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Electric Starter for Chainsaw: Complete Guide

electric starter for chainsaw

Little maintenance, clean energy, and an electric starter for chainsaw are the main advantages of electric saws. There are no gas-powered chainsaws that feature an electric starter for chainsaw. Furthermore, aftermarket modifications void your warranty. The reason some professionals and novice users shy away from investing in electric chainsaws is they assume that such devices …

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Direction of a Chainsaw Blade

direction of a chainsaw blade

The direction of a chainsaw blade will impact the longevity of the tool. Also, most importantly, you must avoid any error that may potentially lead to accidents. Apart from placing the chainsaw blade pointed in the wrong direction, other factors that may increase the risk of accidents include mixing parts, lack of maintenance, lose parts, …

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Tree Felling Cut Types

tree felling cut types

It is important to learn tree felling cut types if you are going to fell a tree. There is a technique by which you can cut trees to fall in the desired direction. Accidents are inevitable, especially when the whole job is dangerous. That’s why it’s essential to learn the tree-felling cut types to avoid …

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