Best Concrete Brush for Pressure Washer

The best concrete brush for pressure is one that works, cleans, and does not easily break. Sadly, there are too many brands of attachment out there that will only frustrate you.

To save you time and money, we tested many of these things. Out of these, four emerged as the best.

Our list is a combination of brushes for gas-powered and electric-powered pressure washers, so pick a concrete brush for pressure washer that suits your machine.

concrete brush for pressure washer

Best Concrete Brush for Pressure Washer

1. EDOU DIRECT Pressure Washer Surface Cleaner 18" with wheels | Stainless Steel | HEAVY DUTY | 4,000 PSI Max Working Pressure | Includes: 2 Pressure Washer Extension Wand Attachments

EDOU 18-In Pressure Washer Check on Amazon

This brand and particular model is best for professional cleaning. It allows you to clean your area at half the time it normally takes, especially for large surfaces like driveways and decks. This concrete brush for pressure washer has a skirt around it, so you get protected from all the mess.


  • Made of durable, stainless steel
  • It has flexible bristles and a built-in filter
  • Can clean 6x faster than an ordinary concrete brush for pressure washer
  • Compatible with many pressure washer wands


  • It has a lot of vibration
  • Not compatible with high PSI washers

This concrete brush for pressure washer has a 1/4-inch-thick connector. It fits most capable wands in the market. It also comes with two pieces of 17-inch extension wands. Take note that it is best suited for washers at 2,000 PSI. At most, use it at 4,000 PSI, but not any greater than that as it may blow up.

If you buy the package, you get two extension wands and two replaceable nozzles. The warranty is 18 months, and there is also a 24-hour response time once you file a complaint.

2. Briggs & Stratton 6338 Rotating Surface Cleaner, 16" , Black,16.34 x 5.9 x 16.34 inches

Briggs & Stratton 6338 Rotating Surface Cleaner Check on Amazon

This concrete brush for pressure washer is created for gas-powered pressure washers. With a diameter of 16 inches, it can cover a wide space for the same amount of time compared to other smaller brushes. With a 40-degree nozzle, it will not leave streaks on the floor.

There are two 15-degree spray patterns in the brush. They rotate on a spinning bar, and the design is what allows it to clean. It does not have wheels, but wheels are not necessary. Wheels are great of your wand is heavy. This particular model is best for washers between 2200 and 3400 PSI.


  • Great for gas-powered washers; built for heavy-duty use
  • It weighs only 3.6 pounds
  • Has cleaning capacity 5x than the normal speed of pressure washers
  • It comes with a 40-degree pressure washer nozzle


  • Replacement parts are not available
  • Can leave swirls

The cover is dome-shaped, and this design allows it to glide on surfaces smoothly. It is easy to manoeuvre or control. The brush also has quick-connect wands. On top of that, it comes with an integrated detergent tank. The warranty for this product is something that you must request from the manufacturer.

3. Greenworks Surface Cleaner Universal Pressure Washer Attachment

Briggs & Stratton 6338 Rotating Surface Cleaner Check on Amazon

Although Greenworks also manufactures pressure washers, this attachment is compatible with other brands. It is not exclusively designed for Greenworks devices.

The washer attachment is small at 11 inches in diameter, so it is best for small areas like driveway and garden walkways. While you can use it for larger surfaces, take note that the dome is made of plastic, so it is not ideal for professional use.

Underneath its dome is a bar that rotates really fast. The brush bristles are at the edges of the dome at the bottom, not inside it.


  • Best for small garages
  • Has quick-connect capability
  • Compatible with many electric pressure washers
  • Affordable price


  • You can only use it with a 2000-PSI washer

Upon testing, the brush does its job really well, even if it is only compatible with a machine that can deliver 2,000 PSI of power. It does not leave streaks, and there is no need to use a lot of pressure from your hands as you move it back and forth.

4. Kärcher - 3200 PSI Universal Surface Cleaner Attachment for Pressure Washers - 15" and 1/4 Quick Connect - 2 Spinning Nozzles and Extension Wand

Karcher 8.641-035.0 Check on Amazon

The Karcher model is 15 inches in diameter, and it can handle up to 3200 PSI. This concrete brush for pressure washer is an excellent accompaniment for a powerful pressure washer. It has an ergonomic design that prevents water from splashing around as it rotates.


  • Has two spinning nozzles
  • Can clean flat surfaces 4x faster than standard nozzles
  • Compatible with gas-powered pressure washers


  • Cannot remove hard moss easily
  • Made of plastic so it cannot handle ultra-fast rotations

The ideal rotation speed for this attachment is only 1500. Anything faster than that can cause it to break. This concrete brush for pressure washer is compatible with many models, and it does not leave streaks after cleaning. You can also use it for vertical surfaces.

Do You Need a Concrete Brush for Pressure Washer?

Yes, you do. If you use the pressure washer and its nozzle, the only thing it does is remove dirt and grime and push the water away. However, it cannot remove dirt that seemed to have stuck itself on the surface.

The thing is, only a brush can do this. The friction between the brush and the surface is what dislodges the dirt from the concrete. Pressure washers are excellent on their own. Coupled with a brush, you can remove dirt that has already formed something like a filament on the surface, most especially so for tiles.  

Hard scrubbing is effective, but it is also tiring. The motion of the brush, combined with the pressure of water, makes your work easier.

How to Choose a Concrete Brush for Pressure Washer

Before you buy a concrete brush for pressure washer, it is important to know what factors to look out for.

To get the right brush, consider these factors:

Brush Diameter

Brushes come in different sizes. The most common is 15 inches in diameter. The big ones are 18 inches in diameter. Bigger diameter means extensive coverage; big ones can clean faster and are usually sturdier than smaller ones

Nozzle Connector

If convenience is important to you, buy a brush that has a quick-connect feature. The most common diameter of the connector is ¼ inch; there are other standards, so check this carefully.

Brush Material

In addition to this, it is a good practice to buy a brush made of metal. Most are made of plastic. While plastic ones are affordable and they work, they will not last long for heavy-duty cleaning. Metal ones are the best choice, but they are also more expensive.

Also, buy brushes that do not leave streaks. The last thing you want is to use that brush on woods and tiles and ruin your flooring.

PSI Capacity of the Brush

One important reminder before you buy is to check the PSI capacity of the brush. Not all brushes can handle the rotation speed of pressure washers. They work like discs for angle grinders—there are discs that will blow up if coupled with high-powered grinders.

Only buy brushes that are compatible with your pressure washer. Check if it is made for gas-powered or electric pressure washers. Furthermore, read the label and see the maximum PSI it can take.

Summary: Best Concrete Brush for Pressure Washer

A concrete brush for pressure washer is one of the most effective tools for cleaning concrete surfaces. We hope this guide was useful in helping you find the best brush. With the right tool, you can look forward to clean surfaces free of any dirt and debris.

Featured image by: ColemanAsh, Creative Commons Zero.

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