Weed Eater Line Keeps Coming Out-SOLVED

The weed eater line keeps coming out of the trimmer is very common trouble nowadays. This has become a common issue as we have started using several trimmer heads with a single trimmer. Nonetheless, it may happen for several reasons.

A weed eater is a handy tool that can handle a lot of grass cutting activities. But, the trimmer can be a matter of irritation when it fails to work properly. So, we need to take care of our string trimmer when it is in a good state as well as repair it if it becomes unserviceable.

Well, if you are struggling to hold your trimmer line on the trimmer, don’t crook your eyebrow anymore! We have covered all the possible reasons that might be giving you and your weed wacker the trouble.

weed eater line keeps coming out

Why Does A Weed Eater Line Keep Coming Out?

Several reasons may make the weed eater line keep coming out. We are going to discuss the reasons along with their troubleshooting processes. Read on the article to learn the process so that you can troubleshoot on your own.

Wounding The Line Backwards

A very common problem that a newbie or a careless trimmer user makes is backward wounding of the trimmer line. Moreover, this may happen unconsciously when you replace your trimmer head for the first time. The backward wounding makes the trimmer line keep coming out of its rail.

If this is the case, you must wound your trimmer line in the correct direction onto the twin spools. Remember, backward wounding loosens up the trimmer line whereas, forward movement tightens up it. So, you can never hold your trimmer on its rail by backward wounding.

Trimmer Head Lost Its Spring

Weed wacker has a strong spring inside its head. Due to prolonged use or unreliable fixation, the spring may come out of the head. If this is the reason, your trimmer head is now devoid of that vital spring.

Without that spring, the trimmer line will keep coming out. So, you need to make sure that the trimmer head has its spring. If the head lost its spring, try to collect/buy a spare spring and place it on the head.

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Using Several Trimmer Attachments

If you are using several trimmer attachments, the trimmer head is worn out much earlier. As a result, the head becomes incapable of grasping the trimmer. Moreover, the smooth guideline of the trimmer line becomes deviated with time.

When this is the case, you have to change the trimmer head with a new one. After that, to prolong the trimmer head’s life you may reduce the number of trimmer attachments.

Using Wrong Size Trimmer Head

To replace the old/worn-out trimmer head, you may buy a new trimmer head. There is no issue with the purchase if you buy the right trimmer head. If the trimmer head size is not the same as the one you are already using, this might bring trouble. As a result, the weed eater line may keep coming out.

To get rid of this trouble, always make sure that you are buying the exact size trimmer head and attachments. There are different trimmer head sizes depending on the job levels. For light job 0.065 inches to 0.085 inches in diameter, for medium-level jobs 0.085 to 0.105 inch and for heavy-duty anything beyond 0.105 inches.

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It is natural that a machine brings suffering when it becomes faulty. A weedeater is not out of that list. To offer you a healthy life both physically and mentally, many machines and equipment are contributing relentlessly. All you need is to take care of them so that they remain operational and produce less hazard.

We have tried our best to provide you the reasons why a weed eater line keeps coming out and their troubleshooting respectively. If you still can not fix the issue or unable to sort out the issue, drop your feedback via our comment box below.

11 thoughts on “Weed Eater Line Keeps Coming Out-SOLVED”

  1. Phyllis Bianchi

    My ryobi 18v p2008/p2008VNM the string line keeps wrapping around the feeder so how do I fix this problem. Please advise, thank you

    1. Hi Bianchi,
      Remove the head of the trimmer line. Check out whether the head is still in the working condition. Check the feeder to determine whether it is worn out. After that restring the trimmer and observe the operation once again. Thanks…

  2. Hope you can help.
    My Flymo Contour E/Powered Strimmer has started having the problem of line unwinding as per your description.
    I have initially checked that the cog wheels are not worn. They look good.
    I have checked the spring. It is in position and working as normal.
    I have now on many occasions rewound the line ensuring it was wound as per the arrow on the line cog. Does not solve the problem.

    1. Hi Bell, we are sad for you that you have tried almost every way but couldn’t fix that. Maybe, it is time to go for a local expert or change the trimmer. Anyway, don’t forget to give your feedback. That could help someone else having the same issue.

  3. I bought a new DeWalt battery operated weed eater this year, which I absolutely love! It worked perfectly for sometime, but now it has started feeding string out almost continuously. Any ideas what might be causing this?

    1. Several factors may cause the problem. We have shown the most common & frequent ones. If your DeWalt is within its warranty period, we recommend you to hand over it to the Support Center. If not, then follow our detailed troubleshooting process to fix on yourself.

  4. I have a GT200R Echo weed trimmer and the string keeps coming out when I start it. It has 2 holes with little things you slide back and run the string in a little ways. Those things are supposed to grip it.

    1. Me too! Our ECHO GT-200R does not have wound plastic line that dispenses with a tap. It uses two 0.080 inch lines 8” long that we manually insert into the head. These no longer stay in place even though it seems like the head is holding them when inserted and machine not working. All other maintenance is up to date. Please advise.

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