How to Put a Chain Back on a Chainsaw-Easiest Way

Cutting firewood and collecting those for winter is not a big deal anymore, thanks to the invention of the chainsaw. However, every invention has some setbacks and the chainsaw is no exception here. Sometimes, your chainsaw may have trouble with choke, carburetor, power-line, battery and so on.

So, you need to gather some knowledge about the basic parts of a chainsaw and some sorts of troubleshooting. Well, among several problems the chainsaw may encounter, the most frequent one is the falling of the chain from the saw bar. So, in this article, we are going to show how to put a chain back on a chainsaw like a pro!!! 

Can You Put a Chain Back on a Chainsaw Yourself?

The most important issue comes out while repairing or fixing any equipment or tools is “can I do it myself?” Well, this question has to come as we are not the tech-man of every equipment. Furthermore, there are certain tools and equipment that must be repaired having prior knowledge and experience. So, every tool isn’t for fixing at home on yourself.


But, it is better to learn some fixing ways of chainsaw so that you don’t need to go for mechanics for a silly reason. Well, you can fix this chain fallen issue on yourself and that’s like a pro even! Keep that smile on your face the one which was with you before you got troubled by the chain. Why? Well, we are going to make you happy once again.

How Does a Chain Get Off from the Bar?

There are several reasons for your chainsaw chain to get off from the bar. Among them the most common reasons are:

  • Due to overheating caused by the continuous operation of the chainsaw. When your saw chain gets overheated, the length of the chain also increases. Eventually, it pops out from the bar of your chainsaw. 
  • If your saw chain has been running for a long time and you didn’t bother to tighten up the chain tension. This causes the chain to loosen up and may fall back while you operate. 
  • When a piece of the log you are cutting jams your chainsaw chain, the chain may pop out from its bar.
  • Chainsaw chain is placed on the saw bar and fastens with screws. If the screws become unusable and cannot hold the chain on the bar, the chain might fall.

Anyway, whatever the reason, we will fix it and get back our saw chain to its respective place. To make the process easier and more professional, we have decided the whole process into five easy and convenient steps. Read carefully and follow the steps to put back the chain on a chainsaw like a pro!! 

Preparation of Fixing the Fallen Chain

  • Wear the protective hand gloves and full sleeve shirt for safety measures.
  • Find a clear and spacious place to fix your fallen chain. Because, during your fixation, you will have to disassemble a few parts of the chainsaw and those parts need to be stored carefully. You will have to suffer if you lose any vital parts during the fixation.
  • Get a piece of cardboard or newspaper so that you can put your tools and disassembled parts. This might ensure no loss of important parts.
  • Make sure that the chainsaw is in Off position and safety case is locked.
  • Place the saw in front of you by positioning the engine towards you and the tip of the blade away from you.
  • Get a ½ inch Wrench, a drift, and a hammer(medium-sized).
  • Oil and Brush for cleaning and greasing.

Steps of Putting Back a Chain on Chainsaw

Just follow these simple four steps one by one to do the process like a Pro!

Step 1- Remove the Bar Screws and Housing

With the help of your wrench, unscrew the bar nuts of both upper and lower end of your saw chain. To loosen the tension screw to relieve the bar tension, use the slotted end of your wrench. When you’re finished, remove the bar nuts as well as the plastic housing of the saw.

Step 2 – Clean the Bar and Chain

Once you loosen up the chain and plastic hatch cover, make sure that you clean up the parts of the chainsaw as much portion as you can. First of all, use a paintbrush to remove dust and dirt, and then use oil to clean the parts. Furthermore, do not forget to grease the chain before you put it back on your chainsaw. 

Step 3 – Re-assign the Chain to its Bay 

  • Align the chain with the grooves of the bar while securing the chain around the sprocket. Now, ensure that the tension stud is in-lined with the guide hole.
  • Pull the chain until you get your desired tension. Remember, over or under tension is equally problematic; try to make it as optimum as possible.
  • Now, get the plastic housing back to its place and do hand-tighten up all the screws and nuts.
  • Before you do final tightening and securing your saw chain, watch for the tension of the chain one more time. If required tighten or loosen up the chain tension screw accordingly.
  • Now, use your wrench to tighten up the nuts and screws firmly so that they do not make any operational hazard during your cutting jobs.

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Step 4- Give Functional Test of the Chainsaw

  • Take safety precautions from any unwanted popping out or tearing out of the saw chain. Now, start the chainsaw and run it for a few minutes. 
  • After a few minutes, turn off the chainsaw and back it On again for one more time.
  • Now, shut off your chainsaw and observe the chain tension. If it is on the same you set a few minutes ago, then you are good to start your cutting job. 

N.B. If the chain tension loosens up, readjust it and do the functional test again. It is recommended that the chain can be lifted up-to ¼ inch so that it rotates smoothly during your cutting jobs.

Bottom Line

As the little guy takes care of your tremendous cutting job, you have to take care of your chainsaw in turn. We all know that a good machine not only saves time and money but also provides mental satisfaction. Try to buy the best chainsaw and spare parts available on the market. Was this article on how to put a chain back on a chainsaw? Please let us know your opinion via our comment box.

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  2. Really awesome way to put a chain back on the chainsaw. This process makes my job easiest. although I put a chain in another way.
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