10 Best Pressure Washer Surface Cleaners

If you want to scrub medium to large deck, patio, flat and vertical surfaces, you need to have the best pressure washer surface cleaner. Whatever you are operating i.e. a gas pressure washer or an electric one, you need to use a couple of attachments to get the optimum output. Among them, the surface cleaner is noteworthy due to its efficiency in removing stubborn dirt and grime.

A regular pressure washer gun along with a pressure washer turbo nozzle can handle 60 to 80% cleaning jobs. We need the surface cleaner for the remaining 20 to 40% of cleaning jobs.

Moreover, using a turbo nozzle for removing old/stubborn dirt or grime is not always recommended. Because careless or inappropriate use of turbo nozzle may end up damaging the surface. As a result, most of the experts recommend pressure washer surface cleaners.

Finding the best pressure washer surface cleaner is a bit tiresome task. Furthermore, the market is teeming with dozens of surface cleaners from different brands.

As a result, we have taken an opportunity to help you by providing our reviews and guide.

In a hurry? Check out our top picks combo(gas+electric), gas, and electric cleaners!



Key Features

Latest Price

EDOU Universal 15-Inch

  • Best For: Universal

  • PSI: Up to 4000

  • Diameter: 15 Inch

  • Weight: 8.6 Pounds

  • 24/7 CC Suport!

SIMPSON Gas Cleaner

  • Best For: Gas

  • PSI: Up to 3600

  • Diameter: 15 Inch

  • Weight: 3.5 Pounds

  • 90-Day Warranty!


  • Best For: Electric

  • PSI: Up to 2000

  • Diameter: 11 Inch

  • Weight: 1.6 Pounds

  • Best for MONEY!

What Is A Pressure Washer Surface Cleaner?

A pressure washer surface cleaner is an attachment that you add with the wand. The surface cleaner makes the cleaning job interesting and time-saving. With the surface cleaner, you can clean wider surfaces like driveways, sidewalks, patios, floors, and many more you name it.

The surface cleaner has an edge over the regular wand or nozzles. The regular wand/nozzle focuses on one direction. Thus, they may apply unnecessary water spikes and end up damaging the surface. But, the surface cleaner applies an equal force that spreads into a 360-degree direction.

Why Should You Use A Surface Cleaner?

You should use a surface cleaner for your power washer for several reasons. Such as:

  • To save your invaluable time that can be used for something necessary and productive. As the surface cleaner can save more than 70% of your cleaning time, you will have the option to invest in some other household chores.
  • To maximize the safety of your surfaces. The surface cleaner is safer compared to the regular/turbo nozzles. So, you don’t have to worry about the surface during the operation. But, you have to be watchful if you are to use a turbo nozzle.
  • The cleaning job is tiresome and needs solid attention. But, a surface cleaner will reduce that pain drastically if not 100%.
  • To clean the large surfaces that would take days for the wands/nozzles. You need a specific weapon to fight the specific enemy. Sounds logical, doesn’t it?
  • To get a balanced and even cleaning performance from your power washer.

So, we can not deny that a surface cleaner is a handy tool that increases our cleaning efficiency.

Best Pressure Washer Surface Cleaner – Reviews

We have researched and tested around 35 surface cleaners of different brands. They were ranging from 1700 PSI to 4500 PSI. All of the surface cleaners have their own merits and demerits. So, we were very cautious and calculative to determine the top surface cleaners.

At the earlier stage, the surface cleaners were used by the gas pressure washers. With time, the electric pressure washers have been modified and equipped with several features. Now, you can handle almost 95% of your cleaning tasks with an electric power washer. So, it is no wonder that an electric pressure washer can tackle the surface cleaners adroitly.

We don’t know the type of pressure washer you are operating. Therefore, we have taken 3 types of surface cleaners on our list. These are:

  • Surface cleaners for gas and electric combo
  • Surface cleaners for gas power washer
  • And surface cleaners for electric pressure washer

To keep things simpler, we have discussed combo, gas, and electric surface cleaners sequentially. You may skip the first 6 surface cleaners if you are looking for an electric cleaner.

EDOU 15-Inch Pressure Washer Surface Cleaner – 4000 PSI

best power washer surface cleanerEDOU 15-inch surface cleaner is one of the most powerful cleaners. The unit has grabbed the attention of so many power washer users globally. It has come up with tremendous power and some outstanding features. This is a professional-level surface cleaner that can tackle the heaviest cleanings.

With its 15-inch diameter, the surface cleaner cuts the cleaning time by one-fifth. It saves time, energy, and money at the same time. If you are a cleaning business owner or a big homeowner, this is the go-to cleaner for you. This giant surface cleaner is perfect for cleaning large surfaces. It is suitable for any bigger driveways, decks, patios, sidewalks, and many more you name it.

The most important feature of this unit is its compatibility. The unit is ambidextrous in working with the gas and electric power washers. The rated pressure of the surface cleaner is 4000 PSI. Any power washer that has rated pressure from 2000 to 4000 PSI works great with this cleaner. So, no more gas or electric division with this power giant.

Dealing with one of the best 4000 PSI power washers? Then you should buy this 15-Inch surface cleaner without any hesitation. It worth it.

The unit comes with tough flexible bristles. The bristles protect the surface and control the water sprayer. The unit is made of heavy-duty brass and stainless steel. Furthermore, the overall construction of the cleaner is a hard composite. As a result, the unit lasts longer than most surface cleaners.

It comes with 2 additional wands to offer easy-fitting and replacement facilities. The fitting of the unit is just like other surface cleaners. A 1/4-inch quick fitting will do the job for you. Just get the unit, attach it with your power washer, and feel the fun of cleaning.

Product Specifications

  • Dimension: 17.4 x 15.7 x 6.6 Inches
  • Diameter: 15-Inch
  • Weight: 8.6 pounds
  • Rated PSI: 4000 PSI Max
  • Fitting: 1/4-Inch Quick Connector
  • Compatibility: Fits All the Brands!


  • The power, power, and the power of the unit!
  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • Ambidextrous in working with gas/electric washers
  • The amazing hard composite design
  • 2-additional wands for smooth operation
  • The effective and long cleaning reach
  • Easy to use and lightweight
  • The 24/7 customer support


  • Doesn’t work with power washers below 2000 PSI
  • A bit heavier

PEGGAS  15-Inch Surface Cleaner – 3200 PSI

best pressure washer surface cleaner attachmentsPEGGAS 15-inch is another great surface cleaner that works with both the gas and electric pressure washer. If you own both types of power washers or looking for a surface cleaner capable of handling both, consider buying this surface cleaner.

The rated pressure of this surface cleaner is 3200 PSI. Any pressure washer that has rated PSI from 1900 to 3200 works amazingly with this unit. With the 15-Inch diameter, the unit can tackle medium to heavy cleaning jobs. It works great for horizontal surfaces like driveways, decks, patios, and so on. The unit can be used to tackle vertical surfaces like brick-wall and home siding.

The color of any surface cleaner has no impact on cleaning jobs. Normally, most surface cleaners do have black or gray colors. Interestingly this one has red in color! So, red color lovers may give it a try. Anyways, the unit produces enough water spin to clean your surfaces at least 5 times faster.

The unit is capable of cleaning 1000 sq. ft per hour! It has two water jets and two rotary nozzles to spin the water. The efficiency of the nozzles produces smooth and streak-free cleaning. To make it a universal cleaner, the fittings of the cleaner are 1/4-inch. This is the common measurement for 95% power washers.

It is a professional-grade surface cleaner. But, we recommend it for the homeowners who need to clean medium to larger areas. It is a durable unit and made of robust plastic material. The unit can be used for several occasions. The dome housing of the cleaner is top-level. It protects your surfaces from overspray.

Product Specifications

  • Dimension: 17 x 5.5 x 17 Inches
  • Diameter: 15-Inch
  • Weight: 3.99 pounds
  • Rated PSI: 3200 PSI Max
  • Fitting: 1/4-Inch Quick Connector
  • Compatibility: Fits with most brands


  • Robust and durable plastic material
  • Compact and lightweight design
  • Works great with both the gas and electric power washer
  • Supremely efficient in flat surfaces cleaning
  • Powerful enough to tackle larger surfaces
  • Easy to use and move around
  • Very reasonable price


  • The cleaning head tends to clog. You have to clean and unclog that when it gets clogged.
  • Good for home use only

Simpson Cleaning Universal 15-Inch Surface Cleaner – 3600 PSI

Simpson Cleaning Universal Surface Cleaner, 15-inchSimpson pressure washer and its kits bear its name in the pressure washing sector. Like the pressure washers, the surface cleaners of Simpson hold great quality and reputation. Simpson Cleaning Universal 15-Inch surface cleaner has come up with a robust stainless steel shroud. The unit is universal and works great for any gas power washer with rated PSI up to 3600.

It has a wide 15-inch diameter that can tackle a longer area. The unit has two robust rotary nozzles and two water jets. The water jets spray the water and the nozzles spin the water. The combination of these nozzles and jets are amazing. Their combined effort will do your cleaning task 4 to 5 times faster!

To produce fast and streak-free cleaning, this universal surface cleaner is noteworthy. It is a perfect fit for cleaning medium to large-scale jobs. The unit is capable of cleaning a range of surfaces. It can clean decks, patios, sidewalks, driveways, floors, garage, and many more you name it.

The interesting feature of this surface cleaner is it doesn’t require any soap/detergent. The only drawback of the unit is that it works with only cold water. You don’t have the option to use hot water with this surface cleaner. Using hot water may damage your surface and the cleaner itself.

Product Specifications

  • Dimension: 15 x 7 x 15 Inches
  • Diameter: 15-Inch
  • Weight: 3.5 pounds
  • Rated PSI: 3600 PSI Max
  • Fitting: 1/4-Inch Quick Connector
  • Compatibility: Fits with most brands


  • Tremendously powerful and efficient in cleaning
  • Powdered coated Shroud
  • Stainless steel rotary nozzles
  • Durable and sturdy design
  • Reasonable price and user-friendly
  • A 90-day warranty!


  • Cold Water only
  • Wand not included

Twinkle Star 15-Inch Surface Cleaner – 3100 PSI

Twinkle Star 15-Inch Surface Cleaner - 3100 PSIAnother great surface cleaner that can be handy to clean each and every surface is Twinkle Star 15-inch. This amazing surface cleaner can handle any gas pressure washer up to 3100 PSI. The most suitable pressure washers range from 2700-3100 PSI. But, you can use the pressure washer if your power washer has rated PSI over 2000.

The unit is universal in every sense. It can tackle almost 99% of the gas pressure washer brands. Again, it can tackle both the horizontal and vertical surfaces. The unit requires little to no effort from the user’s ends. Interestingly, it cleans the vertical surfaces like a brick wall, stucco, and any siding with ease.

The diameter of the surface cleaner is 15-inch. Thus, you will be able to clean the surfaces faster and effectively. The package of the unit includes two extension wands that will save you money. Like other gas surface cleaners, it is also equipped with a 1/4-inch quick connector. All you need is to make sure that, your power washer supports the quick connector.

The unit is very user-friendly and convenient to use irrespective of surfaces. The most notable feature of this surface cleaner is its replacement/refund facility. The manufacturer offer that as they have deep confidence in their product.

Product Specifications

  • Dimension: 15 x 7.5 x 15 Inches
  • Diameter: 15-Inch
  • Weight: 5.7 pounds
  • Rated PSI: 3100 PSI Max
  • Fitting: 1/4-Inch Quick Connector
  • Compatibility: Fits with every brand


  • Versatility in cleanings and matching with every brand
  • The design and material of the unit are perfect
  • Provides ease of control and user-friendliness
  • Fits with a few electric power washers (2400 PSI & beyond)
  • Comes with 2 extension wands
  • The replacement/refund facility


  • A bit heavier compared to other cleaners
  • Meets the expectations but not suitable for commercial-grade cleanings

PowerFit High-Pressure Surface Cleaner 15-Inch, 3300 PSI

PowerFit High-Pressure Surface Cleaner To make the cleaning job a breeze, PowerFit has come up with an effective surface cleaner. The PF31023B surface cleaner has a wide 15-Inch cleaning path. It is a go-to surface cleaner for cleaning driveways, sidewalks, and patios. The unit is universal and made for the gas power washer. As a result, it will fit with every brand pressure washer.

The rated pressure of this surface cleaner is up to 3300 PSI. So, make sure that your gas power washer has a rated pressure of 3300 and below. It is equipped with two 1500 RPM-rated water jets. The jets ensure a streak-free, fast, and even cleaning performance. So, it will make your surfaces stripes and streak-free.

Like other great surface cleaners, this unit has two robust rotary nozzles. The nozzles clean the surface at least 4 times faster than a standard 40-degree nozzle. The unit is ideal for flat surfaces and produces acceptable cleaning for vertical surfaces. It has a 1/4-inch quick connect coupler that fits within moments.

The unit works better with the power washer that has rated pressure over 2000 PSI. So, if your gas power washer has rated pressure below 2000 PSI, you won’t get the expected performance. Moreover, it only works with a gas pressure washer. So, don’t try it with your electric pressure washer.

Product Specifications

  • Dimension: 15 x 5.5 x 15 Inches
  • Diameter: 15-Inch
  • Weight: 4.5 pounds
  • Rated PSI: 3300 PSI Max
  • Fitting: 1/4-Inch Quick Connector
  • Compatibility: Fits with every brand


  • The build quality is very standard
  • The power and versatility of the unit
  • A great cleaner for the hard and flat surfaces
  • Can cover a large area
  • Easy to set up and use


  • Though it has 3300 rated PSI, it can not handle the toughest/heaviest job
  • Needs greasing for longer use time

Karcher 15-Inch Pressure Washer Surface Cleaner-3200 PSI

Karcher Pressure Washer Surface CleanerThe Karcher 15-Inch surface cleaner is the best option if you have a gas power washer with rated pressure up to 3200 PSI. This surface cleaner is universal and fits with almost every brand.

The unit has two robust spinning nozzles that produce an ultimate fight against any stubborn dirt and grime. The unit is suitable for medium to heavy-duty cleaning.

With its 15-Inch diameter, the unit can clean at least 4 times faster than a standard nozzle. It is a professional-grade but great consumer-level surface cleaner. So, it should fit perfectly if you are a medium-scale cleaning business or a homeowner. Moreover, the unit can be used with a few electric washers!

The unit has a 1/4-inch easy to fit quick connector. So, it would take less than a minute to fit with your power giant. The build quality of the surface cleaner is simply great. It is a durable surface cleaner that lasts for years and saves money. The bristle skirt and spindle of the unit are promising and made with durable heavy-duty metal.

If your gas power washer has rated pressure between 2500-3200 PSI, we strongly recommend you to buy this one. The unit works great for large and flat surfaces like driveways, patios, decks, and sidewalks. It works perfectly for vertical surfaces like garage doors, home siding, and many more.

Product Specifications

  • Diameter: 15-Inch
  • Weight: 3.8 pounds
  • Rated PSI: 3200 PSI Max
  • Fitting: 1/4-Inch Quick Connector
  • Compatibility: Fits with most brands


  • Durable, lightweight, and robust design
  • Efficiency in cleaning flat surfaces, simply outstanding
  • The splash-free skirt feature that keeps you dry during cleaning
  • Very fast, easy to use, and convenient
  • Works 4-5 times faster than a standard 40-degree nozzle
  • Cleans concrete easily and lessens the fatigue to the user end


  • Doesn’t work with the pressure washer rated 1700 PSI and below
  • You need to keep an eye on the plastic nuts as they tend to loosen up

Greenworks Surface Cleaner Universal Attachment, 11-Inch – 2000 PSI

Greenworks Surface Cleaner Universal AttachmentGreenworks is the best surface cleaner for any electric pressure washer that has a rated pressure of 2000 PSI and below. As the name suggests, this surface cleaner fits with almost every power washer. All you need is to ensure that your power washer belongs within the pressure range.

Though the unit works up to 2000 PSI pressure, it has an 11-inch cleaning path. The cleaning path is ideal for cleaning driveways, patios, decks, and sideways. It has a comparatively shorter diameter than a gas cleaner. But, with its supreme efficiency, it overcomes the cleaning path length.

If your concrete surface turns black with some kind of mildew, you need to remove them asap. When you have an electric power washer you can do the job within 2 hours. Just get this surface cleaner, attach it to your power washer, and see the fun! It works even better in cleaning the Trex plastic decks.

As the unit is lightweight and has a perfect size (not bigger nor smaller), it attracts almost every homeowner. The unit can handle light to medium-level cleaning. We recommend it to you if you are a homeowner.

Product Specifications

  • Dimension: 11.8 x 10.5 x 11.2 inches
  • Diameter: 11-Inch
  • Weight: 1.8 pounds
  • Rated PSI: 2000 PSI Max
  • Fitting: 1/4-Inch Quick Connector
  • Compatibility: Fits with every electric brand


  • Lightweight & compact design
  • Durable and universal
  • Capable of fulfilling your expectation
  • Very cheaper price!
  • Simply great for the renter or light-duty work
  • An excellent performer for any flat surface


  • Only for home use

Karcher T300 Hard Surface Cleaner for Karcher Pressure Washers – 2300 PSI

Karcher T300 Hard Surface CleanerKarcher T300 hard surface cleaner is a must-have attachment if you have a Karcher power washer. The unit fits smartly with almost every light to the medium-duty power washer. It has an 11-inch diameter that can tackle any medium to large scale surfaces.

The rated pressure of the T300 hard surface cleaner is 2300 PSI. Any power washer that has up to 2300 PSI rated pressure, will work perfectly with the unit. It cleans driveways, sidewalks, patios, and garage floors comfortably. It has an attractive yellow color. Due to its color, it can be found from a long distance!

It has a 32-inch wand extension. This extension wand offers extra freedom of cleaning. The unit has a variable pressure dial feature. With this dial, you can adjust the pressure flow of the surface cleaner. So, you have the option to pick the right pressure for the right surface.

The unit has a special locking joint. The joint allows the extension wands to be locked vertically. Thus, it offers safety for breaks and facilities for storage. It fits with Karcher K2, K3, K4, and K5.

Product Specifications

  • Dimension: 15 x 7 x 12 Inches
  • Diameter: 11-Inch
  • Weight: 4 pounds
  • Rated PSI: 2300 PSI Max
  • Fitting: Karcher Bayonet
  • Compatibility: Karcher K2, K3, K4, and K5


  • The durable and robust design like a gas cleaner
  • The variable pressure dial
  • Works outstanding for flat surfaces
  • Can tackle large surfaces
  • Indispensable for hard surface cleaning
  • All in one for Karcher brand


  • A bit heavier compared to other electric surface cleaners
  • Doesn’t fit well with other brands

Powerhorse Surface Cleaner, 16 Inch – 3500 PSI

Powerhorse Surface Cleaner, 16 Inch - 3500 PSIDo you need the power and cleaning path of an electric surface cleaner equivalent to the gas? If your answer is “yes” then Powerhorse surface cleaner is the perfect pick for you.

This giant electric surface cleaner can tackle up to 3500 PSI.  As we know, 3500 PSI pressure is rather daunting for an electric power washer. So, this is simply a big boss of electric surface cleaners.

If you need to clean a variety of surfaces from concrete to asphalt, this surface cleaner is the best option. The unit makes the cleaning tasks as easy as they could be. It has come up with several outstanding features that are incredible even for the gas ones. You can pick this unit for your power washer which is rated over 1700 PSI to 3500 PSI.

Unlike most electric surface cleaners, this unit has a 16-inch cleaning path! To resist corrosion, the unit has a durable stainless steel construction. Large surface cleaning needs the surface cleaner to move smoothly. To do that job in a better way, this unit has nonmarking rubber swivel casters. The diameter of the casters is 1-inch to avoid dragging hassle.

The unit has a variable rotary bar that has two spray nozzles. This variable bar ensures effective surface cleaning. The spinning efficiency of these nozzles is noteworthy. Surprisingly, Powerhorse offers two additional spray nozzles with the unit. You can use these nozzles for quick replacement.

Product Specifications

  • Dimension: 16 x 8.5 x 16 Inches
  • Diameter: 16-Inch
  • Weight: 8 pounds
  • Rated PSI: 3500 PSI Max
  • Fitting: 1/4-Inch Quick Connector
  • Compatibility: Fits with every electric brand


  • Wonderfully easy to move around
  • Very user-friendly that a girl can use with little effort
  • A game-changer in cleaning jobs
  • The best electric surface cleaner for large surfaces
  • An excellent cleaner for concrete surface
  • Powerful yet very simple to maneuver
  • Bonus nozzles, O-ring, and Teflon back ring!


  • Heavier than most of the electric surface cleaners
  • A bit pricy compared to other cleaners

AR Blue Clean 10-Inch Deck, Patio & Flat Surface Cleaner – 2500 PSI

AR Blue Clean 10-Inch Deck, Patio & Flat Surface CleanerFor light to medium-duty AR Blue pressure washer, this surface cleaner is a must-have attachment. It fits with a range of AR Bule cleaners. The rated pressure of this surface cleaner is 2500 PSI. So, you can use any AR Blue cleaner that has rated pressure up to 2500.

With the 10-inch dia, the cleaner can tackle the deck, patio, and flat surfaces at ease. The unit saves a lot of time and reduces unnecessary water consumption. Using this surface cleaner will make your driveways and sidewalks look new. As the shape and size of the unit are convenient, it will save your energy for the next project.

The unit comes with an amazing ability that cleans at least 70 to 80% faster than any wand. The setting up of the cleaner with the spray gun is easy and quick. To offer you the real fun of cleaning, the unit has a 15-inch extension lance. The lance helps you move freely and clean a long distance safely.

One of the attractive features of this surface cleaner is it keeps water from splashing onto the siding and walls. The unit has an advanced level safety feature. It has a nylon brush skirt that prevents overspray during the cleaning. The cleaner works great with AR112, AR114, AR116, AR118, AR141, AR142, AR142P, AR240, AR260, and AR388 models of AR Blue Cleaner.

Product Specifications

  • Dimension: 18.5 x 6 x 12.5 Inches
  • Diameter: 10-Inch
  • Weight: 2.2 pounds
  • Rated PSI: 2500 PSI Max
  • Fitting: 1/4-Inch Quick Connector
  • Compatibility: Fits with AR Blue Cleaners


  • Very compact and lightweight design
  • An ideal match for large surface cleaning
  • Faster and safer compared to other electric cleaners
  • User-friendly and convenient
  • Versatile and capable of cleaning both horizontal and vertical surfaces
  • Easy to attach, operate, and store


  • Doesn’t work with other brands
  • Not great for too hard surfaces

How Does A Surface Cleaner Work?

A surface cleaner for pressure washer cleans the surface using its nozzles and water jets. Any surface cleaner has two rotary nozzles that spin the water during the operation. The surface cleaner gets the water jets from the power washer. After that, it spins the water jets with the help of its twin nozzle.

The surface cleaner glides over the surface. It ensures that the spinning water reaches its peripheral edge with equal and balanced force. Now, when you switch your power washer on, the surface cleaner gets the water flow. Then, it circulates the water with tremendous flow jets that remove dirt, dust, grime, and debris. The round and enclosed shape of the surface cleaner is for smooth movement and balanced water spike.

Power Washer Surface Cleaner Buying Guide

Some important factors help us determine whether a surface cleaner is good or not. Among them, we have discussed the most crucial ones. It would be great if we could help you to build your concept on these factors. Read them thoroughly to enrich your knowledge about the surface cleaner.pressure washer surface cleaner buying guide

Size of the Surface Cleaner

Most of the buyers seem to overlook or unaware of the size of the surface cleaner. It happens as most of us love to go after the brand value. Anyway, the size of the surface cleaner is directly related to its efficiency. The bigger the surface cleaner, the more capable it is. Furthermore, the bigger size surface cleaner comes with a heavy-duty capability and they are more expensive.

So, you need to match your cleaning needs with the surface cleaner’s capability. You won’t get the best out of the surface cleaner if you buy smaller or bigger size surface cleaner that your power washer can handle with. The size/diameter of the surface cleaners is expressed as Inch.

Weight of the Cleaner

The size and weight of the surface cleaner are directly proportionate. The bigger size surface cleaner is heavier and suitable for heavy-duty. On the other hand, the medium size surface cleaner has lesser weight and capable of cleaning light to medium jobs.

The applications of the surface cleaner depend on the type of surfaces. You need to use the bigger/heavier surface cleaner for flat surfaces. On the other hand, you need to use a lightweight surface cleaner for wall cleaning. If you use a smaller size cleaner for flat surfaces, you are making your cleaning jobs lengthy and tiresome for no reason. Similarly, using the bigger cleaner for the wall may end up killing your stamina!

Rated PSI

Like the pressure washer, the surface cleaner has a rated pressure. It has only the maximum rated pressure. It means that the surface cleaner works better up to that max rated pressure. For example, if you buy a 3600 PSI max surface cleaner, it will work fine from 0 to 3600 PSI pressure.

Again, the more the PSI, the more powerful the water spike. So, you need to match your power washer’s capability with the surface cleaner’s ability. Don’t expect tremendously powerful water spray from a smaller pressure washer or a lightweight surface cleaner.

Water Flow Rate (GPM)

Gallon Per Minute or GPM is the unit of traffic or water flow rate of the pressure washer. Like the power washer, the surface cleaner has rated traffic. The more the GPM, the more water you will get out of your cleaner. So, if you get two matching surface cleaners, buy the one that has more GPM.

Cleaning Power (CP)

The cleaning Power (CP) of the surface cleaner is the ultimate factor that the users are looking for. To determine the CP of the surface cleaner, you need to multiply the PSI and the GPM. For example, if your surface cleaner has the rated PSI 3600 and GPM 4.0, then the CP would be 3600*4 equal to 144,000.

The more the CP, the more efficient is the surface cleaner. So, try to buy a cleaner that has more CP but satisfies other factors. Remember, you need to match the GPM of your power washer and surface cleaner. Any mismatch may end up offering poor water flow or damaging the surface!

When to Use A Surface Cleaner?

It is very important to know whether you need to use a surface cleaner. Say, you need to clean your deck, patio, or flat surface. Now, ask yourself whether you have a medium to a large surface or not. You do not need to use the surface cleaner for smaller surfaces. Using a smart turbo nozzle will do that job perfectly.when to use a surface cleaner

But, if your small surface has stubborn/old dirt or grime and is sensitive, then avoid using the turbo nozzle. The turbo nozzle may break your surfaces. So, you need to pick the surface cleaner even for your smaller surface in this case!

Moreover, if you are a professional and own a cleaning business, you need to buy heavy-duty ones. Generally, we use a surface cleaner to remove strong dust, dirt, grime, and for our spring cleaning.

How to Use a Pressure Washing Surface Cleaner?

To ensure safe and effective operation, you need to follow a few steps. The steps are:

the cleaned surface of a deck

Step One: Clean the surface with the help of an air blower or anything compatible. Thus, the surface should be devoid of rocks, dust, and visible FOD. This will enhance the performance of the surface cleaner. Moreover, this initial cleaning will ensure the smooth movement of the surface cleaner. Otherwise, you may end up damaging the surface cleaner.

Step Two: First of all, make sure that your power washer is in good working condition. Then, connect the garden hose with your pressure washer. Now, it is time to connect the surface cleaner with the power hose. Typically, the wand assembly should have the provision of connecting the surface cleaner. So, watch out for every possible connection to locate the exact position

Step Three: Now, turn the garden hose on. The hose will feed your power washer the necessary water flow. After that, turn your power washer on. At this stage, point your trigger gun and surface cleaner towards the desired surface. Now, squeeze the trigger and look for any water leakage. No water leakage is good for cleaning. If found, the leakage should be immediately addressed.

Final Step: Now start cleaning the surfaces. Do not forget to move your surface cleaner circularly. Remember, a surface cleaner is meant for surface cleaning and not for edges or corners. Using it for edges or corners may result in damaging the surface cleaner!

Pressure Washer Surface Cleaners (FAQs)

Q.1 How do you attach surface cleaner to the pressure washer?

Answer: The job is pretty simple. All you need is to connect the high-power hose with the surface cleaner. Typically, it is the place where the wand assembly locates. Make sure that the connection is firm and tight. A loosely connected hose/surface cleaner won’t do the job. It will disconnect frequently!

Q.2 Can I use the surface cleaner for my electric pressure washer?

Answer: Yes, you can use the surface cleaner with your electric power washer. Now, in most cases, an electric power washer can handle nearly 90% tasks of a gas pressure washer. So, the electric power washer is more than capable of using this attachment. But, you need to match the rated PSI and GPM for the washer.

Q.3 Can I use detergent/soap with my surface cleaner?

Answer: You can use any detergent or soap solution with your surface cleaner if your power washer permits so. Some pressure washer manufacturing companies do not allow using the detergent and bleaching solution to protect the power pump. But, normally, most of the manufacturers allow using the detergent.

Q.4 Which one is better between a turbo nozzle and a surface cleaner?

Answer: Both are very common and effective attachments for the pressure washer. They have their own merits and demerits. The job of a turbo nozzle can’t be done by a surface cleaner and vice versa. But, in a broader sense, the surface cleaner is more effective and time-saver than the turbo nozzle. Furthermore, the surface cleaner has little to no risk to break the surfaces. But, it is not the same case for a turbo nozzle.

Q.5 What to do if I have both the gas and electric power washer?

Answer: That’s not a weird situation anymore. Several families and homeowners are buying both the washers for strategic purposes. And, the pressure cleaning business owners have both of them for quite a few years now. If this is the case for you, consider buying the combo surface cleaner that can handle both the washers.

The Final Verdict

The proverb “work harder to achieve your goal” has gone! Now, it is time to work smarter rather than harder. The surface cleaner is something that works smartly. Equipped with a powerful pressure washer, a surface cleaner can become the gem of cleaning. So, it depends on you whether you are prudent enough to buy the perfect surface cleaner. As we said earlier, a wrongly picked surface cleaner may not produce the desired impact.

We have displayed all the cards before you. We think that you are now educated enough to purchase the right unit. In case you still struggle to pick the best pressure washer surface cleaner, we would like to help you one more time. Buy the Simpson Cleaning 15-Inch for your gas power washer that has rated PSI up to 3600. And Buy the Greenworks Cleaner for your electric pressure washer that has rated PSI up to 2000. Buy EDU 15-Inch if you have both the gas and electric power washers.

We hope that our coverage was a bit helpful in your selection process. If you have any further queries, please feel free to drop us a line.

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