Chainsaw Won’t Stay Running-SOLVED

Are you struggling to fix a chainsaw that won’t stay running? Does your chainsaw die just after staying a couple of seconds at idle? Does your chainsaw run and then stop? Well, there are a couple of factors that are responsible for preventing your chainsaw from staying running.

In this article, we will be discussing all the possible reasons for the aforementioned problems. The troubleshooting of these problems is not that much difficult. We hope that you will be able to fix your chainsaw on your own.

To make the troubleshooting process convenient for you, we are going to place the problems along with their solutions sequentially. If required, you are welcome to skip one or more steps.

chainsaw wont stay running

Required Tools and Items:

  • A screwdriver
  • A wrench & drift
  • Alcohol/kerosene
  • Grease

Probable Reasons & Solutions: A Chainsaw Won’t Stay Running

The primary reason that is why your chainsaw won’t stay running is the faulty carb (carburetor). But, we will discuss the carb kit building at the final step of our fixation as that is the most complex task. Moreover, several reasons may cause stalling/shutting down the engine. To keep things simpler, we have discussed the most common factors that frequently produce the engine stalls. Read the article carefully and apply one troubleshooting at a time to avoid damaging your chainsaw.


Blocked or Damaged Idle Port

In your chainsaw, there is an idle port which is responsible to keep your chainsaw in idle position. But, this port becomes blocked or damaged due to extensive use, poorly designed metal, or deteriorated with the time. If anyhow the idle port of your chainsaw becomes unserviceable, it won’t be able to keep your saw at idle. As a result, the chainsaw won’t stay running.

Solution: Inspect the idle port to see the condition. Look through the porthole using torchlight and look for damage or blockage. If found blocked, clean it using alcohol or kerosene. If found damaged, buy a new idle port and replace the old one. To get going with the displaced/deteriorated port, turn the ideal port screw clockwise to tighten it to the fullest. Thus, the port will apply force to make your chainsaw stay running.

Spark Plug/Switches

Check to ensure that all the switches and spark plug of your chainsaw is in working conditions. Sometimes, a defective switch or blocked spark plug may produce the problem. So, you need to be very clear about the spark plug/switch conditions.

Problem with Bad Fuel

Another issue that may stop your chainsaw from running is bad/contaminated fuel. Usually, fuel remains in good condition for 8 weeks after purchasing from the pump. After this period, a few volatile agents may be evaporated from the fuel and caused the problems.

Solution: To get the optimum service from the engine of your chainsaw, you should always use premium fuel/gas. Using bad fuel can have a severe impact on your saw engine. Thus, bad fuel may cut your pocket and man-hour. Do not hesitate to replace this bad fuel with any premium fuel.

Clogged Air Filter

The air filter of your chainsaw ensures that the saw engine gets enough air to burn the fuel. When the air filter becomes clogged, the engine doesn’t get the required air to its combustion chamber. As a result, the engine stalls or shuts down immediately.

Solution: Remove the air filter from its bay. At first, clean the filter using air blow and then clean it using alcohol or kerosene. After that, insert the air filter into its bay. Now, give a functional run to see whether the problem exists or not. If exists, move on to the next step. You may consider buying a new air filter if the present one isn’t in working condition.

Faulty Gas/Fuel filter

Gas or fuel filter ensures that your chainsaw gets the filtered gas/fuel. The filter prevents any rust/dirt entering into the combustion chamber. If the filter becomes blocked, the engine won’t get any fuel to run. Moreover, if the filter becomes damaged/deteriorated, it will supply contaminated fuel to the engine. As a result, the engine will stop running.

Solution: Take out the gas/fuel filter from its bay and clean it following the same way as an air filter. After that, place the filter back to its position and give a functional test run. If the problem still exists, move on to the next step.

Hunter Tips: To get out of operational hazards, try to avoid ethanol gas. Instead, consider buying any premium or marina gas.

Rebuilding Carb Kit & O-rings

The carburetor of chainsaw controls and supplies fuel/gas into the combustion chamber. Depending on your throttle position, the carb increases/decreases the flow of gas/fuel into the combustion chamber. Any malfunction of the carb stops or oversupplies the fuel into the chamber. Sometimes, the defective carb offers an intermittent supply of fuel. The O-rings or washer seal may cause the problem if it becomes torn out or deteriorated. It is responsible to seal the fuel pump so that it doesn’t leak fuel.

Solution: Take out the carb using wrench and screwdriver. Check to see whether the carb has been damaged with the time. Inspect the condition of the O-rings. Clean the carb using kerosene and lubricate the thread or moveable portion with grease. After that insert the carb and O-rings back to their respective positions. Give the final function test run of your chainsaw. If the problem still exists, you have to buy the carb kit and replace the unserviceable one.

Note: To get going with the faulty carb kit, you may use carb cleaner during engine operation. Try to use recommended spraying carb cleaner into the carb while the saw engine is running.


The saw, be it professional or homeowner chainsaw is a handy tool to cut through. But, it can take away money from your pocket and produce unwanted annoying if not maintained properly. So, you have to maintain your tools and equipment in a way that, your tools do not get the scope to produce extra hazards. Like the proverb says “a stitch in time saves nine”, you have to be careful about the scheduled maintenance of your chainsaw. We hope that our coverage on “chainsaw won’t stay running” was helpful for you. If you have any queries, please feel free to drop a line via our comment box.

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