How to Sharpen a Chainsaw with Dremel – Easy Hacks!

Have you been recently facing issues while cutting with your chainsaw, like a need for using more force than in the past or too much fuel consumption? Then it is time for sharpening, no doubt!

And believe it or not, you won’t need to go to professional sharpeners for re-sharpening your chainsaw if you know how to sharpen a chainsaw with Dremel.

To be honest, the entire process is relatively fast and straightforward. All you will have to do is to read this article thoroughly and follow the steps carefully. We will guide you, and you will have an excellent, sharpened chainsaw in no time.

how to sharpen a chainsaw with dremel

Dremel, an Excellent Chainsaw Sharpener

Dremel, an Excellent Chainsaw Sharpener

Before we begin, let’s gather a thorough understanding of Dremel, shall we? Well, you may have never heard of this product before. You will be surprised to know how helpful it can be to make your chainsaw useful as new.

A Dremel-multi-tool is a well-known chainsaw sharpening tool made by an American sharpening tool manufacturer named Dremel. The main body of the machine has a universal fitting head.

The kit contains four different-sized sharpening stone attachments, three chainsaw attachments, screws, and a detailed guide from the main body. By fitting any of these attachments to the fitting head, you will be able to sharpen your chainsaw.

Before you begin, don’t forget to read the guidelines thoroughly to make sure that you are choosing the correct sharpening option and angle. This will help you to avoid mishaps.

It is worth noting that some people prefer to entrust their saw to a professional saw blade sharpening service provider. Some of these saw blade sharpening companies even include extra services such as saw repair and delivery.

When to Sharpen Your Chainsaw?

But how will you know if your saw, be it an electric chainsaw or a gas saw, blade needs sharpening? Don’t worry, there are some signs when the edges get dull.

You just need to check for those signs. If they are present, your chainsaw needs a sharpening. Let’s see what they are:

  • You need to apply extra engine pressure or force to pull the saw chain into the wood.
  • During a vertical cut, it produces fine sawdust instead of thin strands.
  • Despite adequate chain lubrication and correct chain tension, the smoke crops up.
  • It makes an uneven cut.
  • Hard to achieve accurate precision due to vibration, rattling, and bouncing while cutting.

If your chainsaw has one or more of these signs, then it is time for an immediate sharpening.

Steps of Sharpening a Chainsaw with a Dremel

Now that we have an idea about the sharpening tool we are going to use, let’s begin with the sharpening procedure. But before that, don’t forget to keep some necessary handy items.

Necessary Pieces of Equipment for Sharpening

Aside from a Dremel sharpening machine, you will need some other tools as well. They are required for both your safety and improving the sharpening itself. So, let’s see what they are, shall we?

  • Protective hand gloves
  • Safety glasses
  • Face mask
  • Noise-canceling earmuffs
  • Clamp
  • A sturdy table
  • Lubricant
  • Dry cloth

Sharpening a Chainsaw with Dremel

Now, let us begin. Here we will provide you with a step-by-step guide on sharpening a chainsaw with Dremel. Even if you are a beginner, you can expect a satisfactory result if you follow the guidelines well.

Preparing Yourself

‘Safety comes first.’ Accidents never give any forewarning. So always remember to take appropriate safety measures to protect yourself. After all, chainsaw sharpening is both noisy and dangerous.

  • To protect your ears from sound pollution, wear noise-canceling earmuffs.
  • Wear protective hand gloves to prevent potential injuries.
  • Put on a face mask so that you don’t inhale metal dust imbued air.
  • Wear safety glasses to protect your eyes.

Assembling the Dremel

Now assemble the Dremel. For that, first, read the guide thoroughly. In the instruction manual, you will have detailed instructions on how to assemble the Dremel and which sharpening stones are better for which blades.

Dremel Stone for Chainsaw Sharpening

A simple explanation is that you first need to check your blade and select the appropriate sharpening stone. There will be a table in the guideline books to help you choose the stone.

You will need to match the sharpening diameter to the diameter of the semi-circular edge of the blade.

If the stone has the largest diameter, you won’t need to fit any drill chalks. If it doesn’t, use drill chalk to ensure a proper fit and screw the selected stone on the drill hole. When everything is attached correctly, the grinding stone base will match the two guidelines’ points.

NEVER assemble the Dremel when it is plugged in or powered on.

Removing and Securing the Blade

Now, don’t make the mistake of sharpening the chainsaw blade before removing it from the machine, okay?

Check the side of the machine where the blade joins it. You will see that two nuts are holding them together. Loosen them and remove the side.

The chain will loosen afterward. Detach the blade and chain from the bracket and secure them on a table using heavy clamps.

Sharpening using Dremel

Now that you have everything ready and your blade secured, let’s begin sharpening using Dremel.

  • First, attach a black tape or something else to put a mark on. Begin sharpening from that blade.
  • You have already selected your sharpening stone and determined the angle you need. Place the body of the stone touching the blade in such a way so that the angling guideline will remain parallel to the edge you are sharpening.
  • When everything is in place, switch it on. The head will start rotating, and your blade will begin sharpening.
  • Keep the rotating stone in the touching distance of the blade for about 5-10 breaths. While you are sharpening, remember to pay attention to the direction of the blade. Sharpen only one side of the semi-circular blade.
  • Move on to the next one when you are done. Remember to sharpen every blade for the same amount of time. Carry on until you reach the very first one you have marked.
  • Then repeat the sharpening on the other sides of the blades in a similar fashion. Overall, you will need about five minutes to sharpen your entire blade.


When the sharpening is over, detach the Dremel. Then use a cloth to wipe it clean and put it back.

As for the blade, wipe it to clean up as well. Then apply some lubricant and re-attach it with the machine and place it back. By the way, don’t forget to clean up the table as well.

Don’t Do These During Sharpening Chainsaw with Dremel

Remember, mistakes during sharpening can cause your entire blade to go bad. So, try to keep a calm, focused head during sharpening to avoid making some common sharpening mistakes.

To help you, we will provide you with a simple guideline so that you can avoid such mistakes. You just need to keep them in mind to avoid making those mistakes. It is simple!

  • NEVER use a wrong-size sharpening stone to sharpen your chainsaw. Always check the guidelines before using sharpening stones.
  • Avoid over-sharpening to prevent the machine from getting prone to kickback.
  • Don’t put too much pressure while sharpening.
  • Don’t be casual and careless with a sharpening angle. Always check the guideline to place your chainsaw at the appropriate sharpening angles.
  • Check the bracings carefully before beginning. Remember, you must brace the saw properly.
  • NEVER file backward.

The End

So, what do you think? In this guide, we have tried our best to explain how to sharpen a chainsaw with Dremel. As you can see, you can sharpen your chainsaw blade using a Dremel in no time.

Rather than replacing the chain or going to a professional, this method is cost-effective as well. We think it is worth giving a try.

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