Air Compressor for Cleaning PC: Top 9 Choices

An air compressor for cleaning PC will help you clean your device thoroughly. A clean PC is a healthy PC. Now and then, dust accumulates in the electronics, and these things can interfere with the computer’s performance. Unlike other machines, it is best to use an air compressor because it works like a vacuum—not that it sucks dirt but the other way around.

But what air compressor for cleaning PC is the best? There are so many out there that it can be confusing.

Today, we will review a range of compressors to help you choose the best air compressor for cleaning PC. In the end, just choose one that fits your budget and needs!

air compressor for cleaning pc

Best Air Compressor for Cleaning PC

1. Best for Long Term Use: Compressed Air Duster , Cordless Handheld Air Blower,15000mAH Rechargeable Battery,45000 RPM Electric Air Can,Electric Cordless Air Duster for Computer Keyboard Electronics Cleaning

Keains Cordless Air Duster Check on Amazon

This product is a multi-purpose air compressor. It is an electric duster you can use for cleaning your computer, instruments, cameras, and even medical equipment. What makes it different from other air compressors is that it is eco-friendly.

Its battery has a big capacity for holding a charge. At 150000mAH, it is like having a powerbank for your mobile devices. Also, instead of using air cans, all it takes is a recharge. As such, you can save on money because air cans are costly.


  • Multi-function air compressor for cleaning equipment
  • It can be used up to 5,000 times
  • Has two-speed settings
  • Use USB for charging
  • Energy-efficient


  • It is loud like a vacuum
  • The battery does not last long

Buy this if you need an air compressor for cleaning PC for long hours. This device can run up to 60 minutes at low speeds. At high speed, you can use it continuously for 40 minutes.

If you need power, this is one of the best models. The machine can produce up to 45,000 RPM, while others of the same kind can only deliver 33,000 RPM.

The design is also handy—it has an easy-grip feature where you can hold and control device with your full palm. The nozzle is detachable, and it comes with two applications according to how you want to use it.

2. Best for Portability: DOROBEEN Compressed Air Duster, Cordless Portable Rechargeable Compressed air, 33000 RPM Electric Air Duster for Computer Keyboard Electronics Cleaning, Built-in Battery,Reusable Compressed Air(Black)

DOROBEEN Compressed Air Duster Check on Amazon

The Dorobeen compressed air duster is a cordless air compressor for cleaning PC. It is portable, and it is what makes it an ideal companion for PC repair specialists.

It is not only for PC cleaning but also for other purposes. Unlike the previous model, this one only produces 33,000 RPM or rotations per minute. It is still fast. In comparison, an angle grinder used in a construction business only has 1,500 RPM of power.


  • Produces strong wind
  • It has a powerful air thrust that makes cleaning dust easier
  • Capable of deep cleaning, including tiny dust stuck in circuit boards
  • It comes with a rechargeable battery through a USB
  • Does not need air tanks
  • Fast charging at 10 watts
  • It weighs only 405 grams, so it is lightweight; easy to pack, and carry
  • It comes with detachable nozzles


  • It does not come with a charger adapter

Buy this if you want a portable air compressor for cleaning PC. It comes in dual-mode. It has an automatic mode and a manual mode.

You can also use this for industrial cleanings, such as for cars and other vehicles. The product is durable, and it is highly suitable for both short and long-term use.

3.  Best for Light Use: KINGREET Compressed Air Duster, Cordless Air Duster for Computers Keyboard Electronics Cleaning, Replacement for Compressed Air Can, Rechargeable 6000mAh Battery, Powerful 36000RPM, 10W Fast Charging

KINGREET Compressed Air Duster Check on Amazon

The Kingreet is a highly portable air duster and air compressor for cleaning PC. Weighing only 405 grams, it is similar to the previous units we discussed earlier. The nozzle is also removable, making it compact and easy to carry.

The battery can charge up to 6000mAH. It also charges for three hours, and it uses a Type-C USB at 10 watts. So at full charge, it can work for a maximum of 30 minutes.

What makes this unit different is that it has a high-powered motor. It turns at 36000 RPM, which means it can deliver fast air.


  • Powerful air thrust
  • Can remove stubborn dirt, dust, and debris from circuit boards
  • Multi-use unit; you can use it in cars
  • Rechargeable battery
  • It does not need air cans
  • It comes with one year of warranty
  • Fast-charging design


  • Charging time takes too long
  • Only one nozzle attachment

The device is not complicated as it only has one button for control. It has two variable speeds, so buy it if you need a unit for different purposes.

Because of the motor’s power, you can even use it for barbecuing. Point the device to burning coal and you will get better combustion.

4. Best for Big Projects: Svinkal Air Duster, Handheld Cordless Air Duster, Air Blower Rechargeable, Electric Compressed air Gun Battery Operation, for Cleaning Computer Keyboard Camera Lego Toys.

Svinkal Air Duster Check on Amazon

The Svinkal compressed air duster provides 33,000 RPM of power. It has a rechargeable battery at 6,000 mAH. It is an alternative to other devices as it does not use air cans.

Its nozzle is detachable, making it easy to clean. There is a slot at the bottom of the air compressor head, and it is where you attach the nozzle. As a result, it saves space.

Despite its small motor size, it produces powerful winds that can sweep just about everything that should not be in the computer.


  • It will last up to 5,000 uses; really durable
  • Uses lithium battery
  • Can work continuously for 30 minutes
  • It has a thin and long nozzle; you can use it in small crevices


  • A full charge takes three hours

There are two modes in this air compressor for cleaning PC. A long press of the power button makes the device work, and a double press will make it continuously. To turn it off, just press the power button again. 

Perhaps the only two gripes you will have here is that you can only use the device for 30 minutes, and it has a long charge time. These issues are okay.

The long charging time means it is really going to fill up the battery. Also, you will not really need the air compressor for more than 30 minutes to clean a computer.

5. Best for Multiple Use: Meudeen Air Duster - Computer Vacuum Cleaner - for Keyboard Cleaning- Cordless Canned Air- Powerful 35000RPM- Energy-Efficient (Air-01)

Meudeen Air Duster Check on Amazon

What you will love about this air compressor for cleaning PC are the number of nozzles that come with it. The package has six attachments, and you can use the air compressor not just as a blower but also as a vacuum. On top of that, it is an excellent alternative to a hand pump if you are traveling.

The product is not just an air compressor for cleaning PC. It is a 3-in-1 device. It is an air duster, hand pump, and vacuum rolled into one.


  • It comes with multiple accessories that you can use for different purposes
  • It serves as a cleaner for keyboards and car interiors
  • The device has thin nozzles you can use for crevices and areas that are hard to reach
  • It uses two reliable lithium batteries; one is 2000 mAH, and the other is 4000 mAH
  • The filter is washable and is therefore reusable; it comes with two filters


  • The machine needs three to four hours of charging time

Buy this because it has batteries that passed tests of up to 500 cycles. It means that you can charge it 500 times before it finally needs replacement. Since it has two batteries, it is ideal for long hours of work.

6. Best for High-Speed Cleaning: AFMAT Cordless Air Duster, Compressed Air Can for Computers, Rechargeable Air Duster for Computer, Electronic Air Duster for Computers, 6000mAh Reusable Keyboard Cleaner, 10W Fast Charging Air Blower

AFMAT Cordless Air Duster Check on Amazon

The AFMAT air duster comes with a powerful 6000mAH battery. With 10 watts of charging power, the device will become fully charged after three hours. 

It has a powerful motor capable of producing level 10 gale or 28 miles per second of wind. Gale is a measurement of wind that seafarers use to gauge safety for sea travel.

Because of its power, this air compressor for cleaning PC can even take away microscopic dust. It is best for motherboards and other electronic devices that traditional dusters cannot clean.


  • The motor produces 33000 RPM
  • Huge battery capacity
  • Can run continuously for 30 minutes
  • It uses USB; you can also use your Android cord to charge it
  • Does not use gas cans
  • Environment-friendly; saves on gas and water
  • It can last up to 5,000 times of use


  • Battery is built-in
  • Long charging time

Buy this if you are looking for an air compressor for cleaning PC that delivers strong winds. You will love the palm-gripping design—they made it this way, so it is easy to handle, and it is not likely to fall from your hand.

This duster does not use any chemicals, so there is no danger of inhaling anything bad for your health. It also poses no danger to your electronic devices.

7. Best for Big Air Output: Cordless Electric Air Duster, Portable Air Blower, Replaces Compressed Air Cans for Computer Keyboard Car Cleaning, Rechargeable… (40000RPM-)

BESGEER Electric Air Duster Check on Amazon

If you want high air output from your duster, buy this one. The big difference between this model and the rest that we have reviewed is that its motor rotates 36,000 rotations per minute. That is a lot of power capable of providing you with sustainable air pressure.

The battery for this air compressor for cleaning PC is built-in, and it stores 6000 mAH of power. There is no need to buy air cans, which means you can use them again and again with no additional expenses except electricity.


  • High battery level
  • It can last up to 5,000 times of use
  • The device will work continuously for 30 minutes at full charge
  • Simple operation with two modes
  • The package comes with two attachments
  • The purchase comes with 12 months of warranty
  • Technical support is free for life


  • Not strong enough to clean a car interior

Buy this if you want a device that is simple to operate. A long press on the switch makes it work at low-speed mode, and the double switch is high speed. So apart from cleaning your computer, you can also use it for barbecues.

The two nozzles are for sweeping dust and blowing air. Use the sweeper if you are at the start of the cleaning process.

8. Best Overall: Compressed Air Duster,Cordless Electric Duster Replaces Canned Air 10000mAh Battery 9000RPM 3 Model Fast Charging (A-9000) (AD-5000)

CUBONA Compressed Air Duster Check on Amazon

The Cubona air compressor for cleaning PC is what we would recommend for people working in dark areas. It has a flashlight, and it packs a lot of power.

First off, it has a battery that stores 15,000 mAH of energy. Second, the motor is capable of turning at 40,000 RPM. You can charge it with USB-C chargers, and the battery is lithium, so it will last a long time.


  • Has a flashlight
  • No need for an air can
  • Super powerful air output; you can use it for cars
  • You can use it continuously for 50 minutes if fully charged
  • It has two gears that run at 33,000 RPM and 40,00 RPM
  • Two modes allow for two different speeds
  • The purchase comes with one year warranty


  • The nozzle opening is a little big
  • Long charging time

The only thing you will not like about this air compressor for cleaning PC is that it takes seven hours to charge. Other than that, it is a perfect choice.

To use it, you must long-press the power button for three seconds. From here, you can toggle from low speed to high speed. Take note that you cannot use this device while charging.

The compressor is small, and it is only 7.4 inches high. The width is only 4.8 inches, so it means that it is also portable.

9. Best Overall: SIN SHINE - Compressed Air 3.0- Multi-Use Electric Air Duster for Cleaning Dust, Hairs, Crumbs, Scraps for Laptop, Computer, Replaces Compressed Air Cans (AD01-Black)

Sin Shine Air Duster Check on Amazon

This air compressor for cleaning PC looks a little different. It is huge, and it looks like an electric kettle. Despite its looks, it has the power to clean computers, blow away dust, hair, crumbs, and even scraps from laptops. It is not a cheaply made product, so you can expect high performance from it.


  • Good for multiple types of uses
  • It does not contain toxic fumes or chemicals
  • Wind speed is at 27m/s or 67.5 miles per hour
  • Continuous air pressure and wind delivery
  • Handy design with a 10-foot cord
  • Lightweight at 1.9 pounds


  • Not battery

Depending on your preference, you may not like that this air compressor for computer has no battery. The good thing about it is that there is no charging time. It has to be consistently plugged for it to work. On the negative side, you cannot use this air compressor if the power is out.

air compressor for computer

Buying Guide for Air Compressor for Cleaning PC

To help you decide how to buy an air compressor for cleaning PC, take a look at our guide. This guide should help make an informed decision on which one to pick from our list.

1. Check the Price

Of course, the price is one of the factors to consider when choosing an air compressor for cleaning PC. However, we would caution you not to look at it as the only deciding factor. Many air compressors are sold for really low prices, but they will never last long.

Find an air compressor for cleaning PC that is within your budget but still meets the basic expectations of a good machine. Everything in our list here is sold at reasonable prices.

2. Pick Durable Ones

Ideally, you must read reviews to find out if the air compressor for cleaning PC of your choice will last long. All manufacturers claim that they make their products with the utmost standards, but then they are not the ones that use the machines.

Durability is important as it gives you value for money. Luckily for you, we have already drilled down all the best air compressors for PC cleaning in this list, and durability is part of our selection process.

3. Buy Portable Air Compressors

This feature really matters if you provide PC repair and cleaning services. You want something that you can take with you anywhere. It also makes sense even if you are not offering a PC cleaning service. Large compressors are bulky, while portable ones are easy to store. 

4. Check the Warranty of the Product

Not all compressors come with a warranty. What we recommend is that you first take a look at the products that have a warranty. If they are too expensive for your budget, move on to the other options, even if they have no warranty for parts and services.

5. Air Compressor Features

There are many air compressors out there that you can use to clean a computer. At the very least, pick one that can deliver a CFM of 90. CFM means cubic feet per minute. What you want is an air compressor for cleaning PC that has between 70 and 90 CFM. Anything higher can destroy your computer.

How to Use an Air Compressor for Cleaning PC

Here is a bonus for you: we will show you how to use an air compressor for PC cleaning.

Step 1

First of all, turn off the PC. If you are cleaning a laptop, shut it off. Unplug the device to make sure you do not run any electrical risks. Some PCs are connected to a battery outlet. If it is, disconnect the PC.

Step 2

Open the computer by removing its screws. This process can be a problem, so make sure you inspect your PC and that you have the right tools to disassemble it. If you do not know how, we do not recommend that you do this.

Once the electronic parts are out, remove the battery. Now, use the compressor to clean the electronics. Do the same to the keyboard area. Place the air compressor for cleaning PC a bit away from the PC to manage the airflow.

Try to go through the entire computer. Make sure you get rid of the dust that has accumulated in there. If you are blowing the processor, hold the fan of the processor or the cooler, so they do not rotate.

You must do this so the fans do not break. Air compressors have a lot of power. If the fan turns too fast, it will break apart.

Step 3

The next step after removing the dust is to clean the PC with rubbing alcohol. Do not pour alcohol on the computer. Put alcohol on cotton, and then swap the PC arts gently. Do this for the blades of the cooler and the processor. Do the same to the keyboard.

For the monitor, use a special solution that you can buy from an electronics store. Do not use alcohol to clean the screen.

Step 4

The next thing you should focus on is the power supply if you are using a PC. It is a small box that connects to the power outlet.

Clean the power supply box with their compressor, but do not get it wet. Wipe it with a dry cloth if the air compressor cannot clean off the dust.

air compressor for pc cleaning motor

Air Compressor for Cleaning PC: Frequently Asked Questions

Can dust ruin my computer?

Yes, dust can ruin your computer. Dust can contribute to overheating risk. While dust cannot prevent your PC from running, the dust will block the computer’s cooling system. If this happens, the computer will get hot and crash. This is why it is important to choose the best air compressor for cleaning PC.

How often should I clean my computer?

You should clean your PC every three to six months. Over this period, there are so many things that can happen. You must clean the keyboards, the monitor or LCD screen, and the electronics inside.

Is it safe to use an air compressor to clean a phone or PC?

Yes, it is safe to use an air compressor, but make sure you use an air compressor for cleaning PC. Do not use big air compressors like air compressors for a home garage. There are products made specifically for computer maintenance, and these are the ones that you should buy.

An air compressor for a computer is like a blow dryer. It is not a big machine that you need to plug into a power outlet. Most of these are battery-operated, but there are also models that you need to plug into a socket.

Why are there ants in my PC?

Ants cannot regulate their body temperature. And guess what—your laptop or PC electronics are conducive to them. If there are ants in your laptop or PC, it is also very likely that there is a queen or eggs inside.

Ants can destroy your laptop and PC. They will eat the circuit board. Before long, your computer may stop working. If you see ants coming out of your PC or laptop, then you must buy an air compressor for cleaning PC now!

What power do I need for air compressor for cleaning PC?

You do not need a lot of power for an air compressor for cleaning PC. Those that work at 30,000 RPM will do. Some at 20,000 RPM are also good options. The problem with a lot of power is that it can destroy parts of the circuit board.

To be safe, get an air compressor for cleaning PC that is between 30,000 RPM and 35,000 RPM. Although 40,000 RPM machines will do, they are best used for cars. The one we have in this list has 40,000 RPM but it has low-speed mode too.


An air compressor for cleaning PC will help you to clean your PC efficiently. It does not matter if you are a PC repair technician or not—everyone who has a PC must own an air compressor for cleaning PC. You can also use this to clean your mobile devices.

If you clean your PC or mobile phone, ants will not find their way there. And since no dust or living organisms will stick around, you can expect your devices to meet their maximum longevity.

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