Dewalt vs Simpson Pressure Washer

Dewalt vs Simpson pressure washer: what should you choose? At the outset, both of these machines have similar features, build, and performance.

If brand name or price is the only thing that matters, the decision is easy. But, as the saying goes, the devil is in the details.

Today, there are five areas I will explore to help you decide which one gives you a better bang for your buck. In the end, you should be able to make an informed decision as to which one offers better value for your money.

dewalt vs simpson pressure washer

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1. Purpose of the Pressure Washer

To kick off the Dewalt vs Simpson pressure washer debate, let’s first look at what each brand’s pressure washers are good for. The DeWalt DXPW60603 gas pressure washer is for people who do professional work. The company built it for rigorous cleaning demands. It is a perfect choice for cleaning decks, restoration projects, and even paint removal activities.

It uses a Honda engine, and we all know that Honda is a manufacturer of mean machines. The DeWalt can run under high pressure and for a long time, and it does offer several nozzle types for different types of work.

The Simpson Megashot MSH3125 gas pressure washer is excellent for domestic use. It is suitable for cleaning your car, washing our patio or driveway, or just blasting off that stubborn dirt in your wall. It does have enough power to rid your barbecue of grease.

Like the DeWalt, the Simpson pressure water uses a Honda engine. Simpson pressure washer reviews indicate excellent performance, and both pressure washers can generate 3200 PSI of pressure, and because they are gas-powered, you cannot use them inside your house.

WINNER: For Dewalt vs Simpson Pressure Washer round one, DeWalt is the winner. But then, you are the only person in a position to decide on this. I would rather get a pressure washer that suits commercial use. If a machine is best used for business, there is no domestic work that it cannot do.

2. Presure Washer Power

The DeWalt comes with a 196 cc engine, the equivalent of 5.8 HP. It has a triplex pump technology that delivers 3200 PSI. If you think about it, this pressure is roughly 50 times the power of a standard garden hose. Hence, this is an important factor to consider during the Dewalt vs Simpson pressure washer debate.

The water flow can reach up to 2.8 GPM. Overall, you get a cleaning power of 8960 Cleaning Units or CU. The higher the CU is, the faster and better the pressure machine can clean.

The Simpson pressure washer delivers the same PSI, but the flow is 2.5 GPM, which is lower than what the DeWalt can do. Its engine power is only 5.2 HP. Despite this difference, there is no significant variation between the power output of the two machines.

Unless, of course, if you are looking for professional work.

Is PSI or GPM better? Both are important when it comes to buying a pressure washer. The PSI is pressure per square inch, and it determines the strength of the water coming out of the nozzle. GPM is the amount of water that comes out every minute.

Obviously, a higher GPM means you get more cleansing power as there is more volume to clean the surface. In the pressure washing industry, the minimum that you should buy is 2.2 GPM.

WINNER: For Dewalt vs Simpson Pressure Washer round two, the winner is DeWalt. Both DeWalt and Simpson deliver 3200 PSI of pressure and at least 2.5 GPM or gallons per minute. However, the DeWalt has a higher water volume output and a more powerful engine.

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3. Design and Build

Now let’s move on to the third factor to look at when comparing the Dewalt vs Simpson pressure washer. Both the DeWalt and Simpson pressure washers have a wheelbarrow design. They come with wheels in a cart-like fashion, making it easier for you to push them around. Mobility is a plus for both of these machines.

The DeWalt is made of a sturdy welded steel frame, making it a durable piece that can withstand movement pressure. The thing is that it is also heavy—it weighs 90 pounds, and you need some serious muscle power to move it from one location to another.

The Simpson is also durable, and like the DeWalt, its frame is made of welded steel. The hose is resistant to abrasion, and many parts are made of brass. They will not rust or crack.

DeWalt is made of 1 and ¼ inches tubular steel, which is thick. The engine plate is also made of steel, and the 10-inch wheels are pneumatic, which makes it an excellent option for rough terrains like farmlands. The Simpson pressure washer also has the same wheel build.

WINNER: Round three of Dewalt vs Simpson Pressure Washer shows that it is a tie. As far as design and build are concerned, I will give it a draw. Both pressure washers have a wheelbarrow design, which means that the manufacturers considered movement. And since it is a machine meant for movement, they also used welded steel and not some kind of hard plastic.

4. Main Features: Dewalt vs Simpson Pressure Washer

When comparing the Dewalt vs Simpson pressure washer, it is essential to take note of the main features of each pressure washer.

The DeWalt comes with a spray gun, a pressure hose, five different types of nozzles, a wand, and a detergent injection feature.

There is no soap tank for it, but it has a siphon hose, which you use to supply the soap. In this regard, the detergent automatically gets added to the water.

The hose that comes with it is 25 feet, and it is not just an ordinary hose. It is capable of handling intense pressure.

There is a side hook to hang the spray gun and the wand. You get five different nozzles that you can choose from according to the job at hand. The nozzle types are 0°, 15°, 25°, 40°, and one for soap.

The Simpson also has five nozzles—exactly the same as what DeWalt offers. What I like about the Simpson pressure washer is its quick-release mechanism in the power wand, making it easy to replace nozzles.

Like the DeWalt, it has a 25-foot hose that allows you to clean far and wide without having to move the washer over and over again. 

Also, the Simpson has no soap tank. However, it does have a soap container. There is a tube in the unit that you insert into your soap bottle. The locations of the water connections are also close to each other. As such, it is a tad difficult to remove the hoses and replace them.

The DeWalt’s tank can hold 0.82 gallons of gas, while the Simpson can only accommodate 0.5 gallons.

WINNER: For Dewalt vs Simpson Pressure Washer round 4, I can say that this round is a tough one. Both pressure washers do not have a soap tank—you need to attach a soap container and a siphon hose. The features and peripherals are the same, but I would still give it to DeWalt as it has a higher tank capacity than the Simpson.

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Cons of Dewalt and Simpson Pressure Washer

Before you decide between the Dewalt vs Simpson pressure washer, there are some things I want to highlight. These factors can make or break your decision, so read on.

Both the DeWalt and Simpson only have a 25-foot hose. Some users may not find this enough. Some pressure washers are sold with 35-foot hoses, and others even offer 50 feet.

These pressure washers do not have adjustable water pressure. You have a dependency on your nozzle. As such, they are not ideal washers for simple jobs. If the pressure is too strong, it can damage what you are cleaning.

I would advise you to be careful with the 0-degree nozzle, as it does exert a lot of pressure—enough to chip the paint off your car.

As far as the warranty goes, the Simpson offers two years of limited warranty for its engine. The warranty for the frame and pump is one year and only 90 days for the spray accessory items. There is no warranty for other Simpson pressure washer parts.

DeWalt’s warranty is longer at three years, but the warranty is limited. For the pump, you get two years but only one year for the frame. The default warranty for DeWalt products is three years of free repair, but only if the product is at fault.

The warranty of DeWalt does not cover normal wear and tear, and the warranty is voided if you tinker with the machine on your own or ask anyone not authorized by DeWalt to repair its products.

For both products, I can say that the warranty is short. If anything, it is really hard to prove that the problem is a product issue and not an issue brought about by normal use.

simpson vs dewalt pressure washer

Image by osseous (CC BY-SA 2.0)

Summary: DeWalt vs Simpson Pressure Washer

We have come to the end of the Dewalt vs Simpson pressure washer comparison.

In summary, DeWalt is what I would recommend, as it offers high-performing pressure washers that will last decades. A Dewalt pressure washer is a machine suitable for professional use.

Are Simpson pressure washers any good? Both of these machines are of a good quality, and they share the same PSI, hose length, and nozzle count. In addition, both machines use a Honda engine. The difference is that the DeWalt has a higher GPM, making it a better pressure washer than the Simpson.

However, what DeWalt offers comes at a higher price. If you only want a pressure washer for home use and are on a budget, I suggest getting the Simpson. It is half the price of the DeWalt, yet its build, machine, and performance are not that far behind the DeWalt pressure washer.

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