10 Best Sun Joe Pressure Washers Reviews & Guide 2023

If we talk about the brand, then Sun Joe is the most popular and top-selling one. They have lots of machinery and the pressure washer is their number one product. Anyway, among the dozens, we have taken the best sun joe pressure washers and reviewed them in this article.

Why should we use a pressure washer? That is a silly question in today’s fast-moving world. To remove the dirt, dust, and germs from different floors, decks, sidewalks, patios, and furniture we need a pressure washer.

So, we need to have the perfect pressure washer that can tackle all the cleaning and worth our hard-earned money. Here, the Sun Joe power washer comes in. It has grabbed worldwide attention due to its top-notch design, robust construction, durability, and consistent performance.

sun joe pressure washer reviews

Also check out our Ryobi vs Sun Joe pressure washer guide to understand how well Sun Joe performs compared to Ryobi. Another popular brand is Greenworks, and if you need further comparison of the brands, you can refer to our guide on the Greenworks vs Ryobi pressure washer.

Why is the Sun Joe Pressure Washer the Best?

When it comes to the quality, the Sun Joe pressure washers stand out among hundreds of brands.

There are some criteria on which you can verify why their product is best. For every product, some particular parameters give you a proper insight to justify it. Sun Joe’s power washer is the best for several reasons. The output delivery and the consistent water flow are two of them.

The PSI (Pressure Per Square Inch) & GPM (Gallon Per Minute) are the two vital aspects of any pressure washer. Depending on power sources, a pressure washer can have 1000 PSI & 1 GPM to 7000 PSI & 8 GPM. Almost every pressure washer brand produces units having low to high PSI. But most of them fail to ensure consistency in their power and performance.

Here Sun Joe is totally an exception. They do not manufacture high-power pressure washers. They never sacrifice their quality for any product they produce.

Generally, a Sun Joe power washer belongs to the range of 1350 PSI to 2300 PSI. So, if you need the strongest electric pressure washer or a unit that produces 4000 PSI and beyond, Sun Joe wouldn’t be a perfect pick.

Best Sun Joe Pressure Washer Reviews (2021)

Those who have already used it know how perfect these pressure washers work. Every single pressure washer of this brand gives you quality and durability in cleanings. We have taken the top 10 sun joy pressure washers so that you could find the right one that suits your requirement. Let’s dive into their reviews.

Sun Joe SPX3000 Pressure Washer – (2030 PSI)

Sun Joe SPX3000 Electric Pressure Washer

(Product Overview)

Power Source and Water Pressure

The Sun Joe SPX3000 2030 Max model comes with a sturdy motor of 1800 watts. It allows delivering nearly about 1450 PSI water pressure. With the help of an electric power cord, it runs relentlessly.

Weight, Length, and Durability

The product is easy to move. It weighs about 31 pounds. You can clean at a long distance of nearly 20 feet using the hose. So, there is less necessity to move the machine, which is a great advantage. The less you move the machine, the less you stress out.

Container and Foam Lance

One of the amazing features of the unit is its container. The water container has a brass fitting that is far better than plastics. It gives a low chance of getting the leakage problem of the pressure washer.

Talking about the foam lance, it produces thinner foam spray. You have the option to attach a new foam lance if you want. Max pressure washer foam cannon is suitable to use with the unit. Interestingly, the water gets the foam soaked within 1 to 2 minutes.

Cleaning Options 

Its cleaning mechanism is outstanding. There are many places, including your home, where you can easily remove the grime and mildew. You can also clean the vinyl sliding of RV’s, truck, or lawn equipment at ease.


You cannot fit all the hoses into this washer until you remove the rubber gasket. Pressurizing the spraying hose can result in the shutdown of the motor.

Highlighted Features

  • The motor shuts automatically due to the Total Stop System built-in function.
  • The pressure washer contains two water tanks of 0.9 liters onboard that are removable.
  • Without heavy-load, it can deliver nearly 2030 PSI and a 1.76 GPM water flow.

Sun Joe SPX3001 Power Washer – (2030 PSI)

Sun Joe SPX3001 Power Washer

(Product Overview)

Power Source and Water Pressure

The model SPX3001 2030 runs through an electric power system. Its outer color is green. At 1800 watt current, it can deliver water pressure of 2030 PSI. This helps the water to flow at 1.75 GPM through the hose.

Weight, Length, and Overall Size

You won’t find it difficult to move because it weighs only 32 pounds. The unit dimension is 14.4 x 16.5 x 33.5 inches. No need to carry the machine because of its long-range hose length.

Special Features

This machine has the adaptability of water at a 104-degree Fahrenheit scale. You will find the total stop system mode for the backup of the trigger switch. So, after the work is done, it will automatically shut down the motor.

Extra Features and Parts Quality

It contains an onboard detergent tank that can carry 1.2 liters of water for making the work easier. There is a slight misconception about the manufacturing material of the hose. It is not fully made of rubber because the manufacturer has to use stiffer material to build it.

The Negative Sides

While working with it for a long time, the hose starts getting loose after a certain period. Sometimes the water under the unit starts falling out even in off mode.

Highlighted Features

  • The Onboard reels are 6 meters high in length, helping you clean at a longer distance.
  • Don’t worry about pouring water and detergent a couple of times because it contains an extra 1.2-liter detergent tank in its body.
  • If you want to save your precious time, you can use its quick spray mode, which helps you clean the area quicker with light pressure.

Sun Joe SPX3500 Pressure Washer – (2300 PSI)

Sun Joe SPX3500 Pressure Washer - 2300 PSI

(Product Overview)

Look and the Water Pressure

The SPX3500 2300 Max model’s outer looks are similar to the color of a brass hose connector. With the power of 2000 watts, the motor can deliver a water pressure of 2300 PSI. This ensures the rate of water flow at 1.48 GPM.

Size and Weight of the Machine and Parts

The overall size of this pressure washer is 16.7 x 14.5 x 36 inches which seems quite larger. This unit is a little bit heavier because it weighs 46.5 pounds. The size of the hose is 20 feet long.

Durability and Effusion Speed of Water

Its water inlet pressure is 0.7 mpa which is the maximum rate of this washer. The flow of 13 AMP current makes the brushless induction motor runs quicker and smoother. You can easily wash any surfaces faster than before.

Extra Storage with Unique Features

Its cleaning mechanisms are surprising. It contains a 1.2 L removable detergent tank that allows you to adjust the onboard detergent tank of 40.6 fl. You will also get the five quick spray modes in this max pressure washer along with its TSS function.

The Negative Aspect

We are in doubt about the rated pressure of this unit. We think it generates around 2100 Max pressure though the company claims 2300 PSI.

Highlighted Features

  • The total stop system helps you save the pump life and electricity.
  • You will get an extra 40.6 Fl removable detergent tank in its body which helps you to carry extra 1.2 L water for cleaning purposes.
  • For working faster in the small and narrow region, you can use its five quick spray modes, which saves your time.

Sun Joe SPX3000-BLK Power Washer – (2030 PSI)

Sun Joe SPX3000-BLK Power Washer

(Product Overview)

Power Supply and the Outer Beauty

Those who like fill black cover of a pressure washer you all can get this SPX3000-BLK 2030 Max model. Like all the other pressure washers, this washer also runs on corded electricity. The amount of power supply is also the same, which is 1800 watts.

Dimension and Weight

You can easily move this pressure washer due to its less weight. It is 31 pounds in weight, but the length of this machine is longer than others. The dimension of this pressure washer is 15.6 x 13.5 x 33.9 inches.

Water Pressure and Flow Rate

It can supply a maximum of 2030 PSI at the CSA test, but under typical load, it can only give 1800 PSI water pressure. The water inlet temperature is 104-degree Fahrenheit and allows 1.76 GPM of water flow.

Working Properties and Handling

You will find the assembling is easier compared to the other products. It is durable and can work with a 110-volt power supply. The hose is 20 feet long, which makes your cleaning area wider.

Extra Functions and Storage of Water

The SPX3000-BLK 2030 max pressure washer carries the built-in TSS property. Moreover, it has a removable 0.9 L dual detergent tank that makes your work easier. You will also get the quick-connect spray mode in this machine.


Moving the unit harshly can cause leakage in the tanks. After a certain time, the brass adapter tends to leak.

Highlighted Features

  • The extra 0.9 L dual detergent water tank prevents you from filling the container frequently.
  • With the Total Stop System like other products.
  • The CSA water pressure test ensures 2030 PSI and allows 1.76 GPM water flow.

Sun Joe SPX3200 Electric Power Washer – (2030 PSI)

Sun Joe SPX3200 Electric Power Washer 2030 PSI

(Product Overview)

Outlook and Size

The SPX3200 pressure washer comes with a Green outlook. It is the smallest pressure washer you could ever think of. The overall dimension is 19 x 11.56 x 24 inches, and it weighs only 26 pounds.

The Water Flow and Streaming Speed

With a 14.5 Amp current flow, the motor can deliver 2030 PSI water pressure. This makes the water flow at 1.76 GPM. The torque of the motor is smoother and faster.

Unique Parts attach with the Machine

There are some glide wheels attach to this pressure washer. It allows you to move the machine at ease. Moreover, the body holds an extra 27 FL detergent tank of water which helps in cleaning the floors.

Built-in Function

There is a built-in trigger in the holder region. It helps you to stop the system after properly cleaning a particular area. This pressure washer also holds the TSS mode.

The Bad Aspect

For carrying the unit, you need to pull the hose that may, later on, make you lose the attachments.

Highlighted Features

  • In the CSA test, this washer delivers 2030 PSI water pressure consuming 14.5 Amp current only.
  • It has a quick-connect spray mode which helps you to clean any areas from five different angles.
  • You will get help from the Total stop system function if you accidentally trigger the switch.

Sun Joe SPX4000 Pressure Washer – (2030 PSI)

Sun Joe SPX4000 Pressure Washer 2030 PSI

(Product Overview)

Power Source and Water Pressure

This unit comes with a pure packed motor of 1800 watts. Its motor can generate up to 2030 PSI, and thus it necessarily needs a current of 14.5 amp. This electric power helps to run the motor efficiently.

Weight, Length, and Durability 

The unit is light to hold and easy to carry around. The weight is around 30.4 lbs. Compared to another pressure washer the weight is quite lighter. It has a 25ft hose of high pressure which gives you an extra reach. So, less energy is required to carry the unit.

An Outstanding Container 

The container has the perfect size that helps to store the right amount of detergent. The cleaning agent helps you to get a blast cleaning performance. Other than that, the built-in quality lets the pressure washer remain more stable.

There are some quick tips that help it to spray from the container more gently. The tank can hold around 54.1fl, which is a decent amount for a pressure washer. Also, for getting a boost in cleaning, the container lets out the detergent in a perfect amount.

The Best of Technology

In this pressure washer, you have the advantage of controlling the cleaning options. Here you can select low power, which is 1450 PSI, and you can increase the power up to 2030 PSI. As we need to switch more power to less power depending on the work levels.


The unit doesn’t always discharge 2030 PSI initially. So, you need to wait a while when this happens.

Highlighted Features

  • The total stop system helps the pump to stop automatically.
  • The extra power helps to generate reasonable power to produce an output of 2030 PSI.
  • The unit has amazing wheels which are flexible to use and smooth to control.

Sun Joe SPX2598 Electric Power Washer – (2000 PSI)

Sun Joe SPX2598 Electric Power Washer 2000 PSI

(Product Overview)

Power Source and Compatibility

This unit can generate a maximum power of 2000 PSI. The intense power flow helps to radically clean all types of germs, dirt, and grime. Just open the nozzle and lets the work start to begin.

The unit is very lightweight which is easier to carry. Furthermore, it is very easy to move. You can also wipe out any kind of stubborn germ from any corner.

Size, Weight, and Stability

As the unit is extremely lightweight, it doesn’t need any extra effort to handle it. The weight is only 17 lbs. Due to this weight, you are able to get a better experience for pulling it off anywhere.

The overall dimension is 13.78 x 12.64 x 19.69 inches. So, it has better mobility for its smaller size.

Connecting Cable and Water Flow

You can easily remove the grimes, dirt, and mildews with its water flow of 1.65 GPM. The motor runs by a corded electric cable through which a constant 14.5 AMP current flows to the induction motor.

Extra Features

It has an extra onboard detergent tank that can take 38.8 FL quantity of water. Besides, the TSS function prevents the pump from lifelong destruction. You will find the pressure adjustable valve and the nozzles near your handgrip. This helps you to spray quicker and clean different surfaces.


The attached gliding wheel pop-ups after certain usage. Sometimes, the unit suddenly stops running.

Highlighted Features

  • The unit is very lightweight and easy to move.
  • The gliding wheels attached to the body helps to pull the body smoothly.
  • You will get an onboard detergent tank of 38.8 FL water which makes your work faster.

Sun Joe SPX1000 Pressure Washer – (1450 PSI)

Sun Joe SPX1000 Pressure Washer

(Product Overview)

Weight and Dimension

This model is only 11.5 pounds, and the overall dimension is 12 x 9.8 x 19 inches. From the outer side, it looks green in color. The pressure washer is durable and quicker to carry.

Water Pressure and its Flow Rate

The CSA test result ensured that under 11.5 AMP current it can deliver a maximum water pressure of 1450 PSI. It allows the water to flow at the rate of 1.48 GPM throughout the hose. Under a heavy load, it can supply 1150 PSI water pressure.

Additional Features

The TSS function of a pressure washer is also available in this model. It makes the system shut down when not in use. The adjustable nozzle spray is twisted for better spreading of detergents.


The nozzle spray does not help in cleaning the dirt effectively. So, you need to buy additional nozzles.

Highlighted Features

  • The powerful motor runs under 11.5 AMP current flow that delivers 1450 PSI water pressure.
  • The total stop system helps to keep the pump’s life by shutting down the system.
  • It is light to carry anywhere for cleaning the dirt or grimes.

Sun Joe SPX4600 Max Electric Power Washer – (3000 PSI)

Sun Joe SPX4600 Max Electric Power Washer

(Product Overview)

Power Supply and Water Pressure

This unit runs under a 2000-watt power supply. It is corded with an electric cable that allows a 14.5 Amp current to flow towards the induction motor. It can deliver up to 3000 PSI pressure for cleaning any dirt and dust.

Size and Outer Beauty

It weighs only 16.6 Kg, and the overall size is 23.5 x 18.5 x 35.4 inches. The outer look of this pressure washer is excellent and green in color.

Rate of Water Flow

At 3000 PSI water pressure, the flow rate is 1.3 GPM. In CSA test results without typical load, it can deliver 2200 PSI water pressure. It enables 3 GPM water flow throughout the hose.

Additional Features

It has an extra 1-gallon detergent tank on board which makes your work easier. Besides, the TSS function also prevents the pump from getting destroyed. It has five quick spray features that help you to clean the grime easily.

The Bad Sides

After a certain time, the hose can get detached from the unit. Moreover, you may find it difficult to run the unit due to a problem with the GFCI plug.

Highlighted Features

  • It has an extra onboard 1-gallon detergent tank that can blast away the grimes and mildews easily.
  • The five various nozzle spray allows you to spray quickly in five directions at a time.
  • It runs through a 2000-watt power supply which easily removes away the dirt, grimes, and mildews.

Sun Joe SPX4500 Pressure Washer – (2500 PSI)

Sun Joe SPX4500 Pressure Washer

(Product Overview)

Water Pressure and Rate of Stream

With the 13 Amp current flow, the unit delivers 2500 PSI water pressure. It is corded with an electric cable and makes a water flow of 1.48 GPM through the hose. It makes the dirt go away.

Additional Feature

The onboard detergent tank holds 1 gallon of water to make the work easier. It has five nozzle spray modes that allow you to clean in five different directions. The TSS function is also available in this model.

Dimension and Look

The overall dimension of this model is 21.5 x 18 x 35 inches, and its outer look is green in color. It weighs 16.78 kg only. So, you can easily move this machine for better cleaning.

Extra Accessories

An extra 34 inches hose ensures the far cleaning of the dirt. Moreover, there is also a 35-foot extended power cord protected with the GFCI plug. Thus, you don’t need to move the machine at all for cleaning far areas.

Highlighted Features

  • It has an extra 1-gallon removable detergent tank for cleaning purposes.
  • The 13 AMP current flow allows the motor to run smoother to clean away the grimes.
  • Its five quick spray nozzles allow you to clean the dirt at five different angles.

Sun Joe Pressure Washer Buying Guide

best sun joe pressure washerIt is important for every customer to know details about the products before purchasing them. This buying guide will help you to select the right sun joe power washer. There are several factors that you must look at before buying a pressure washer.

Cable and Hose Length

It is very much annoying if you need to move the main body of the washer all the time. For this reason, there are some pressure washers that come with a long electric cord and an extended hose. So, focus on the length of the cord and hose before you pick one.

Maximum PSI and GPM

This is the major factor that should be kept in mind before selecting a pressure washer. For better cleaning purposes, you must choose a power washer having at least a 2000 PSI. Apart from this, the water flow rate is equally important. The higher the rate the stronger the flow.

Extra Storage

Filling the water in the tank a couple of times makes the user fatigued. In the market, every washer has an extra detergent tank that is removable for easy movement of the bucket. But you must look for the maximum amount a container can take water in it. It is best to choose a pressure washer with a 0.9- 1.2 L detergent tank on it.

The TSS and Quick Spray Function

One of the important and advanced functions of a pressure washer is the total stop system. For your own pump’s safety, TSS plays a great role in making the whole system shut down automatically. It prevents your machine from getting destroyed due to an accidental trigger in the switch of the motor.

Some of the pressure washers have a mode of spraying in five directions quickly. It makes the narrow places get cleaned easily. Moreover, the grimes and mildews blast away due to this quick spray function.

The Weight and Size of the Machine

It does not matter how tiny the body is except for its weight. Now, if you are looking for a light pressure washer, then choose the one that weighs up to 32 pounds. The size of a pressure washer tells how heavy the product is.

FAQs About Sun Joe Pressure Washer

Below are some common questions that come to the user’s mind most of the time. So, we have tried our best to remove those misconceptions about Sun Joe electric pressure washers.

Are Sun Joe pressure washers any good?

Of Course, the Sun Joe pressure washers are better for their consistent PSI and GPM rate. For cleaning every corner of the house, trucks, cars, RV’s, etc., you need to have a minimum of 1500 PSI that generates 1.45 GPM water flow.

The Sun Joe power washer is the one that delivers 2030 PSI with 1.75 GPM water flow.

Which Sun Joe pressure washer is best?

Sun Joe SPX3000 2030 Max is the best choice so far. Every pressure washer of the Sun Joe brand has nearly the same features. They only vary in dimensions and weight. Other than that, all of their major features are almost the same.

Is Sun Joe a good brand?

Yes, it is one of the leading brands for making outdoor tools. Among all their outdoor tools, the Sun Joe power washer is ranked first for its reliability, performance, and durability.

What PSI is safe for washing cars?

Using a pressure washer on a car won’t cause any paint damage. Generally, you can use a 1900 PSI water pressure to wash a car. The reason behind choosing this PSI rate is to make the water streaming at 1.6 GPM. It won’t hit the glass or destroy the paints of the car.

Is Sun Joe the same as Ryobi?

The Ryobi pressure washer is another brand that manufactures pressure washers for a long period of time. Both Sun Joe and Ryobi provide nearly the same features. Normally a Ryobi pressure washer delivers 2000 PSI water pressure which is enough for getting a good start. But Sun Joe is better in the user satisfaction graph.

Final Words

In this busy world, cleaning houses, cars, trucks, etc., without a pressure washer seems difficult and stressful. So, read the reviews carefully to get the suitable one for you that might come in handy.

We hope that our coverage on the “best sun joe pressure washer reviews” was helpful to you. We have tried our best to offer you the insights required to pick the perfect sun joe washer. Drop a line if you need any further assistance. Happy cleaning!

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