How to Use & Adjust a Foam Cannon – The Definitive Guide

A car requires cleaning and washing. A foam cannon makes the cleaning process easier and simpler. Furthermore, using a foam cannon makes an otherwise mundane chore much more exciting.

A foam cannon reduces the amount of time needed to wash your car. It also helps you avoid swirl marks from washing.

In this guide, we’re showing you the step-by-step process of how to use and adjust a foam cannon.

how to adjust and use a foam cannon

Why Should You Buy a Foam Cannon?

Buy a Foam Cannon

Before buying, you first have to know what precisely a foam cannon does. This device mixes and balances the perfect amount of soap, water, and air, just what a car requires. With the help of a pressure washer for foam cannon, the foamy mixture is then sprayed onto the car.

It’s called a cannon because it shoots the mixture onto your car to clean the dirt and dust. Hence, stop worrying about mixing the soap and water all by yourself and putting all this in a foam cannon.

A foam cannon is helpful in numerous ways. First, it’s less time-consuming and more effective than do-it-yourself washing.

Here are the benefits of using a foam cannon.

Reduced Time

If you decide to wash your car without any help, you have to mix the right amount of shampoo and water by yourself. This can be hectic and time-consuming.

Additionally, scrubbing and scratching the mixture to your car by holding a bucket can make you feel tiresome.

Hence, after buying a foam cannon, you don’t have to worry about the accurate mixture. Instead, this will help you to make the foam. Further, you can shoot the foam to your whole car in just under one minute.

You will save time and energy by using a foam cannon.

Eliminating Dirt

By this time, you know it’s not easy to remove dirt from your car. You’re likely to miss a portion while cleaning and washing on your own.

In addition to that, the dirt sticks greatly to the paint of the car. Hence, scrubbing it off with your bare hands can be hectic.

With the help of a foam cannon, you can comfortably spray the foam onto every part of your car. Afterward, just use the wash mitt to wipe the foams.

A foam cannon makes the perfect amount of suds. The suds adheres to the surface and completely remove the dirt.

No Scratch Marks

In one shot of a foam cannon, it shoots more soap than a sponge can hold. Thus, you don’t have to wipe or scratch the surface with pressure. Instead, the suds will clean the dirt off easily.

The suds work better than any other pressure on the surface. As a foam cannon does the wiping off job perfectly, you can be relaxed now.

No Re-Dipping

If you use a bucket and soap to wash your car, you have to dip the unclean sponge at various times to clean it. Therefore, the water will get dirty.

It means you are putting your sponge in the unclean water and washing the car with it. This will cause more harm than gain.

By using a foam cannon, you don’t have to worry about your car getting dirtier. You just have to wash off the foam with water and a wash mitt. This won’t cause any problem to your car.

Now, it’s up to you to decide whether to buy a foam cannon or not.

How to Adjust a Foam Cannon

How to Adjust a Foam Cannon

You have to know how to adjust the foam cannon before you start using it. In that way, your usage process will be more comfortable than ever.

Let’s dive into what you have to do before using the foam cannon.

Step 1

First things first, choosing the right pressure washer is the most important part. You can choose between gas and electricity, whichever you prefer. We’d suggest you use the gas pressure washer for a greater outcome.

Step 2

The pressure and the flow of the foam have to have a certain level. This is why maintaining the right level of PSI and GPM is needed. You’ll find the right amount your cannon requires in the given instructions manual.

Step 3

You have to choose the right soap or shampoo to use in the foam cannon. Not all regular soaps can create thick suds. Whereas you need thick suds to wash off your car perfectly.

You should have a dilation bottle to measure the amount of soap and water needed to be put in the cannon.

Step 4

The orifice size should be checked before applying the foam because the GPM level depends on the orifice.

If you have the wrong size of the hole, the pressure won’t create foam accurately, and the cannon will produce watery foam instead of thick.

Make sure the orifice is clean enough so that it can shoot clean foam to the vehicle.

How to Use a Foam Cannon

How to Use a Foam Cannon

Now that you have prepared beforehand, you can start to apply the foam to your vehicle.

Let’s look at the steps now, shall we?

Step 1

Firstly, measure your chosen soap or shampoo and water in the dilation bottle. You can put 1 ounce of soap with half bottle of water. This will produce thicker suds.

Step 2

Unscrew the plastic bottle from the foam cannon. Fill the mixture onto the particular plastic bottle.

Step 3

Tie the bottle with the foam cannon. Make sure that the sprayer and nozzle are attaching perfectly with the foam cannon as well.

Step 4

After being certain about the sprayer, you can start spraying your car. We suggest you should start from the top and then work at the bottom. This way, the dirt will move below from the first place.

Step 5

You can gently set the foam cannon off in this step. Be certain about not hurting the plastic bottle. Furthermore, wipe your off car with a wash mitt. You should remove the bottle from the cannon after finishing.

How to Maintain a Foam Cannon?

Following the usage of foam cannon, you have some more steps to do. You should always maintain your foam cannon, or else it will damage soon.

After using, you shouldn’t put your cannon away while it still has a soap bubble and water in it. The leftover soap and water can produce chemicals or water-based foam. This will result in the cannon not work properly.

Make sure you wash off the container with clean water after usage. Subsequently, dry the cannon so that there isn’t any leftover water in it.

The foam cannon will last a longer period if you take care of it rightly.

Foam Cannon FAQs

Do you have to hand wash using foam cannon?

You have to spray water before using the foam cannon because there can be grim and dirt on the surface that cannot be cleaned just by foam.

To eliminate the foam from the car, you can hand wash with 1-2 buckets of water. After that, your car is good to go!

Can you use a foam cannon without a pressure washer?

It will be a little hectic, but you can use a foam cannon without the pressure washer. The alternatives can be using a pump sprayer. A pump sprayer can mix the soap and water to create thick foam.

You can use a foam cannon that attaches to the garden hose directly as well. Moreover, a regular spray bottle can be helpful, but it will not make any foam.

Do you have to scrub when using foam cannon?

You don’t have to scrub as the suds are enough to clean off the dirt. A foam cannon produces more foam than any other sponge or wash mitt can handle.

Hence, you don’t have to apply pressure while using foam cannon. The suds will do the job accurately.

Final Words

To make cleaning easier for you, a foam cannon goes a long way. You don’t have to use your hand to scratch your car or waste your valuable time just to wash your car.

We have gone through the step-by-step process of how to use and adjust the foam cannon to clean and wash your car.

The adjustment process of the foam cannon is smooth and pretty straightforward. You can simply apply foam to your vehicle.

Thus, if you’re tired of cleaning your wheels, we suggest you spare a few cents to purchase the foam cannon. You’ll be relaxed for a lifetime.

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