Pressure Washer Loses Pressure – SOLVED

Almost every pressure washer loses pressure one or more times during its service life. The statement is equally valid for both the giant gas pressure washer and the smallest power washer. So, no wonder that you will have to experience this issue today or tomorrow.

Every power machine comes with some facilities and limitations. A pressure washer is no exception here. Whatever the brand of your power washer, it raises some issues. Say, you maintain your pressure washer following its user manual. Still, your power washer might get difficulty in operation.

So, don’t worry about the low pressure or pressure loss problem. It is one of the dozen problems that power washer encounters. Several factors may force a pressure washer to lose the pressure. In this article, we will discuss the most common problems along with their solutions.

pressure washer loses pressure

Why A Pressure Washer Loses Pressure and How to Fix

We have picked 7 common factors that might be the reasons for the pressure loss of your pressure washer. We urge you to go through our article and apply these steps.

Due to Faulty Pressure Washer Hoses

faulty pressure washer hoseThe first and foremost job to troubleshoot the problem is to check the hose. The pressure washer hose is two types. One is the garden hose and the other is the power hose. The job of the garden hose is to supply water to the inlet valve. On the other hand, the power hose takes water from the outlet valve. Then, the power hose delivers it to the wand.

If either of the hoses becomes faulty or unserviceable, your washer loses pressure. So, inspect both the hoses for any leakage. Another reason that causes the problem is the incompatible hose. You can’t use a hose that is dissimilar in diameter. You have to stick to the recommended diameter when it comes to the hose. If you don’t know the required diameter, read the user manual one more time, please.

Faulty Unloader Valve/ Pressure Regulator

faulty unloader valveAs the name suggests, the unloader valve or pressure regulator regulates the water pressure. A faulty unloader valve fails to controls the pressure. Either it lets build too high pressure or lose pressure. So, you must adjust the unloader valve/ pressure regulator.

Both the unloader valve and pressure regulator are meant for the same job. Different brands name it differently. Anyway, you have to know how to regulate the unloader valve/pressure regulator. Sometimes, this unloader valve becomes faulty and fails to regulate the pressure. If you find that the valve can no longer do its part, replace the unloader valve immediately.

Issues with Wand and Nozzles

faulty pressure washer nozzleSometimes the nozzle gets plugged with dirt. When the dirt gathers in a significant amount, it clogs the nozzle. A clogged nozzle fails to deliver the desired pressure. How could you understand whether your nozzle is clogged? Well, a clogged nozzle delivers less water and changes in its spray pattern. The uncontrolled and curve water spray is the outcome of a bad nozzle.

Remove the nozzle and try to clean it. If the nozzle becomes worn or you can’t rectify it, replace it. Sometimes, the wand itself generates the issue. The clogged wand can’t deliver the water flow. In that case, you need to clean the wand. Again, any leakage in the wand may result in losing the water pressure. If the wand found to be out of working condition, replace it.

Problem with the Pressure Pump

pressure washer pump causing pressure lossAt least 90% of the cases, the pressure washer pump creates a pressure loss issue. Over time, the pressure pump gathers minerals and dirt. Due to the inline filter of the pump, this debris does not harm the pump. But, with the time the amount becomes significant to prevent the usual water flow. As a result, your pressure washer ends up losing its pressure.

To rid of the problem, you need to inspect the inline filter.  Check the inline filter and clean it with air blow. If your power washer does not have any inline filter, do not forget to use one. You will find plenty of inline filters on online shops. Furthermore, you should clean the pressure pump from time to time. Thus, the pump will remain healthy.

Issues with the Pressure Washer Engine/Motor

sample pressure washer motor

The gas pressure washer works with the help of an engine. On the other hand, the electric pressure washer has a motor for the same purpose. This engine/motor is the ultimate workforce that generates power. With the help of this power, the pressure pump does its part. When the engine/motor fails to generate the power, your pressure washer ends up losing pressure.

Moreover, the failure of the engine/motor may result in No Pressure! So, you need to make sure that the engine is working fine. To test that, push the throttle a couple of times to produce high and low pressure. If the power washer generates its rated/max pressure, then the engine is fine. If you think that the problem lies in the engine/motor system, hire a technician to fix that.

Unwanted Air in the System

A pressure washer has a couple of fittings for hoses and pipelines. All of the fittings should be reliably attached and tight. You are not allowed to make any loose fittings. When one or more fittings get options to suck air, they do that. As a result, the air mixes up with the water and makes a hazard in the system. Make sure that the system devoids of unnecessary air.

We are calling this air unwanted because your power washer needs air to work. It takes that required air through the Air Filter. So, air should reach to the system only through proper channel.

Problem with Water Temperature & Inline Filter

The modern pressure washers are dedicated to the water state. Most of them are labeled either as hot or cold water washer. You need to ensure that you are providing suitable water. If you mess up and offer hot water for a cold water pressure washer and vice versa, you won’t get the desired pressure. Your pressure washer will end up losing pressure. Eventually, it may shut off!

To avoid the issue, make sure that you know the type of your power washer. Do not offer incompatible water to your power washer.

Another reason that may produce the problem is the water temperature. Maybe, you are using a hot water pressure washer. In no case, you should use water that has a temperature of 100 degrees Fahrenheit and beyond. This much heat is bad for the entire system. To prevent any unwanted incident, shut off the power washer. Cooldown the water for at least 10 minutes for further operation.


The pressure washer is a handy tool to clean houses and vehicles. Generally, like other machines, pressure washers encounter some troubles. Fix those problems to get the optimum result out of your pressure washer. Healthy and beautiful outdoor tells who you are. To keep the outdoor clean, keep your washer in working condition. We hope our coverage on “pressure washer loses pressure” was helpful for you.

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