Poulan Chainsaw only Runs with Choke on [SOLVED]

Nowadays, it is a very common issue that Poulan chainsaw only runs with choke on. It is no wonder that the smaller the engine, the smaller the carburetor. The smaller carburetor is for reducing fuel consumption. Low fuel consumption is all we expect but not with raising the maintenance cost! The chainsaw has a smaller engine with a smaller carburetor that does the above-stated good and bad jobs!

Though Poulan chainsaw is one of the leading homeowner chainsaws on the market, still it may encounter trouble as it is a machine at the end of the day. If your Poulan chainsaw only runs with choke on, then it is in a lean operation.

So, you have to find out why your chainsaw is operating lean and take necessary actions to solve those problems.

poulan chainsaw trouble shooting

This problem happens due to fuel supply issues and some faults with the carburetor. If you are looking for the solution to this issue, then read on the article to learn how to deal with this problem.

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Steps of correction when Poulan chainsaw only runs with choke on:

Step One

If your chainsaw started off bogging down somewhat under throttle or did not run at all without choke, then you should try different gas. If it still does not work, then you should rebuild your carburetor.

Step Two

Sometimes faulty oil/fuel mixture may cause this issue. It is surely a case of fuel starvation or shortage in the fuel supply. If you are not good at mixing fuel/oil by maintaining the proper ratio, then you should get it done by an expert. Generally, fuel and oil mixture ratio is 50:1.

Step Three

Sometimes this problem comes out due to bad, worn, or dirty fuel filters. First of all, take off your chainsaw fuel filter and inspect the filter. If it is not worn out, then it must be a dirty one. Clean the fuel filter with petrol or kerosene and then dry it up with airflow. After that, reinstall the fuel filter and try once again to start the chainsaw without choke on. If it is still not working, then you have to work on the fuel hose.

Bad fuel hose may cause this. Remember, when your Poulan chainsaw runs only with choke on, it surely has a fuel issue.

Step Four

Either fuel-supplying components are faulty or carburetor itself. So, fuel hose isn’t out of this circle. Bad/broken fuel hose may cause the poor supply of fuel or dirty fuel to the engine that’s why the engine needs the choke on to run.  Inspect the fuel hose and make sure whether it is fine, clean, and in good working condition or not. If fuel hose got any issue, then solve the issue. Now, with the refurbish/new fuel hose try again to start up the chainsaw. If it still not works, come on to the next step.

Step Five

Now you have to work with the gas/fuel issue and to try different gas. By different gas I meant that change the old gas along with the gas providing vendor. Maybe, your gas is not that much clean or your gas supplier vendor has some issues reserving it. After taking off all the gas from the tank, clean the fuel tank completely and dry it up. Now use the new gas and try once again without choke on. If it does not work without choke on yet, then you have to work with other related issues.

Step Six

Check your chainsaw crankcase. Sometimes air leakage into the crankcase may cause this to happen. Broken crankcase or faulty one leak air that in turn, creates hazards. As a result, it cannot supply enough fuel to the engine. When this happens, your chainsaw engine does not get enough fuel to run and requires the choke to open for sufficient fuel. If your crankcase is leaking air, then repair it to make it airtight. Now, try again to start-up and see what happens this time. If your Poulan chainsaw still only runs with choke one, then look for the next step.

Step Seven

Check the fuel speed control valve in the carburetor. The faulty high-speed fuel supply may cause your chainsaw to stop working without choke on. Make necessary adjustments to the valve manually and check whether this helps or not. High speed in the valve happens due to prolong runtime of the engine but some fine-tuning in the valve may correct it.

Step Eight

Check the gasket between the carburetor and the motor of your saw chain. If the gasket is worn out then replace the gasket with a new one. The gaskets that are available on the local market may be a thin one compared to your present one. In that case, you have to buy 2 gaskets and use them together to get the perfect result.

Step Nine

If the above-mentioned parts are all fine and working well, then take off all the parts are related to the fuel filter, air filter, fuel hose, carburetor, and other hardware. Clean all of them and check out for cracks or broken issues. If you still do not find any notable issue but your problem remains as it were, then you have to rebuild the carburetor.

Step Ten

Poulan chainsaw usually has a low idle carburetor when it is marketed by the company. This low carb is to facilitate the users and to reduce fuel consumption to save money. Sometimes, this low idle carb may cause fuel starvation and you need to choke on your chainsaw to run. To solve this issue, you just need to adjust the low carb settings that are set by the factory.

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Long Story Short:

  • Make sure fuel/oil mixture is accurate
  • Ensure your fuel filter is a fine and clean one
  • Make sure your air filter is not leaking
  • Inspect the fuel hose to ensure it is in good condition
  • You can replace the gas or fuel as well
  • Check your crankcase. It should be devoid of any cracks or broken issue
  • Check the fuel speed valve in the carburetor and do adjust if necessary
  • Check the gasket between carburetor and motor
  • Rebuild your chainsaw carburetor if required

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If your chainsaw is running in lean condition and you continue operating, it can cause your piston and cylinder failure. When you are unable to solve this lean operation problem on your own by following the aforementioned steps, you should seek an expert and repair your chainsaw. If you have warranty validity, then you should send it to the company for free repair.

Hopefully, this article on “Poulan chainsaw only runs with choke on” helps you learn some ways to solve your problem. If you still need any help regarding your issue feel free to let us know via our comment box.





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  1. They sell gas additives for small engine because today gas doesn’t have enough lead you need to add it to your gas and start it and spray cfoam directly into the carb as it is running it will bogg down but keep it running and repeat a few times

  2. I got a popular 2800 with a walk had 49 carburator will not run have to leave chock on I replace lines filter and put a new kit in it still got same problems whot can I do think you

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