Best Air Compressor Combo Kits: 9 Best Choices

An air compressor is a must-have device for any enterprising woodworker. You can attach it to many devices and also use it to clean your tools.

But what are the best air compressor combo kits available to you? With all the choices in the market, it is not easy to make a decision.

In this guide, we will show you ten of the best air compressor combo kits that you can choose from. On top of that, we will also provide you with some guides that you will find useful!

best air compressor combo kits to buy

The 9 Best Air Compressor Combo Kits

Here are the best air compressor combo kits, sorted by what they are most suitable for.

Best for Starters: CRAFTSMAN Compressor Combo Kit, 6 Gallon, Pancake, 3 Tool (CMEC3KIT)

Porter Cable PCFP72671 Check on Amazon

The Porter Cable is one of the best air compressor combo kits. The finishing nailer that you would get is the FN250SB model. What makes it different is that the exhaust is adjustable, and there is no need for a unique tool to do it.

The compressor accommodates six gallons of air. The maximum PSI is 150, which means it has more than adequate power to drive nails.


  • It comes with a 16-gauge finish nailer; you can use nails anywhere from one inch to two and a half inches
  • High-capacity tank; it can accommodate six gallons of air
  • The pump does not need maintenance
  • It has an electric motor that runs on 120 volts; it is not choosy when n it comes to electric sockets
  • The purchase comes with 25 feet of one-fourth inch hose
  • Lightweight and easy to carry


  • Low CFM at 2.6

My only gripe is that it has low CFM. However, it is not a huge problem. The low CFM of 2.6 is at 90 PSI. Despite this, the compressor has enough power to do its job.

As far as the nailer is concerned, it is one of the most durable nailers out in the market today. You can use it to drive nails for wall paneling, hardwood installation, and furniture fabrication.

Best for Woodworking: Senco PC0947 18-Gauge Brad Nailer Compressor Combo Kit

Senco PC0947 18-Gauge Brad Nailer Compressor Combo Kit Check on Amazon

Senco ensured that you would no longer need anything else if you bought this air compressor combo kit. The nailer can drive ¼ inch nails, and your purchase will come with a long hose—25 feet. You will also get safety glasses, oil, and fittings.

On top of this, the company makes their offer different by sending you 1,200 brad nails. So, all in all, you are ready to get to work once your package arrives.


  • The brad nailer’s gauge is 18 inches
  • Highly durable product
  • The nailer has an adjustable depth drive and rear exhaust
  • Lightweight compressor; weighs only 20 pounds
  • It comes with one year of warranty for the compressor


  • The compressor is only one gallon

This is one of the best air compressor combo kits if you are a woodworker. It does offer enough power. Both the compressor and nailer are durable.

The peak power of this compressor is 1 HP. This power should be enough as it is capable of delivering 120 PSI of power, higher than the 90 PSI that I typically recommend. There are also individual gauges so you can keep track of the pressure.

Best for Finishing: 3PLUS HCB050401 18-Gauge Brad Nailer and Quiet Air Compressor Combo kit

3PLUS HCB050401 Check on Amazon

If you want one of the best air compressor combo kits suitable for finishing purposes, then this model is what you want. The tank accommodates 1.2 gallons of air, but this should be enough for the typical woodworking finish.

What you get in this combo package are the 18-inch brad nailer and the HCB050401 model compressor. You can drive nails from ¾ inch to 2 inches. You will also get couplers and a hose. The set is ready for use once you receive it.


  • PSI is maxed out at 125
  • Oil-free pump
  • Quiet operation; produces noise as low as 65 decibels only
  • It has a protective feature to prevent overheating and overloading
  • Lightweight at 235 pounds
  • The kit includes safety goggles and wrenches


  • Low CFM
  • HP is only 0.5

This product is different because the nailer has an adjustable depth drive plus 360-degrees of air exhaust. There is also a quick-clear jam release feature, so clogging is not an issue.

The CFM of this compressor is low, and the maximum is 0.7 at 90 PSI. While this may be a problem for heavy-duty work, it is certainly ideal for finishing jobs. Buy this if you are looking for an air compressor combo kit that is best for finishing touchups.

Best for All-Around Work: PORTER-CABLE Air Compressor Kit, 6-Gallon, 3-Tool (PCFP12234)

Porter Cable 3-Kit PCFP12234 Check on Amazon

Another tool from Porter-Cable, what makes this different from the earlier one is that this comes with three tools. Upon purchase, you get the finish nailer, the 18-GA nailer, and the crown stapler.

What Porter-Cable offers here is a complete set of tools that you can use if you are a woodworker or if you are a carpenter. All these tools are necessary components of the job.


  • Has a quick recovery time
  • Lightweight; the compressor only weighs 30 pounds
  • The package already includes 25 feet of hose
  • The maximum capacity is 150 PSI


  • Low CFM at 2.6 if operated at 90 PSI

If you are looking for an all-around and maintenance-free compressor, then this is one that you must buy. It has three nail guns, accommodating six gallons of air. 

One of the things I like about this air compressor combo kit is the jam-release system. You can also adjust the depth of the nail drive, and there is no need for a special toil to do it.

Furthermore, this compressor kit is ideal for jobs where you need an extension cord. The motor draws ten amps of power, which allows the compressor to work with extension cords that are 50 feet or less.

Best for Portability: CRAFTSMAN Compressor Combo Kit, 6 Gallon, Pancake, 3 Tool (CMEC3KIT)

CRAFTSMAN Compressor Combo Kit Check on Amazon

Our list of best air compressor combo kits will not be complete without Craftsman. Craftsman is one of the most reliable brands for power tools out there. What makes this kit different is that Craftsman seems to be offering all the best for each kind of tool—all in one package.

Here are the tool models you are paying for:

  • CMEC6150 Air Compressor
  • HEAVY-DUTY: CMPCS38 3/8-in. Stapler

The air compressor can accommodate six gallons of air, and I like that it has rubberized feet. It stays in place, and you do not have to worry about it moving to and fro because of the vibration.


  • The compressor is lightweight
  • The machine is oil-free, so it means that it is also maintenance-free
  • It has a maximum PSI is 150
  • Brad nailer can drive up to two-inch nails
  • Finish nailer can drive up to 2.5-inch nails
  • The stapler can drive up to 9/16 staple wires


  • The CFM is low at 2.6

If you are looking for a powerful and durable air compressor, then this is what you need to get. It is not particularly noisy, and it was made for portability. The rubberized feet are a welcome innovation. Who would have thought that something so simple could be so beneficial?

I strongly recommend this for repair people and carpenters. It is easy to carry and lug around, which makes it the best companion for stapling and nailing. However, just keep in mind that it is electric, so you need a socket to get it to work. 

Best for Reliability: BOSTITCH Air Compressor Combo Kit, 3-Tool (BTFP3KIT)

Bostitch BTFP3KIT 3-Tool Combo Kit Check on Amazon

The key factor for considering this combo kit is its reliability. It is a cordless compressor, and yet it has the power to deliver 150 PSI. The motor is highly efficient, and the best part is that it is oil-free.

The package comes with three tools. Overall, here are the main things you are getting:

  • BTFP02012 air compressor
  • SB 1850BN brad nailer
  • SB 1664FN straight finish nailer
  • BTFP71875 crown staple

The compressor’s motor has a high-flow regulator. It is a feature that regulates the flow of air, which means that you can maximize the air from the tank.


  • Has high tank capacity at 6 gallons
  • The PSI max is 150
  • The brad nailer has the power to drive nails between 5/8 inches and 2 inches
  • Quiet performance at 80 decibels
  • Easy to move around


  • Low CFM at 2.6
  • The hose is only 15 feet

Of all the best air compressor combo kits on our list, buy this if you are looking for reliability. I would recommend it for people who have heavy-duty work, as the staplers have the power to drive ¼ inch staple wires.

At the current price that it is selling, I can say that you will get really good value for your money. I would also recommend it for beginners looking for a user-friendly air compressor.

Best for Brad Nailing Jobs: DEWALT Air Compressor Combo Kit with Brad Nailer (DWC1KIT-B)

DEWALT DWC1KIT-B Combo Kit Check on Amazon

If brad nailing is the fundamental core of your work, then the Dewalt combo is one of the best air compressor combo kits you can get. The package comes with a 6-gallon air compressor and a powerful brad nailer.

The nailer is 18 GA, and its benefit is that the nails you use have a smaller head and diameter. The particular model that you get for the brad nailer is the DWFP12231. For the compressor, the model is the DWFP55126.


  • The nailer can drive nails between 5/8 and two inches in length
  • It has a 6-gallon tank; perfect for nailing work as it does not have to refill so often
  • The maximum PSI is 165
  • The depth driver is tool-free
  • Low noise at 75.5 decibels
  • Highly portable


  • The CFM is only 2.6

Both the nailer and the compressor last long. Since the motor of the compressor is oil-free, the product also requires less maintenance. One thing that you would love is the tool-free jam release system. If a nail ever gets caught, it is easy to remove the jam and then get back to work.

Although the compressor is not as quiet as one would like it, I think that 75.5 decibels should be enough as far as noise is concerned. As such, this compressor is one that I would highly recommend for people who need a unit at a job site.

The motor also draws 10 amp of power. What it means for you is that it will power up even in cold weather. The couplers are standard in size, and the compressor can easily support two hoses for two users.

The package comes with air hose fittings. As far as portability is concerned, it has a handle that will not break easily. Although the feet are not rubberized, they are made for stability so the compressor will not move around while in use.

Best for Budget Conscious: Bostitch BTFP1KIT 1-Tool and Compressor Combo Kit

BOSTITCH Combo Kit 1-Tool Check on Amazon

If you want a Bostitch compressor but not all the other nailers, then get this one. It is one of the best air compressor combo kits, but it only has one nailer. What you get in this kit is a brad nailer, similar to the previous one that I recommended.

As far as the functionality goes, it is as good as the Dewalt. The differentiator now is the price. As you know, Dewalt is a tad on the high side of the market.


  • PSI max is 150
  • Has long run-time; perfect for long nailing jobs
  • Both the nail gun and the compressor are oil-free
  • It starts up even in cold weather


  • Low CFM at 2.6
  • High noise at 78.5 decibel

The particular brand of nailer you get in the kit is the Bostitch SB-1850BN. It is an 18-GA nailer, and can drive brad nails from 5/8-inch to 2-inch. Its operating pressure is only between 70 to 100 PSI.

Having said that, the compressor that comes with it, the BTFP1KIT, is a perfect companion. It can max out at 150 PSI, so the brad nailer is certainly going to perform well. If you want, you can read a detailed review of it.

This air compressor combo kit is an excellent starter tool. I recommend it to people who are repairing decks—those who need to drive nails and also want to get started in the world of pneumatic tools. The air compressor itself is a no-fuss machine—just connect the device, and you should be good to go.

Truth be told, Bostitch is one of the best brands out there. It has been around for more than 100 years, albeit only a few people know about it. Now that you know, I can guarantee that this manufacturer is one of the best brands you can trust.

Best for Work with No Power: Freeman PE20V1GCK 20 Volt Cordless 1 Gallon 1/3 HP Portable Air Compressor Kit with Lithium-Ion Battery and Charger – 700 Shots per Charge

Freeman PE20V1GCK Kit Check on Amazon

Finally, the last on my list of the best air compressor combo kits is one that has no nailer. Instead, what you get here is a charger.

Its manufacturer and seller are different from the rest because its target market is comprised of people who work in areas where there is no power. It also works best for people who work in areas where electricity is not dependable.

The compressor itself only carries one gallon of air. This should be enough for small tasks. What I like is that it has no dependency on power.


  • Really portable compressor
  • Does not need electricity to run
  • Can drive up to 700 brad nails per charge
  • Battery is rechargeable
  • Coomeswtih both battery and charging port


  • Good for small jobs only

I’d like to add that this compressor is not just for driving nails. It can also function as a source of air for inflating tires. In addition to that, the compressor is oil-free, which means that no maintenance is required.

Although the engine’s power is minimal, it was never made for heavy-duty use, to begin with. It is excellent for offsite work but not for long hours.

The compressor has two gauges, which you will love. These gauges show the air pressure and the tank pressure. You will also be happy that it comes with a locking pressure regulator, which makes the compressor perform with accuracy and consistency.

Lastly, it takes only 90 minutes to fully charge the battery. You can do a lot in an hour and a half, so make sure that you only charge it when you have other things to do that do not need pneumatic tools.

air compressor combo kit compressor motor

Best Air Compressor Combo Kits Buying Guide

Before you buy, there are some tips that I want to provide you. These tips should help you make decisions as to what features to look out for. 

1. Get a high PSI

There are many compressors that have different PSI capacities. The compressor you must buy is one whose PSI you can adjust. For many of the best air compressor combo kits, the bottom PSI level is at 90. This should be fine.

Keep in mind that 90 PSI should be enough to operate a nail gun. The thing with PSI is that it will drop if you have a long hose. You may think that your compressor is set at 90 PSI, but it does not really deliver 90 PSI. Because of this, it is better to buy an air compressor that has a higher PSI.

2. Get a compressor with high CFM

The higher the CFM, the more power your compressor can deliver. Compressors that work best for households can only deliver 2.0 to 5.0 CFM. Industrial compressors can deliver up to 1,00 CFM.

You do not need a super high CFM. What you want is a compressor that has sufficient airflow for your use. Many of the best air compressor combo kits that we have on this list have the right CFM to help you work effectively.

3. Get a compressor with a large tank capacity

If you plan to nail a lot, you must select an air compressor with a large tank capacity. Air compressors must refill the tank with air. The air in the tank is what gets compressed.

It is alright for home use and DIY projects to buy a one-gallon air compressor. You should choose one of the best air compressor combo kits with at least two gallons for tank capacity for professional use.

Professional woodworkers and carpenters use tanks with six gallons. This tank size should be sufficient. Again, the tank size depends on how often you use it on a project.

4. Get a compressor that is not noisy

Compressors are noisy, but there are models that make only about 70 decibels of noise. The more power the compressor has, the noisier it will be. Gas compressors are noisy, but electric ones are quiet.

What you want to buy is an electric compressor that does not make a lot of noise. However, this only makes sense if you are working in an environment where noise is a factor.

If you are doing some kind of heavy-duty work, the best air compressor combo kits to buy are those that have power. However, the downside is that it is going to be too noisy. On the upside, it can help you perform your duties faster and in a more efficient manner.

5. Check the compressor’s warranty

The best air compressor combo kits are costly. You don’t want to buy a compressor that will only last you a year. As such, make sure you buy a compressor that many people have used before and that the feedback about its durability is highly positive.

best air compressor combo kit for woodworking

Surely, there are many manufacturers who claim that their compressors are durable. It is also common for these manufacturers to say so because their compressors are oil-free. Oil-free compressors are also maintenance-free, but they are not likely to last as long as gas compressors that are huge and heavy.

Best Air Compressor Combo Kits Frequently Asked Questions

Is gas better than electric when choosing the best air compressor combo kits?

Yes, gas compressors are better than electric ones. If what you want is power, then gas compressors can deliver more power than electric ones. You must also know that gas compressors will work without electricity. In job sites where there is no power outlet, the gas compressor is the obvious choice.

However, gas compressors are noisy and heavy. They are typically huge, and they weigh about 200 pounds. It is why they also have wheels on them.

What is an oil-free air compressor combo kit?

Oil-free compressors do not need lubrication. They have bearings and gears that are isolated from the main compressor chamber. The cooling type is an air-cooler that is like a radiator. Some of these compressors use water-injected cooling systems. 

Oil-free compressors are environment-friendly. They do not collect and dispense the oil. Since they are oil-free, they are also much more effective as far as energy consumption is concerned.

Oil-free compressors are cheaper, and they do not require maintenance. They are also lighter. While they are durable, they do not last as long as compressors that use oil.

The best air compressor combo kits that do not use oil are mostly electric and are best for home use. Hobbyists are the ones that should buy them. For professional and heavy-duty work, you are better off buying a gas-powered compressor. 

Does the noise level of an air compressor combo kit matter?

Yes, it is important. A gas-powered compressor is noisy—too loud for people to have a conversation. Neighbors can hear the sound, and it can really be disturbing.

Noisy compressors are best for job sites—construction sites that have a permit to operate. They are also great for manufacturers.

However, what I recommend for home use or professionals who do work at the home of clients is an electric one. It is quiet, and the sound it makes is just as loud as two people having a normal conversation. 

What are the PSI and CFM of an air compressor combo kit?

PSI stands for pounds per square inch. It is the amount of force that the compressor can produce. CFM, on the other hand, is a unit of measure for cubic feet per minute.

CFM refers to the amount of air that the compressor dispenses. The higher the CFM, the more air the compressor dispenses. If the CFM of a machine is 30, then it dispenses 30 cubic feet of air per minute.

Both PSI and CFM are crucial to getting the job done. If the pressure is high, but there is low air, the nail gun will not work well. If the pressure is low and the CFM is high, the compressor does not have enough power to drive the nail.

Are bigger tanks better for the best air compressor combo kits?

Yes, bigger tanks are better. All compressors, including the best air compressor combo kits, need time to refresh. It means that once the air from the tank has run out, it has to spend a few minutes to fill the tank again with air. Small tanks will, therefore easily run out of air, and it will add more time to your work.

Bigger tanks are better because it takes a while to deplete the air. As such, you have already performed a lot of work before the tank needs to refill. Of course, it also takes a lot longer to refill the tanks as they are bigger.

Summary: Best Air Compressor Combo Kits

The best air compressor combo kits are those that have high PSI, high CFM, and large tank capacity. Of course, this principle only applies to heavy-duty work. If you are a hobbyist, you have no need for these big compressors.

Electric compressors are the best for the home or work in the house of a client, like a client who needs basic repair. 

Choose a compressor that fits your purpose. For professional use, get the gas-powered best air compressor combo kit. For home use, the electric ones are your best choice!

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