Pressure Washer Turbo Nozzle Problems & Solutions

To solve your pressure washer turbo nozzle problems, we have taken a superb initiative. We have covered some common turbo nozzle problems and given their fixing procedures. Whether you are using a small pressure washer or a high power pressure washer, you may encounter these problems.

A pressure washer has several attachments to make the cleaning task a more effective and time-saving one. Among the attachments, we use the turbo nozzle frequently.

To fix your turbo nozzle problems, let’s give you some basic insights about the turbo nozzle first. These insights might help you to understand the turbo nozzle’s functionality.

pressure washer turbo nozzle problems

What is a Pressure Washer Turbo Nozzle?

The pressure washer turbo nozzle is similar to the regular nozzle but outperforms the regular nozzle. We use a turbo nozzle for heavy cleaning and removing old dirt and dust from many surfaces. Among all the available attachments that a pressure washer has, the turbo nozzle is always special for its role in cleaning.

How Does a Turbo Nozzle Work?

The Turbo nozzle doesn’t increase the power or pressure of your pressure washer pump. It doesn’t have that capability to amplify or reduce the power that the power pump is producing. Typically, a turbo nozzle rotates the water that comes out of the pressure gun. This spinning helps the water to gain some kinetic energy. This kinetic energy has a heavy force to clean your cars, lawns, patios, driveways, vehicles, wooden furniture, and many more you name it.

Turbo Nozzle Problems & Solutions

Pressure washer turbo nozzle may encounter several problems. Among them, we have taken the common problems and provided their detailed solutions. Well, you can do these fixing on your own and that too like a pro. All you need is to follow the guidelines to solve your specific problem. Below is the list of problems and their solutions respectively:

Pressure Washer Turbo Nozzle not Spinning

A very common problem of turbo nozzle is it stops spinning. When the turbo nozzle gets an obstacle inside, it becomes clogged. To remove any kind of clogging, you have to clean the turbo nozzle frequently. To clean it up, unscrew the turbo nozzle and clean it with a plastic/metal rod.

Apart from that, the turbo nozzle may break inside if you drop it to the ground. Typically, a turbo nozzle is made up of ceramic or plastic. If your one is of ceramic made and you somehow dropped it on the ground, its ceramic ball might be broken down. If this is the case, you have to buy a new turbo nozzle.

Low Pressure from the Turbo Nozzle

Low pressure from the pressure washer is something unwanted as we use the power washer’s power to clean things. This may happen for several reasons. First of all, if your pressure washer water inlet becomes clogged, the turbo nozzle won’t get enough water to spray. Thus, you will end up getting low pressure. Make sure, the inlet valve is free from any debris and cleaned enough to supply adequate water.

Another factor that might create low pressure is having the wrong size turbo nozzle. You have to make sure that you buy the right size turbo nozzle for your power washer. Larger or smaller size turbo nozzle won’t get you the desired pressure.

Lastly, check to ensure that the supply of water and detergent in your tanks is sufficient. If you have a low supply of water or detergent, then it is obvious that you won’t get the desired pressure.

No Water Sprays from the Turbo Nozzle

If you don’t get any water out of your turbo nozzle despite having enough water supply, then the turbo nozzle is itself faulty. So, you have to check the cleanliness and functionality of the turbo nozzle. Generally, the debris of the chemicals and soap we use clogs the aperture of the nozzle. So, you have to clean the turbo nozzle aperture to remove the clogging.

To make sure whether the power washer is itself creating the problem, you can remove the turbo nozzle from the power gun. After that, join a regular pressure nozzle with the pressure gun. If it doesn’t work with the regular nozzle, then the pressure washer is itself creating the problem. In that case, the turbo nozzle can’t do anything. So, you have to repair your pressure washer.


A sound pressure washer is something that we are looking for to make our cleaning an enjoyable task. If you want to get the sound performance from the power washer, you need to ensure the sound performance of all the vital parts and attachments of the power washer. So generally, the turbo nozzle comes in the list of important attachments of a power washer.

Make sure you have bought the standard and durable turbo nozzle that produces the utmost cleaning results. Try to learn how to solve the problems that your turbo nozzle may encounter during its journey. We hope that this article helps you solve some common pressure washer turbo nozzle problems.

2 thoughts on “Pressure Washer Turbo Nozzle Problems & Solutions”

  1. We just bought this!!!!!!!
    Can’t get it to work, very little water coming out, no pressure….always a problem, nothing ever works

    1. Ok. First, check the water flow (and pressure) from hose to unit.
      Second, if you have a water filter (good idea) be sure it it clean – i.e. not inhibiting water flow.
      Thirdly, without powering up the pressure washer, attach hose and run water through it. You show get a water flow almost equal to the flow from the hose if it were not attached.
      Now, if you have done and passed all these checks, the problem is internal to the pressure washer, or the wand. Usually, I have discovered that when there is a problem, the solution is simple. In other words, a major operation is not called for. So back the wand. Back blow it, and physically inspect it for debris. Hope this helps. Tom

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