How to Modify a Chainsaw for More Power – Easy Hacks!

Though small chainsaws are excellent due to how easy it is to maneuver them, sadly, they are not designed to provide the user with strong power. You sure do suffer from the same issue as well, don’t you?

But if you can just learn how to modify a chainsaw for more power to modify your small chainsaw, you will be able to keep using your trusty small chainsaw and get more output.

And while it may seem that modifying a chainsaw for more power is something that only an expert can do, even a beginner can do an excellent job modifying this device. As long as you understand the concepts well, you’ll be able to do it. And it won’t cost you much money either.

how to modify a chainsaw for more power

This power-increasing method is known as chainsaw muffler modification. In this article, we have discussed the procedure and the details entailing it to the best of our capacity. Just read it thoroughly, and you’ll see how easy a task it is.

Chainsaw Muffler: What is it, and Why do We use it?

chainsaw muffler to increase chainsaw power
Chainsaw Muffler

By the way, do you know what a chainsaw muffler is? If you don’t, then keep reading, and you know as soon as you read this part of the article.

In short, a chainsaw muffler is a device used in reducing the noise output of the chainsaw. As we all know, a chainsaw engine works to spin the chain around the chainsaw bar. Through this spinning of the chain, the blades generate enough force to cut through wood.

During the operation of the motor, it produces a loud noise. That is why the stronger and larger a saw is, the more noise it will produce. Though, an electric chainsaw produces reasonably lesser noise than a gas-operated homeowner chainsaw.

Besides the engine, the chain itself will produce a high-pitched noise due to friction with the bar. The same thing happens with cutting teeth. Thus, the faster the chain rotates, the more noise it creates.

All these factors themselves are enough to pain one person’s ears. When they all work together, the noise generated can be enough to drive a person crazy after frequent and lengthy exposure.

Not to mention the sound pollution can irreversibly damage your ears and your body in the end.

By the way, the chainsaw muffler fulfills another purpose. The position of the device is opposite the side you’ll stand on to operate your chainsaw.

As a result, the muffler’s design and position help it to push away the exhausted wind away from you and thus lessens the amount of your exhaust inhalation.

That is why the chainsaws have mufflers. This cool device reduces not only the noise output of your device but also your lungs. Truly a great device!

Chainsaw Muffler Mod: How Can It Increase Chainsaw Power?

chainsaw power increasing by tuning the mufflerTo increase your chainsaw’s power output, you will have to modify your chainsaw’s muffler.

A muffler has an air intake vent to receive the exhaust and a tiny vent to expel the air. All you’ll have to do is to increase the gap of the air escaping vent of the muffler, and your saw will have more power.

Why? Do you ask? When you make the existing vents larger, the air feels reduced pressure while the motor is exhausting it through the muffler. Thus it escapes through the muffler chamber more easily.

And how it increases the chainsaw’s motor output?

You should keep in mind that the more friction there is, the more power is needed elsewhere.

So, when the exhaust needs more time to pass through the muffler’s vents, the remaining air increases the friction and puts pressure upon the saw engine.

As a result, a portion of the engine power gets cut off while it could better up the chainsaw. So when the issue gets resolved, that portion of engine power gets used in operating the chainsaw instead.

And thus, modifying your chainsaw’s muffler can increase the saw’s power output up to around an extra 0.5 HP.

How to Modify a Chainsaw for More Power – Steps

So now that we know what we need to know, let’s begin learning How to Modify a Chainsaw for More Power, shall we?

First, Get the Necessary Equipment

Without proper equipment, you won’t be able to modify your muffler. So, first, make a list and then gather these pieces of equipment. They are required both for your safety and the task itself.

  • Protective gloves
  • Safety glasses
  • Noise-canceling noise-canceling earmuffs
  • A screwdriver
  • A drill bit
  • A file
  • A measuring ruler
  • A marker

Then Get Yourself Prepared

safety gear for chainsaw power usingNow it’s time to gear up. Modifying a muffler can get dangerous with just the slightest inattention. So wear all the safety gears we have mentioned above to protect yourself.

Detach the Muffler from the Chainsaw

Now using a wrench and a screwdriver, detach the muffler from the saw. First, take apart the bar nuts to remove the bar cover, bar, and chain. Then remove the muffler.

Take Measurements

Now it’s time to determine your hole’s size to be drilled on the muffler’s surface. For that, at first, you’ll have to measure the exhaust port at the cylinder using a measuring tape.

You’ll be able to make a hole or line up to eighty percent of the exhaust port’s size. It means that if your exhaust port is sized 1cm, you will be able to make an 8mm hole.

Remember, nothing too much is good. If you exceed the limit, your power output will get reduced instead of increasing.

A little pressure is crucial to ensure good engine performance. As a result, too big a hole will make the entire muffler go down the drain.

So, make sure to work carefully. We suggest you don’t make the largest hole right at the beginning.

Start with a smaller hole-size. Keep checking the performance of the engine and keep adjusting it.

Select the Spot

Now select an appropriate spot on the muffler’s surface. Make sure to avoid any area located near the saw’s rubber and plastic parts, as well as the place where you’ll stand while operating the saw. Then mark the area to ensure precision while cutting.

Begin Cutting

Now use a drill bit to cut. Make sure that its size is smaller than the part to be cut. After you are done, remember to use a file to smooth down the jagged edges.

Clean it up

After you are done cutting, clean up the muffler well using water. Remember, any metal particles will greatly damage your device.

So wash well with water, air dry it, and then wipe it well with a clean cloth to remove any particles.

Adjust the Carburetor

Chainsaw CarburetorNow, remember, adjusting the only muffler will result in a great disaster for your chainsaw. Along with the muffler, you’ll need to adjust the carburetor as well.

All you’ll have to do is to adjust its high-speed needle a little richer than the original setting. Otherwise, your engine will burn up.

Re-install it

Now your modification is over. So re-install the muffler once more in the device.

What will happen?

So, how modifying your chainsaw’s muffler can affect the device? We have both good news and bad ones for you. Thankfully, the good sides out weight the bad side effect by a great margin.

The Advantages

  • First of all, if all goes well, you will have a strong chainsaw at a little cost.
  • Your engine will also cool down faster. So, it will probably increase its lifespan.

The Disadvantages

  • A muffler is used for reducing the noise output. When you modify it, you won’t be able to enjoy this service anymore.
  • The warranty of your chainsaw will be void after the modification.

Last Words

So now that you know how to modify a chainsaw for more power, what do you think? To be honest, you can modify your chainsaw at little cost and effort.

But the downside is that it will remove the protection you had against sound pollution and remove your warranty. So judge your priorities and if you think that the sacrifice is worth it, then go for it.

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