heads
  • Works great with the straight shaft trimmer
  • Big in size but lightweight and productive
  • Very easy to install and use

What We Didn’t Like

  • The material quality is poor and fragile
  • Too large that becomes inconvenient for some users
  • The spool is made out of cheap plastic

The Best Universal Trimmer Head Buying Guide

string trimmer head

Several key factors determine whether a particular head is best. We took them as the benchmark during our research. Among them, the most important ones are discussed below. You should make a solid concept about these factors if you want to compare them. Anyway, let’s move on to the buying guides.

Types of String Trimmer Head

The first thing that comes to play in determining the best trimmer head is its type. There are mainly 3 types of trimmer heads available on the market. All of them are intended to meet different situations. So, you cannot tag any of them as the best. Each one has its own merits and demerits. So, let’s discuss them briefly.

Fixed-Line Head

The most common head that we use for heavy-duty or commercial purposes is fixed-line head. It doesn’t require to wind the spool to reload. All you need is to feed the individual line by threading it. As a result, this type of head can tackle thicker lines. So, you can use them for plenty of grass/weed eating. Thus, it saves your time and money. The maintenance cost for this type of head is minimal.

Automatic Feed

The most advanced type of trimmer head is automatic feed. You know the most frustrating job of trimming is line reloading. So, the manufacturers have taken the issue seriously and come up with the auto-feed head. It doesn’t take any manul action for line feeding.

There is a motor inside the head that pulls the line when necessary. It doesn’t stop the cutting during reloading. Inside the head, there is a provision for keeping the extra line that the motor pulls when needs. The auto-feed head is more expensive compared to other heads. But, if you want to get trouble-free operation, you shouldn’t mind spending a couple of bucks more.

Bump Feed

This type of head is very popular among homeowners. As it is suitable for cutting smaller yards, it serves better for home use. The winding of the trimmer lines needs manual action for this unit. The winding doesn’t require you to remove the head. There is an opening in the head that helps to feed the lines.

All you need is to bump the head on the ground. Then feed the trimmer lines through the opening. It is easier and convenient. The only demerit of this type of head is it consumes more strings. So, you need to consider keeping more lines if you buy this type of head.

Single Line Vs. Dual Line Trimmer Head

The trimmer head can be sub-divided into two types namely single-line and dual-line. As the name suggests, this division is based on the trimmer lines. The head that uses a single trimmer line is called a single-line trimmer head.

Similarly, the head that uses two trimmer lines at a time is called a dual-line trimmer head. The primary difference between them is their performance. The single-line trimmer head is easier to use and reload but fails to perform like the dual-line. On the other hand, the maintenance of a dual-line trimmer head is troublesome but produces great results!

Size and Grass Thickness

Another important factor that needs to be addressed before buying a trimmer head is the pattern of grass. The size and thickness of the grass have important roles to play. You need to buy the right weed eater head for the right type of grass.

The soft crops and thin grass can be tackled by most of the trimmer heads. But, you need to purchase a sturdy head for the thicker grass. The thicker grass needs thicker lines to be cut. Furthermore, you may go for the blades head for the thick grass. Even the combo of lines and blades may come in handy!

Size of the Head

As we know, “Big man for the big jobs”. Trimming jobs have levels. The home tasks vary depending on the size of the yards. The cutting professionals need something commercial grade for their jobs. So, a variety of jobs are out there. To tackle them, trimmer heads can be found from smaller to bigger ones. All you need is to calculate your trimming jobs and buy the head accordingly. The bigger heads can cut reasonably more than the smaller ones.

How Does a Trimmer Head Work

The trimmer head is one of the vital parts of a weed eater. It holds the string that cuts through. In most cases, there is a spool inside the trimmer head that holds the string in coiled-shape. The trimmer engine, be it a 2-cycle or 4-cycle engine, produces power to rotate the head.

The trimmer head rotates and ensures the string rotation that cuts the grass. The string wears out with time and needs to replace. Some heads offer auto string advancement and some need manual action. Some heads have blades instead of strings. In that case, the head rotates the blades.

How to Change String Trimmer Head Safely

Changing the weed eater head is fairly easy. The reloading/refilling of the trimmer line can be troublesome for some trimmers. But, the installation and replacing of the trimmer head is quite fun for almost every trimmer. To learn how to do that in less than 2 minutes, you may read our thorough article. Click on the link to learn about trimmer head replacing.

Weed Eater Head FAQs

Q1. What is a universal trimmer head?

Answer: The type of trimmer head that fits with almost every brand is called a universal trimmer head. Generally, the universal trimmer heads are sub-divided for gas and electric trimmers. Moreover, certain universal trimmer heads are meant for only curved or straight shaft trimmer. So, you need to match these before picking a new head.

Q2. What is a fixed-line trimmer head?

Answer: A trimmer head that uses the pre-loaded and fixed-length line is called the fixed-line trimmer head. It can be both positive and negative factors depending on the user’s intent.

Q3. How do I change the string of my trimmer head?

Answer: It depends on the specific trimmer head. As we discussed earlier, there are auto, semi-auto, and bump-feed trimmer head. The string changing/feeding system is completely different for these 3-types of heads. So, you need to be specific to your weed eater head first.

Q4. How do you load a speed-feed trimmer head?

Answer: Loading the speed-feed trimmer head is pretty simple. There is a large knob on top of the trimmer head. Just turning on this knob will offer an easy-loading option for you.

Q5. What type of head is the best?

Answer: It is a tricky question to answer. Manufacturers produce different types of heads to meet different needs. All you need to match the head with your specific needs. We cannot tag a specific head as the best without considering the applications. That’s it!

The Final Verdict

Picking the right trimmer head can rejuvenate your old trimmer. The universal heads of the weed eater are meant for fitting with a variety of trimmers. Yet, some of them are dedicated to gas, electric, straight, and curved shaft trimmers respectively. As we have laid down the cards before you, we think that you are now educated enough about the universal trimmer head. If you still struggle to select the right head, you may follow our recommended list.

  1. Husqvarna T25  ( Ideal for both straight and curved shaft trimmer)
  2. MaxPower PivoTrim  (Ideal for both straight and curved shaft trimmer)
  3. WW EZ Lock Head (Commercial grade and ideal for heavy-duty )

We hope that our coverage on the “best universal string trimmer head” was helpful for you. If you have any further queries about the trimmer head, please feel free to let us know.

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