Weed Eater Head Won’t Come Off-SOLVED

Sometimes your weed eater head won’t come off due to a silly mistake with the trimmer bolt cap! But, it is a boring and disturbing situation when you face it. Weed wacker head doesn’t get stuck frequently but you should learn the troubleshooting if you have one.

In this article, we will be discussing the probable reasons for the weed wacker head getting stuck. Nevertheless, you will learn how to remove the weed wacker head if it denies to come off. All you need is just to follow our guidelines.

Necessary Tools for Troubleshooting:

weed eater trimmer head won't come off
  • Plier (Skinny one)
  • Chisel
  • Hammer
  • CSD (Common Screw Driver)
  • Hacksaw (Any sharp cutter)
  • Hand Wear

To get off Your Stuck Weed Eater Head follow these Simple Steps:


  1. The weed eater head is locked with a bolt and that bolt is covered by a round-shaped cap (plastic gasket).
  2. If you forget to remove this cap, you won’t be able to remove the weed wacker head. So, your first job will be removing the round cap.
  3. Sometimes, the cap itself may be stuck due to malfunction or inside tearing off. In that case, you need a chisel and a skinny plier.
  4. Using the skinny plier hold the inner portion of the round cap and cut the cap with the help of the chisel and hammer. After cutting the two sides of the cap, use a hacksaw or any cutting tool to cut straightly joining these two edges.
  5. Now, hold the cap with the skinny plier and pull it by applying the required force (shouldn’t take much effort/force).
  6. Once you have removed the cap of the bolt, it becomes a matter of time to unscrew the bolt and remove the weed eater head.
  7. Take the wrench to grasp the bolt, then turn around the trimmer head anticlockwise. Don’t make clockwise round, this won’t help as the trimmer head becomes screwed up when you turn it clockwise.
  8. If the bolt doesn’t come off easily or becomes corroded, use a little amount of engine oil or any lubricating substance. This will ease the bolt thread and the bolt will come off.
  9. Once, you have removed/unscrewed the bolt, you are done with removing the weed wacker head. Just rotate the trimmer head clockwise if it is a curved shaft trimmer or anticlockwise if it is a straight shaft.

Some Important Tips and Notes on Removing Stuck Weed Wacker Head


Note: If the weed wacker head doesn’t come off despite the bolt has come off, you need to apply a simple trick. Now, avoid applying force by your hands and follow the steps below:

  • Take a CSD and insert it into the trimmer head. You have to insert the CSD through the whole where the outer portion of the string comes off.
  • Now, hold the CSD firmly and turn the weed wacker head clockwise. Now, you should be able to remove the string trimmer head.

Hunter Tips: Don’t forget to buy a new cap and replace the old one. If you don’t cover the bolt that screwed up the trimmer head with the trimmer body, the bolt will loosen up now and then. So, you need to place the bolt cap once after you have done changing the trimmer head.  Always try to use the best trimmer head available on the market to avoid unpleasant situations.

Note: Straight shaft and curved shaft trimmers have different rotation patterns. So, you may need to reverse the clockwise and counter-clockwise movement. It depends on the trimmer pattern and the brand you are using. In general, the straight shaft trimmer has a left hand threaded knob while the curved shaft one has a right hand threaded knob. Just apply your IQ here!


Changing the weed eater head is a regular job for string trimmer users. When a user finishes the trimmer line changing a few times, he/she becomes pro. But, if he/she doesn’t face the case when the weed eater head doesn’t come off, he/she needs to learn.

Learning the troubleshooting of any power tools is handy. We hope that this ‘how-to article’ was a bit helpful for you. If you still have any queries or problems regarding the weed wacker, feel free to let us know via our comment box below.

2 thoughts on “Weed Eater Head Won’t Come Off-SOLVED”

  1. I’d like to know why am on three occasions now I’ve bought three different trimmer heads attach them to the weedeater within two minutes of running it it’s jammed up and completely freezes everything what am I assembling wrong?

  2. My head popped off while trimming so I screwed head back on not realizing gear piece was missing. Now I can’t get head off. Any suggestions?

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