Husqvarna Weed Eater Won’t Stay Running – SOLVED

If your Husqvarna weed eater won’t stay running, it has a problem with either the carb kit or the coil of the engine. There are several other minor yet important factors/parts that may cause your weed eater to shut down. To provide the utmost service in your outdoor activities, Husqvarna has been contributing remarkably. But, sometimes their products produce unwanted discrepancies that don’t go with their name.

A weed eater is a handy tool that helps you cut through and maintain your backyard like a pro. But, the tool can be frustrating if it produces operational hazards or denies operating at all. To get the optimum output from your weed eater, make sure that you are taking enough care of your trimmer.

Unfortunately, even after following all the maintenance rules, your weed eater may die within seconds of start-ups. The same issue may come out even from a new/intake machine. Anyway, whatever be the state of your machine, let’s find out some probable reasons along with their solutions.

husqvarna weed eater wont stay running


Troubleshooting: Husqvarna Weed Eater Won’t Stay Running

Before you move on to troubleshoot your weed eater, let us ask you a few simple questions. How long have you been using your weed eater? What was the price of the string trimmer? You don’t want to waste your money and time on something that doesn’t worth it, do you? Why these questions when you are here to learn the troubleshooting process? Well:

  • If your weed wacker is 5 years or older, why should you invest money on this lad that won’t produce the expected output anymore? Consider replacing it with a new one.
  • We have been experiencing that, some string trimmer owners invest $70 in repairing a trimmer that costs them below $100 at the time of buying!!  So? Make sure that you are not doing the same mistakes here. Even if you replace more than 90% of parts of your weed wacker, it won’t be powerful and young anymore!

Note: We have enlisted the probable reasons along with their troubleshooting in an easy to difficult sequence. We recommend you just try the basic level troubleshooting that won’t cost that much money and time. If you fail to fix following the steps, go to a local expert or buy a new trimmer.

using husqvarna weed eater in driveways
Using Husky in Driveways

Problem with Fuel & Oil-mixing

Generally, we don’t use our trimmer frequently as the grass doesn’t grow overnight. So, there remains the scope that the fuel in the engine is 2 to 3 months old. Here, the fuel will cause the engine to stall or shut down as the fuel becomes worse with time. Any fuel that is beyond an 8-week old is normally bad. So, first of all, make sure that you are not using any bad fuel.

Again, the fuel issue comes into play once you try to use the trimmer for the first time after unpacking from winter storage. During the winter, the fuel got sticky and now making trouble to run the engine smoothly. The gum/lubricating quality of the fuel becomes problematic after expiry!

Now, come to the oil-fuel mixture issue. The manufacturer recommends an initial 32-1 fuel-oil mixture ratio for up to 3-4 tanks. But, if you do not read the user manual or neglect to abide by it, you may get the output. Moreover, if your weed eater is an older one but produces the problem, you should try using the 32-1 ratio mixture for a few minutes to observe.

Problem with the Spark Plug

The spark plug has a very crucial role to run your engine. It supplies the required spark to burn the fuel in the combustion chamber. When the spark plug becomes exhausted or fails to supply sufficient spark, your weed eater has no way to stay alive. So, you need to inspect, clean, and if required replace it to make it serviceable. Otherwise, you cannot be able to run your string trimmer irrespective of the rectifications you made. It would be better if you change your current spark plug with a resistor plug. A resistor plug works better than a spark plug in every sense.

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Problem with Gas/Air Filter

The gas filter of a weed eater ensures that the engine gets the purest gas to run. On the other hand, the air filter ensures, the combustion chamber gets sufficient and cleaned air to burn the gas/fuel. So, see the great roles they are to play to run your weed wacker. So, you have to inspect and make sure that these filters are in working condition.

Take out the gas and air filter. At first clean them applying air blow and then applying alcohol/kerosene. Check the fuel priming bulb to identify any crack or leak. The bulb may be letting air into the fuel that’s causing the engine to shut down. Change the faulty priming bulb with a new one. Moreover, If you think one or both of these filters need to be replaced, do it.

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Last update on 2024-03-12 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

Problem with Gas Tank Vent

Gasoline fluctuates with the pressure that results from temperature. It expands in volume during warming up and shrinks as it cools down. To, supply the workable gasoline to the engine, the gas vent has a significant role to play. It works as the ventilator of the gas tank. It steadies the pressure of the gas tank and offers sound quality gas to the engine.

When the gas vent becomes damaged/clogged/ deteriorated, it cannot perform its assigned task. As a result, your engine doesn’t get the workable fuel and doesn’t stay running. So, you need to take out the gas vent and look for any discrepancy that needs to be corrected. Consider replacing the gas vent if required.

Problem with Seals and Gaskets

The Husqvarna weed eater has several seals and gaskets inside and outside the engine. The purpose of using them is to prevent the engine from leaking oil/fuel/pressure and many more. When these seals and gaskets go out of order or become unserviceable with time, your engine may face trouble running. Watch out for seals and gaskets as many as you can and observe their conditions. If required, consider replacing them with new ones.

Problem with Engine cover, Carb plumbing, and Cylinder

Every part of the trimmer engine has to stick with it at a fixed torque. If, by any means, your engine cover gets loosen or the carb plumbing with small holes, the outcome could be an engine stall. Many string trimmers come with a plastic cover attached to the engine. These plastic covers loosen with time and cause the engine to shut down.

Furthermore, the loose cylinder may produce the same result. Sometimes, the loose cylinder head causes the engine to shut down within seconds of starting. So, look for these places/parts of the engine and make sure they are fine. If required, use a star washer to lock the head of the cylinder.

Sometimes, the cover/muffler of the exhaust may cause the problem. Take the muffler off, remove and clean the screen, and then place it in its bay.

Problem with the Carb and Coil Kit

The carburetor of your Husqvarna weed eater has the most important role to play. It takes the gasoline from the gas tank and supplies it to the combustion chambers. It works at a time with the gas tank, combustion chamber, throttle, and spark plug. When you increase/decrease the engine rpm using the throttle, the carburetor contacts the said parts and makes necessary adjustments. Thus, you get an efficient performance from your weed eater. But, if the carb becomes faulty, it cannot do its part and let the engine shut down.

To solve the issue, take out the carb and inspect for any clogging/blockage. After that clean, it using kerosene and install it. If the carb goes out of working condition, you have to change it without and delay.

Another important part of the trimmer engine is its coil. The coil is the ultimate portion of the engine that makes the engine revolve. So, any deteriorated coil will result in shutting down the engine. No correction can be made to fix the coil other than buying a new one.

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Generally, Husqvarna gas weed eater doesn’t produce many hassles. But, we cannot deny that there is no perfect machine available on the market that doesn’t offer trouble. So, we need to be careful about the scheduled maintenance of our weed wacker to get the best out of it. On the other hand, we should not spend much money to repair our string trimmer as they do not worth it. We hope that our coverage on “Husqvarna weed eater won’t stay running” was a bit helpful for you. If you have any queries, feel free to drop a line via our comment box.

36 thoughts on “Husqvarna Weed Eater Won’t Stay Running – SOLVED”

  1. My Husqvarna 128LD is not very old but when I start it I can’t keep it running… It really seems like a fuel problem! I can choke it and it will start and runs for just a few seconds and then die. I have replaced the fuel filter and the lines and installed a new Carb. It does the same thing. I am going to check the head bolts to make sure they are tight but I don’t think that is the problem. I also checked the exhaust filter and it was clean… What else can it be.. I don’t hear any air like a loose gasket…Does not act like electrical because some times I can keep it going playing with the. choke… HELP!

    1. Hi Kenny
      Seems a bit critical situation. Are you using old/bad fuel? Anything beyond 8-week old fuel is bad fuel. Sometimes new fuel can be bad if it contains dirt/fod. Try to collect your gasoline from a reputed provider. Do you mix fuel & oil on your own? What’s the ratio you are following currently? Try checking fuel pipeline that connects fuel tank with carburetor. Thanks!

    2. I have the same problem on a Husqvarna 128L. I’ve replaced everything it will idle fine and then die when I give it throttle. I need help also.

      1. Hi Bruce,
        Same suggestion goes to you. Try checking fuel pipeline and if possible empty the fuel tank and refill it with new & standard fuel. If the problem still persists, find a local mechanic. Don’t forget to give us feedback once you fix your issue. That will help other people who are struggling with same issue.

        1. I’m having the same issue. Mine has done it from day one. There is also a noise that I would call an engine ping that happens intermittently, yet frequently. I bought it last year, noticed the issue immediately, yet never made the time to exchange it in time. Truthfully, it’s been used less than 6 times On an in town neighborhood property. I use TrueFuel, so I know the mix is right. I also drained the fuel before starting it again this year. Help?

          1. Hello Andrea,
            You can follow the steps we have laid to see whether they help. If your weed eater has warranty period, you may send it to fix by the manufacture. In that case, you may have to wait from one to three weeks.

    3. Clearly there is a problem with Husqvarna weed eaters, and they don’t know what it is. To many people with same problem to be what that listed as bad fuel!!

      1. There is a problem with them. The Carburetor was never adjusted properly from the factory. You have to get a carb screwdriver kit and adjust it properly. Don’t waste your money on a mechanic. Look it up on YouTube. I will never buy another Husqvarna after dealing with piece of SH–.

        1. I agree with you. I bought the 128 LD Husqvarna because it was highly rated but I have not been happy with it and won’t buy another Husqvarna.

    4. If you’ve put in a new spark plug that could be the problem. The original plug is a resistor. a non-resistor plug will cause this problem.

    5. I was having this same problem and wanted to post what I found. A fairly new Husqvarna 128LD stopped working. After troubleshooting the usual things I found the carburetor adapter mount (6) was loose. It’s how the carb attaches to the head. I tightened the recessed screws (64) and it started right up. Also, the replacement spark plug from the kit would not work. It must be the specified replacement part number to work. Hope this helps you or someone else.

  2. Mine dies after about 30seconds. Acts like a big fuel dump when it dies. Replaced all of the fuel system and still doing it. This machine is probably 4 yrs old.

    1. Hi Howard, 4 years gone means it has passed its prime time. Still it should work fine. As you have done so many things with the fuel system, you should now work on the carb kit and air filter system. If required, you should find a local expert and seek his opinion. If the cost of your trimmer is anything below 150 bucks, considering buying a new one. It doesn’t worth investing more money on an old lad…

      1. Seriously, you need to find a new occupation.
        I have weed eaters that are 25 years old. I still have a McCulloch from the early 90’s I have a Stihl from the 70’s that runs better than the trash Husqvarna sells.

    2. I bought a Husqvarna 122c at a yard sale a couple weeks ago for 10 bucks. looked almost new. got it home, wouldn’t start. changed the idle settings and got it going. it wasn’t right but it worked good enough. couple days later, it wouldn’t start atall. tore the carb off and found both hoses from the rubber grommet were rotted, air line was good. so. checked on line for replacement parts and went to the local Dutch man shop and got everything for 10 bucks. ebay wanted 20 bucks. amazon wanted 20 bucks. if you were stupid enough to pay the extortion money to join. any way, it’s working great.

  3. I bought a Husqvarna 128ld at Lowes April 1st 2020 after using it about 5 times it start giving me problems it will start up find but as soon as I put it into the idle mode it falls dead I am good at repairing machines and cars I cannot see any problem I am using the manufacture mix gas did everything the manufacture say I should with no luck now I have to wait 3 week in order to have this repair I think that this 128ld make is just a lemon do any one have any suggestion be for I send back to the Husqvarna repair company

    1. Hi Damien
      We have laid down the most probable reasons for the issue. Have you applied all of the troubleshooting steps we discussed? If yes, then we can’t help anymore. Either you should find a local expert or send it back to the company. Unnecessary fixing efforts may end up losing warranty claim. Thanks for your query.

  4. hi, do you know where i can buy a repair manual with illustrated parts break down for a husgarvana weedeater model number 961450038 00

    1. Hi robert,
      We are extremely sorry as we don’t know the specific shop/source that you are looking for. You may contact with the Husqvarna official website or any nearest Husky outlet.

  5. My 128CD started having the same issue after 10 yrs of use. Just found the fuel line FROM the tank to the primer bulb was broken and the connector is inside the tank. Not sure how I will get the hose reconnected. You would need “ship in a bottle” building skills to reconnect!

    1. All you need is new fuel line, needle long pliers, Phillips( for chamfering the holes in the tank). Chamfer holes on tank. Then lube line slightly and push and twist into tank. Grab with long pliers and pull thru and out fill hole. Rough measure and apply filter. Shove filter into tank to set at other end. Only need about 3inches of line to carb. Use pliers to put on. Done this twice on my 128cd in 10 years plus one coil. This year it needs a carb or gaskets. Good luck.

  6. My CD128 is brand new. First time use. Using Husqvarna pre mixed gas from lowes and is doing the same. Starts fine. Runs until it warms up and I shut off the choke. Have to feather the throttle to keep it running but keeps dying on me.

  7. I had the same situation and replaced fuel lines, fuel filter, carb, spark plug, cleaned muffler and exhaust port at cylinder. My problem still existed, damnit! I removed my carb again and found the gasket at the base of the carb where it attached to engine body was torn, which was allowing excessive air into the combustion chamber and creating engine stall. I replaced the gasket and it operates like a new machine, good luck.

  8. hi mick here, im having same problem as henry! i paid 319 for this echo pe225 a few years back and has never givin me any problem til now,id say maybe 45 seconds after warming up it just stops.ive gone through everything and ended up buying a carb kit,put on new carb-fuel line ,fuel filter,air filter,and made sure i had .026 on new spark plug.i then made sure the gap on coil was .012 as it states.still starts up on 1st or second pull and still after warming up 45 seconds it just dies on me. i checked spark arrester screen and its fine,fuel mixture fine,so im pulling what hair i have left out here in sunny florida trying to figure this out,so my question here is ,could my coil be bad after it warms up ?when cold it starts fine,but after it warms up,nothing will start it

    1. Same issue here mate.
      I’ve two 525rjd both have the same issue.
      Replaced the coil, overhauled the carb, changed the sparks, replaced all filters, cleaned everything, changed the fuel and it’s still cutting out as soon as it heats up.
      No chance of starting it again until it cools down.

      1. Hello Mike. We think you did literally everything to fix the issue. As the engine is still cutting out as soon as it heats up, we suggest you go for a local mechanic if it is convenient for you. Calculate the age and condition of your 525rjd. If you think they have already passed their golden era, you should not invest money in their repair. It is time to replace them. We are sorry since we could not help you further as you did more than our prescription. Thanks for contacting us.

  9. Well based on above comments I was right. There is a systemic problem with husqvarna 12xL trimmers. I’ve had mine for about 10 years and probably have replaced carb 5-8 times but have fought it yearly to keep it running smooth. I’ve tried gas treatments etc and only use non-ethanol premium gas. Carb cleaning never works. I’ve trimmed many a yard mashing on the throttle to get thru the “bogging down”. These weed eaters are a problem. I’ve had a Stihl blower for 10 years with no fuel system maintenance.

  10. I just purchased my Husqvarna 122C weed eater last year and it didn’t make it half way threw the summer without cutting off, wish I had read the reviews before I spent good money on this piece of garbage, highly disappointed in buying something NEW, and then having to turn around and put money into it. I will be sure to tell family & friends NOT to purchase this brand of weed eater. Apparently Husqvarna needs to get out the weed eater business. 5 thumbs down

    1. The problem with the 122C Husqvarna line trimmer (other models too maybe??) is that the cover over the carby and filter is completely sealed when screwed on, there is no way that sufficient air is entering through the filter to the carby – I drilled a few holes approximately 3mm diameter in the cover (just outside the edge of the carby opening, washed and dried the filter and cut a piece of aluminum fly wire to cover the foam filter between the filter and cover – this machine is running beautifully now – have a look at your machine and you will see what I mean – simple solution, Whoever designed this setup needs to go back to school methinks.

  11. This is what happens when a good company, Husqvarna, lets china start building there products, quality goes down the toilet. Had a brand new Husqvarna chainsaw that leaked all of bar oil out every time after it was used, in the shop three times, finally got stolen, best thing that happened to it.

  12. I just began using my brand new (out of the box) Husqvarna 128LD and after 30 minutes it stalled and wont start unless its choked. I’m using new gas and the Husqvarna gas additive that came with the box. Any suggestions ?

  13. I’ve been struggling with my Husqvarna 128LD for years but keep hanging on, don’t know why. After 30 minutes it stalls and wont start unless its choked. I paid $60.00 repair, it ran great for awhile then same problem started again. I’m going with STIHL from now on. Husqvarna has lost my business.

  14. Let’s see,,,,,For under 50 bucks you can get a new coil, carb, fuel lines and filters and gaskets…..So let’s spend 3 hun or more on a new trimmer.

    Hey, what should we do with our old one? Give it to you,,,,,so you can put the parts in it and sell it for a 1 or 2 hundred dollar profit?

    A lot of us were born at night, but it wasn’t LAST night. (BTW, It as the coil on ours. 11 bucks, delivered.)

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