How to Edge with a Curved Shaft Trimmer

Basically, there are two types of string trimmers on the market. One is straight-shaft trimmer and the other is curved-shaft trimmer. In this article, you will learn how to edge with a curved shaft trimmer.

Edging with a curved shaft trimmer is easy and fun if you know the way. There are several edgers on the market to edge your lawn. But, you can have the same result with the curved shaft trimmer. You just need to follow a few easy steps to do that.

Safety Measures

Make sure that your lawn/garden’s edge is free from visual impediments like big rocks or tree branches. These may create an unnecessary hazard during your edging. Inspect your trimmer for its serviceability. Wear safety goggles, boots, and clothes to protect you from debris.

Edging with a curved-shaft trimmer

Do not forget to wear earmuffs if your curved-shaft trimmer makes extra noise. Remember, hearing loss is irreversible!

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If your lawn’s edge is not an established one, do not try to make it a perfect one at the first cut. You have to edge it once in a week until it becomes established one. Trimmers can be gas-powered, corded electric, or battery-driven. Make sure your curved-shaft trimmer has enough power source.


Since you are using a curved-shaft trimmer, you have to keep up a safe angle during edging. If it were a straight one, vertical alignment with the ground would have been perfect. Just align your trimmer with the edge so that it goes with the edge of the lawn.


Place the trimmer head of your curved-shaft trimmer horizontally with the ground. The curved part of your trimmer should be aligned with the ground. If required, adjust the trimmer handle accordingly. For the straight part, a 30-degree angle with the ground should be fine. If you need more or less, do not hesitate to go for that. It is all about safety and comfort.


You can edge keeping yourself either side of the lawn. This is a matter of personal preference. But, make sure you do not damage any window or car. Debris and splinter of the edge can be dangerous for other properties. Keep your kids out of your edging zone or at least 50 feet away.


You can hold your curved-shaft trimmer on your hands or shoulder. It depends on the size of your trimmer and on your height. Do not compromise with safety issues. Take enough breaks in case you become tired.


Now, you are ready to edge your lawn. Watch out for the uneven ground when you are on the grassy side. Just move your trimmer along with the edge of the lawn. Do not try to apply extra force on the trimmer line. You need to guide the trimmer. Let the trimmer do its job.


To avoid the debris, you should keep your trimmer guard/shield on. Still, the debris will get a direction to come out. Try to direct it the way you want. To make that happen, you need to watch which way the debris is blowing. Then adjust your edging movement accordingly.

Between your edging intervals do not forget to switch off your trimmer. Even if you take just a little break, pull the trigger to the off position. This will let your trimmer engine disengage with the trimmer line.


Extra grass covering the lawn edge reduces the lawn’s beauty. Sharp and controlled edge escalates the beauty of your backyard. Using your curved-shaft trimmer is a big help to do that. We hope that you have learned how to edge with a curved shaft trimmer. Please feel free to leave a comment.

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