How to Fix a Vacuum That Won’t Spin – Easy Fix

As a vacuum cleaner relieves the nuisance of cleaning, it also demands time to maintain and repair. Right? Well, in this article, we will be discussing how to fix a vacuum that won’t spin.

There are a few problems that you often come across. And most of them require replacement of the parts to solve those issues.

When the brush roll is not spinning, a vacuum cleaner is nothing but a waste. Here we will find out the reasons accompanied by the solutions to it.

How to fix a vacuum that won't spin

Let’s try together if the spinning brush can be repaired rather than replacing it.

Reasons that Cause a Vacuum not Spinning

When the brush roll is not spinning, then it must not be pleasing. But What actually causing the problem that is the question.

Well, there could be a few possible reasons for this. Those include:

  • The first one is quite obvious, which is mucky. When the brush is diluted, it cannot spin and do the job properly. On such occasions, you have nothing to do but cleaning it. But don’t worry if you are thinking of damaging the machine. We will break it down to you.
  • Some vacuum cleaner has a dedicated switch for turning on/off the brush roll. It may sound silly, but many people don’t aware of that initially. So, make sure you have switched it on.
  • In a few advanced models of vacuums, there is a feature that automatically turns off the device. It happens when the vacuum faces any hurdle. The intension behind this automated feature is to protect the motor. If you have encountered a similar situation, then consider removing the impediment. Then turn the vacuum power off and, after a while, restart it.
  • When the belt or the roller itself is broken, then the vacuum won’t spin. Here it would help if you replaced the belt.
  • Some vacuums will disentangle the brush if you are not holding it upright. So, it would be best if you were maneuvering the device properly. It is all about the sensors, nowadays.

In all of these scenarios, the vacuum cleaner won’t spin even function properly. Therefore, you need to be acquainted with the machine and aware of its components and overall condition.

Steps to Clean the Brush Roll of a Vacuum

After isolating other reasons, you have got some cleaning to do. Meanwhile, repairing the vacuum cleaner, be it a shop vac, there are few areas to focus on. Through a distinct procedure, let’s get it fixed.

Unplug it & pick a suitable place

You don’t want any accident, and neither we. Unplug the vacuum as most of us start evaluating what happened with the machine without cutting the power.

A decent place is required, to be precise, a place where you can clean the device without messing out the entire area with grime, dirt, and nasty trashes.

Assess the Brush Roll

Now, you have to inspect what is stopping the brush from spinning. Here, allow us to share an interesting fact in this regard.

In almost 85% of cases, the brush roll gets stuck because of the hair.

Now, it is necessary to remove the brush roll to evaluate it thoroughly. It should be easily done. Every vacuum cleaner comes with a manual, and you should give it a peek before getting your hands dirty.

The brush roll is usually placed under the access plate. You have to remove the plate, which should be right beneath the vacuum.

Here you may need a screwdriver in case.

Then by simply sliding it out, you will have the brush roll. Hence, check it along with the belt if any of them is broken.

If your bare hand is not enough to spin the damaged brush, then it is the time to replace it with a newer one.

Therefore, while replacing the brush roll, there is no point in cleaning it.

Could You Clean It?

In this step of the process, all you need to do is cleaning. The brush roller may jam with a heavy pile of grime, hair, and other dusty pieces of stuff.

Wear a pair of gloves and start untangling the hair, which is shrouded their way around the brush roll.

You can cut the buildup of slimy hair with a scissor. Once you are done with the larger stuff, then focus on removing the smaller part. Use a proper brush to clean all the messes.

Sometimes it is better to clean it with a sponge and water. Thus, you can ensure there is no dirt adhering with the roller. Hence, give it some time to get entirely dry.

Now you are good to assemble the vacuum. Connect it with a power supply. If it is spinning again, then applause for you from our side. You have done it.

Replace the Brush Roll of Your Vacuum

Not fixed yet?

Well, there are still chances of not getting the problem fixed. Thus, you have left with no option but to replace the brush roll.

You will find bristles all over the roller. Various brands implement different designs around the roller with bristles. If there is a noticeable proof of damaged bristles, then it is better to substitute them.

Most of the brands have the easiest slide out technique for ensuring smooth replacement. At this stage, you have to consider the brand and model to find the perfect brush strip.

Replace the Drive Belt of the Vacuum

A broken drive belt can also be the issue if your vacuum brush roll is not working. The belt is the key part for spinning the roller.

After ditching the brush strip, you will easily be able to replace the drive belt. However, you have to know about the vacuum model and find a suitable belt to fix it.

FAQs Related to Vacuum Cleaner

How can I know if my vacuum belt is broken?

When your vacuum is not working as before and making weird noises, it is highly likely that your brash roll is not okay. Take a look underneath and see if the roller spinning. If what you see is not assertive, then you should know by now what to do.

How long can the vacuum belt last?

There is no distinct answer to this question. However, for the desired performance, the belt should be replaced every five to six months.

Is it worth repairing the brush roller? 

Well, when it only requires a fair wash, then there is nothing wrong. But if the roller is broken, then you should change it instead of repairing it.

Where is the brush bar reset button? 

It depends on which model you own. However, you can find the reset button in a quite usual place on a vacuum cleaner, like on the shaft or the part of its head.

Wrapping Up

The brush roller is responsible for your preferable output from a vacuum cleaner. But the matter of sorrow is, it is quite prone to problems. Hair and other scrap elements can prevent it from spinning.

Nevertheless, you can apply several hacks for cleaning the brush roll. We have tried our best to give you insights on how to fix a vacuum that won’t spin. But, if it is still not working, then call a professional to help you out with this.

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